Top 20 Dine-In Café And Restaurants In Hajipur

Top 20 Dine-In Café And Restaurants In Hajipur

Hajipur is the second-fastest developing city in Bihar after Patna. It is known for its agro-based industries and has a large production of litchi and banana. It is the largest city in Vaishali district of Bihar state. It has some iconic attractions in Hajipur, like Mahatma Gandhi Setu, a bridge built over the Ganga river. Khichdi is the most popular food with side dishes like yogurt, choke, chutney, pickles, papads, and ghee in Hajipur.

1.D3 Café Restro

D3 Cafe Restaurant is thrilled to offer a unique dining experience where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks in a beautiful garden setting. It provides high-quality food drinks made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The menu is diverse with Continental, Chinese, Tandoor, Indian, and Dessert. We also offer a range of special events, including live music, cultural events, birthday parties, anniversary parties seasonal celebrations. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

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2.Brewbakes Café

Brewbakes Cafe has been serving good food and a good mood for a decade. It is a modern Indian cafe chain characterized by global cuisine. It has a genuinely outstanding ambiance with delicious food and very satisfying service at a very affordable and pocket-friendly price. Chocolate shakes, chicken chili chicken, and chicken kabab Tangri are recommended foods.

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3.London Bakery Café

London Bakery Cafe is a bakery confectionery of Chinese continental, South Indian ice cream, and soft drinks under a single roof. The ambiance is very welcoming and charming. The food is of high quality. The staff is highly knowledgeable and makes great recommendations. It is an excellent place to hang out with your friends and family. Dosas, Chicken cuisine, and burgers are recommended foods.

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4.The Red Fox

The Red Fox is a modern and trendy restaurant. It has the finest dining with delicious Indian food. The atmosphere is relaxed, cozy, and intimate. It has stylish and classic decor with expensive furniture. The staff is friendly and well-behaved. It has warm service.

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5.My First Flight

My First Flight is a restaurant presented in an airplane cabin interior. It has traditional specialties, such as tikkas biryanis. It has an exotic ambiance with excellent customer service. The food quality is fabulous. It is best to visit with friends or family.

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6.The Golden Curry

The Golden Curry is a family restaurant. The food quality is extraordinary at an affordable price. The interior is mind-blowing. The staff is polite and well-behaved. If you are near Dakbangalow Chowk, then it is highly recommended to visit this place. Chicken chili, butter chicken, and biryani are suggested foods.

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7.BBk Crew

BBk Crew is a unique type of cafe. The food and the serving style are exceptional. The interior decor is fabulous. The food quality is remarkable, and the services are satisfactory. The staff is very polite. Chicken tikka and paneer masala are recommended foods.

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8.Bon Pizza

Bon Pizza is a pizza restaurant. It has superb, delicious pizza with the best quality available. It has a Portuguese cuisine-based flavor very different from Domino’s, at a reasonable price. The taste and services are extravagant and mind-blowing.

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9.Grill Inn

Grill Inn is the best place to party and get together with friends family. Indoor outdoor sitting are available. The food is delicious and mouth-watering. The menu includes burgers, pizzas, shakes, fried chicken, french fries, wraps, desserts, sandwiches, footlongs, pasta, garlic bread several combo meals.

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10.Kathi Nation

Kathi Nation is a famous Indian brand offering scrumptious Kathi rolls. The renowned chain serves authentic, mouth-watering rolls perfect for a quick snack or meal on the go. Located in Hajipur’s bustling center, the menu features chicken, mutton, paneer, and vegetarian options paired with tangy mint chutney and salad. Skilled chefs use fresh ingredients and traditional spices for unforgettable flavors. The experience and services are fast and efficient from our attentive staff.

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11.MomoMia-Love In Every Bite

Momomia has an infinite range of momos for momo lovers and offers a diverse menu of fast food and beverages. The quality of momos served here is delicious. The service is delightful and very professional. If you are near Adalpur, then please visit this place.

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12.Tealogy Café

Tealogy Cafe radiates a good vibe. It has a self-service system, and the staff seems supportive and communicative. The menu consists of a variety of item, from pizzas and burgers to milkshakes and many more. It also has multiple tea options, from regular tea, adarak tea, and elaichi tea to paan tea, mango tea, and kesar tea.

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13.Elite Family Choice

Elite Family Choice is one of the oldest and best restaurants in the city. The food tastes delicious at a reasonable price. Staff behavior is friendly. Cleanliness is everywhere. Table and cabin seating are also available. The restaurant is maintaining its authenticity.

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Let’streat is a fast-food cafe located at Rajput Nagar. The food is exceptionally delicious. The aroma of food is prepared hygienically and gives mental satisfaction to a hungry soul. As for the staff, the hospitality extended for an average guy is beyond words. Last but not least, the money in the organization is well-maintained.

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15.Bun For Bun

Bun on Bun provides a delightful dining experience with outstanding food and excellent service. The menu offers numerous options, from classic burgers to fusion dishes. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful. The ambiance is modern, clean, and inviting.

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16.Chai Sutta Bar

Chai Sutta Bar is a fast-food and tea outlet. It has delicious food and authentic coffee. It has a wide variety of coffee, like beer cold coffee, vodka cold coffee, and CSB special coffee. It also has milkshakes, mojitos, maggie (Schezwan, tandoori Maggie), burgers, and pizza. The owner and all staff are professional and well-behaved.

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17.Barbeque Live

Barbeque Live is one of the finest restaurants located in Anwarpur, Hajipur. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant with tasty dishes. The food served tastes excellent. The place is friendly and hygienic. The staff are well-behaved and professional.

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18.Kanhaiya Sweets And Snacks

Kanhaiya Sweets and Snacks is the best sweet shop in Hajipur. It has a multi-cuisine menu, including comfort foods like pizzas and finger food, to more selected choices. The sweets and foods are delicious. It has beautiful rooftop seating, perfect to chill with friends or family. It is near the State Bank of India at Yadav Chowk.

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19.Kathi Junction

Kathi Junction is an easygoing chain outlet serving quick-fix kathi rolls, kebabs, tikkas shawarmas. It also has Chinese fast food. The food quality is satisfactory at a reasonable price.

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20.Dyana’s Restaurant

Dyana’s is a family restaurant. It is a fantastic place to sit, chill, and relax. It has a decent, compact ambiance. Delicious vegetarian food is available, and non-veg is also worthy of trying. Bakery products are also available, like Cakes, Cookies, Pastries, etc. The staff is very courteous and pleasant.

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