Top 20 Dhabas At Murthal Road, Haryana

top 20 dhabas at mirth road haryana

Dhabas are the most prominent and oldest restaurants in India. If you are visiting India, going and eating at a dhaba is a must. Dhabas represent the rich culture and heritage of Indian society. Dhabas at Murthal road are the most famous ones. They provide excellent quality food and a taste you have never had before. Mixing all the spices and vegetables they prepare food like parathas, North-Indian curries, curd, desi ghee, sweets and many fast food snacks.

Some of the prominent Dhabas at Murthal road are as follows:

1. Mannat Dhaba Murthal

Among the dhabas Mannat group is the most known and prominent franchise of dhaba across haryana. The food they serve is of high quality and fresh. They provide pure desi ghee with the dishes and prepare their sweets with pure milk, mawa and malai. Cuisines included in their menu are Chinese, Fast food, North-Indian, Punjabi, South-indian, and Rajasthani. Must try dishes are parathas, and tea.

Mannat Dhaba Murthal

2. Shiva Tourist Dhaba

Its a vegetarian friendly dhaba and is available for breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch. The food quality and quantity is excellent and made from pure ingredients. They provide Chinese, Indian, Fusion, Fast food, and Asian cuisines. Its a pure vegetarian dhaba.

Shiva Tourist Dhaba

3. Neelkanth Dhaba 

The site is fabulous. They provide pure vegetarian food, and all kinds of parathas are available. Their cuisines include North-Indian, South-Indian, and Fast food. The food is prepared from fresh ingredients and hygiene is great.

Neelkanth Dhaba

4. Hari Vaishno Dhaba

This dhaba is a pure vegetarian dhaba and provide pure food made from exotic flavors. Their cuisine includes Mughlai, Breakfast, North-Indian, and fast food. If you visit this place you must try their Shahi paneer.

Hari Vaishno Dhaba

5. Jhilmil Dhaba

Well known for their exotic flavors in Sarson ka saag, Daal makhani, and paneer tikka. The site is best to have breakfast while heading towards Chandigarh or Shimla. The staff is friendly and their service are courteous.

Jhilmil Dhaba

6. Gulshan Dhaba

A prominent dhaba at murthal road, with friendly staff and positive environment. It provides fast service. They have Indian and Asian cuisines. Fast food is also recommended by visitors. Its a pure vegetarian dhaba. Parathas, curd, daal makhani are the must try dishes here.

Gulshan Dhaba

7. Sindhu Pahalwan Dhaba

Paneer is their success recipe, therefore you must try their paneer recipes that include shahi paneer, paneer lababdar, kadhai paneer and many more. Parathas here are provided with pure desi ghee(white butter). They also provide fast food and Chinese. Jalebis are the must try ones here.

Sindhu Pahalwan Dhaba

8. Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba

The most popular area amongst Dhabas of murthal, its a punjabi dhaba and provide Indian, Asian and fast food in its menu. The place is great and have a positive environment. It has a/c hall and outside seating as well. The parathas are must-try here, they are served with curd, pure desi ghee. Tea is the best and other food items are also delicious.

Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba

9. Mitra Da Dhaba

Its a nice area to be and hangout with friends. The must try dishes here are daal makhani, paneer makhani, tandoori naan, and lassi. Its a superb site to have lunch and dinner and provide Indian and Asian food. They provide delivery services as well.

Mitra Da Dhaba

10. 70 Milestone Dhaba

A vegetarian dhaba that provides food made from exotic flavors and fresh vegetables. They have Indian and Asian in their cuisines. Its a prominent place to have snacks and tea and other indian sweets as well. The place is good for breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch.

70 Milestone Dhaba

11. Dhaba Junction

It’s an all rounder dhaba which means it includes cuisines like Chinese, Indian, pizza, cafe, and Asian. Their food is of magnificent quality and fresh. Its a pure vegetarian dhaba. The staff is friendly and courteous. They provide food at reasonable costs.

Dhaba Junction

12. Urban Punjabi Murthal 

The site is fantastic because if its hard working and upbeat staff. They provide great service. The decor is fanta and very aesthetic. They have a positive and welcoming atmosphere. They quality of food is excellent and freshly prepared.

Urban Punjabi Murthal

13. Murthal Highway King Dhaba 

They have great ambience and service. The food is worth it and staff is friendly. It is recommended as the best dhaba on that road. The must try dishes are parathas, shahi paneer, chutney, curd, lassi, tandoori roti.

Murthal Highway King Dhaba

14. Murthal Haveli Dhaba 

A super aesthetic and well designed site. It gives pure village and punjabi vibes. The staff is quick and very courteous. They ambience is great and they play music as well. The welcome gate is well designed and you are greeted with well wishes on the gate. The quality of food is superb and food served here is fresh.

Murthal Haveli Dhaba

15. No. 1 Ahuja Dhaba

The food quality is good and they have a friendly and cooperative staff. The seating area is vast and also has ample parking space. The food is of excellent quality with exotic flavors. The site is favourable for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

No. 1 Ahuja Dhaba

16. Bhajan Dhaba

The food quality and service are prominent. The dhaba is value of money. Its a vegetarian friendly dhaba and provides Indian cuisine. Travellers can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch. Parathas are must try here.

Bhajan dhaba

17. Virajman Dhaba 

Hygienic and clean restaurant or dhaba. The quality of food is magnificent and they serve parathas with handmade white butter and curd. Its an aesthetic Indian restaurant with a variety of food items.

Virajman Dhaba

18. Punjabi Tadka Dhaba 

They are known for their barbecue and serves excellent quality food. The restaurant is a boon for travellers as they have a relaxing seating area. The dhaba has a unique decor of an old model truck. It gives the village vibes and is a positive and quite place to sit and eat breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Punjabi Tadka Dhaba

19. 5 Star Dhaba

An excellent place to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. The quality of food is worth it as they prepare their food with exotic ingredients and fresh vegetables. They provide outside seating service and an indoor seating area as well.

5 Star Dhaba

20. Jason Sheesh Mahal 

Its a dhaba and a hotel. If you want a room to stay and relax for the night, it’s available here. The facilities are great and parking area is huge. The quality of food is awesome and their sweets are the must try. They provide cuisines like North-Indian, South-Indian, Fast food and other snacks.

Jason Sheesh Mahal