Top 20 Dine-in Restaurants Near Frazer Road Patna

top 20 dine in restaurants near frazer road patna

Dine-in restaurants are great for a night out with family. This becomes a memorable experience and families prefer to revisit certain places that give a fine and quality time. Instead of takeaway, families want a different feel when they choose from several options. These food joints may have a great view of the hills or sea or sunset, a luxurious vibe, and a DJ or banquet hall for partying. Some food joints give an outdoor exposure or some have seating arrangements on a rooftop. Customers should try to elevate their preferences by deciding to find a place with a good menu.

1. Casa Picolla

This place offers Chinese, North Indian, Biryani, and Multi-cuisine food to a vast number of consumers. The ranging products give a new and varied experience to customers with a quick and prompt catering service. The food is traditional, offering Mongolian dishes and enough variants for vegetarians. The banquet hall is comfortable.

Casa Picolla

2. Delhi Darbar

It offers Pan Asian, Indian, Tandoori, and Chinese food in a well-known location in Patna visited by many locals. The prices are affordable to the budget and birthday parties can be celebrated in the space. The service is satisfying and the food is cooked well. If you love Chinese meals, this is a good choice.

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3. Foresto Paradise

It has North Indian, Chinese, Kebab, Oriental, and Continental meals which is always an attraction to locals. It is a special trend as it is a rooftop seating joint with live music playing. Its loved dishes are the fruit punch cocktail, tandoori mushrooms, and sizzler. It is a great spot for the weekend with a fine interior. It is in New Dak Bungalow Road near Frazer Road just a distance of 2 minutes.

Foresto Paradise 1

4. Aasman

It is also in Dak Bungalow Road with Chinese, North Indian, Continental, Italian, Multi-cuisine, Mexican, French, and sizzler specialties. The Live performances, quick staff, and outdoor seating can make you feel pampered. The nightlife can be enjoyed to its fullest in the rooftop area. There’s also fast food, free wi-fi, and desserts that can give you an entertaining experience.


5. Social Kulture

It has Asian, European, Modern Indian, Shakes, and Bakery varieties, and it is located in Kankarbagh, Patna. The popular dishes are mocktails, lobsters, and cheesecake. There’s an outdoor seating area, free wi-fi with music played, in an ambient atmosphere. There’s also a rooftop and bar for a distinct vibe. The service, staff, and dining space are hygienic.

Social Kulture

6. Flavors

This place is in the Patliputra colony with a huge variety of satisfying choices on its menu. The dishes are North Indian, Chinese, Mughlai, and Continental specialties. The staff is friendly with awesome music and there’s a crowd of customers. There’s both indoor and outdoor seating available. The food is delicious and affordable.


7. Summer of 69

It has North Indian, Chinese, Fast food, modernized Indian, and Mughlai dishes. People find the staff as one of the best and quickest, a nice interior, with young customers served in a reasonable price and budget. There’s free wi-fi and both indoor and outdoor seating available in Patliputra Colony, Patna. The menu has Italian meals like pizza and burgers and Chicken 69.

Summer of 69

8. Barbeque Nation

This barbeque specialty food joint can give you a customized grilled food feel. It also has North Indian, Chinese food, and desserts while the loved meals of the locals are corn fry, iced peach tea, cheese corn balls, and kulfi. All of this is at a great value of price, with dedicated service, buffet, and great décor.

Barbeque Nation

9. Absolute Barbecues

It has North Indian, Chinese, and Mexican meals in Frazer Road, Patna. The service is known to be quick, and there’s good music to enjoy too. The food is fresh and the menu has many varieties to extend the experience quality. The seating is indoors and there are also desserts and a bakery.

Absolute Barbecues

10. Basant Vihar

It has south Indian food, north Indian food, and Chinese and street food that has a well-cooked feel. The place is hygienic and it is loved by locals as there is a fully reserved area on weekends. The main dishes are paneer butter masala, idli, masala dosa, chole bhature, and biryani. The place is comfortable and offers good service.

Basant Vihar

11. Pukhtaan

The food on the menu is a bit different with Awadhi, Mughlai, Biryani, and north Indian food. The main varieties are Mutton Dahi Wala, kebabs, starters, desserts, gulab jamun, and beverages. There’s quality live music played for families in a nice environment and good decor. There’s a buffet with a takeaway, and it is located on Frazer Road, Patna.


12. Kokomojo

It is a cafe for pasta and fast food in Sri Krishnapuri, Patna. It is a special weekend brunch spot with good quality food and a varied menu. It’s unique because it seeks to satisfy the customer and their pizza cravings. They have great toppings; there are also burgers and sandwiches on the menu. There’s a space for celebrating kids’ birthday parties.



It has Bihari specialties, North Indian, Continental, South Indian, and Chinese food. The food has good quality, and it is fresh, with varieties. There’s a flock of students regularly seen in free wi-fi space. There are TV screens in an air-conditioned area where there’s no reservation required. There’s also halal meat.

14. The Downtown Café

It is located in Kankarbagh and offers Chinese, Biryani, South Indian, Multi-cuisine, barbecue, north Indian, Indian, Tandoori, continental, fast food, and sizzler varieties. It is a café and lounge. It is a pizza outlet, coffee shops, and tea lounges. This is a trendy atmosphere with enough air circulation. The pizzas are loaded like adventure pizza and chicken paprika pizza.

The Downtown Cafe

15. The Boring Café

It is a café for fast food which is located on a boring road which is 12 minutes from Frazer road. You must order filtered coffee or Chinese meals. It has continental food in an air-conditioned interior. There’s north Indian food and a high baby chair. There’s outdoor as well as indoor space for birthday parties.

The Boring Cafe

16. RS Star Restaurant And Banquets

It is located in Anisabad at a distance of fifteen minutes from Frazer road. The cuisines available are pure vegetarian, biryani, South Indian, Chinese, multi-cuisine, North Indian, and Indian meals. The interior is a fine-dining space that gives a vibe of quality. There is also special rooftop seating available. There’s plenty of space and the restaurant does not serve alcohol.

RS Star Restaurant and Banquets

17. Mainland China Restaurant

It’s on Frazer road with Thai, Japanese, pan Asian, sushi, and Chinese cuisines. The atmosphere is pleasant, in a comfortable place. The must-order meals on the menu are Dumplings, Jiangs Chilli Chicken, pan Fried noodles, and king prawn tempura. There’s air conditioning and space for birthday parties. There’s a buffet lunch too and vegetarian-friendly service is available.

Mainland China Restaurant

18. Hotel Satyam

It is a family space and dine-in area in Bakhtiarpur with TV screens. It is situated in an open-air area with both outdoor seating and rooftop space in air-conditioned halls. It is perfect for birthday parties. The hours for customers are flexible and the food is of good quality.

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19. Bodhi Rooftop Restaurant

It is situated in Patliputra, eleven minutes away from the Frazer Road area. It offers Thai, Chinese, and North Indian delicacies in a fine dining area with a luxurious interior. It is fit for Sunday brunch and has some of the most wanted cuisines. The rooftop gives more quality to the service.

Bodhi rooftop Restaurant

20. Indian Summer Café

It is on Exhibition road at a distance of four minutes from Frazer Road. It is known for healthy, Chinese, Italian, Mughlai, Continental, North Indian, Pure vegetarian, Punjabi, South Indian, multi-cuisine, Gujarati, Indian, and fast food. This is a specialty in that it offers multiple options on the menu. It is a café with an entertaining candlelight dinner. The chocolate Lasagne, pasta, mocktails, noodles, and mashed potatoes are a must-order.

Indian Summer Cafe