Top 20 Dishes of Fish for the Seafood Lovers

Top 20 Dishes of Fish for the Seafood Lovers

1. Mustard Roasted Salmon

This exciting recipe of salmon is prepared by taking pieces of salmon on a sheet pan. It is seasoned with some herbs, salt, black pepper powder, and roasted for nearly 10 minutes. After 10 minutes of roasting, the fish is brushed with the mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, garlic, and mustard. It is again baked in an oven for 5 minutes. Try this recipe at home and give your taste buds an exotic tang.


2. Saucy Salmon

When you are running out of time, and you have no idea what to do with the salmon that you have stored in your refrigerator, then this quick recipe of salmon will not take much time of yours and will satisfy your hunger. This dish is prepared by taking fish fillets, coated nicely with barbeque sauce, seasoned with some crushed herbs, salt, black pepper powder, and placed on chard. It is baked in the microwave for 15 minutes. Now that your time has been saved, garnish your fish with chopped cilantro and enjoy your food.


3. Crispy Skinned Fish

It is prepared by taking any type of boneless fish. It is skinned side up, and chilled in the refrigerator uncovered for an hour. In the next step, a large stainless-steel skillet is heated on high flame. Once, it is heated up, a tablespoon of oil is drizzled with some kosher salt. This process is repeated for 2 times, after which, the skinned fish is placed and pressed on each side with a spatula until crisp, and it is done.


4. Fish Tikka

It is a much admired dish served as a starter in almost all marriage parties, birthday parties, etc. This finger-licking recipe is prepared by taking small pieces of any fish in a bowl. It is marinated with some vegetable oil, lime juice, indian spices, ginger-garlic paste, fresh yogurt, and finely chopped onions. It is kept in a fridge for an hour, and then, grilled in an oven with the help of skewers. It is served piping hot with some green chutney.


5. Fish Biryani

Every single recipe of Biryani is mouth-watering, so is this recipe of fish biryani. This tempting dish is prepared by marinating the fish first, with all the ingredients we used for marinating those fish tikkas and cooked with gravy. Next, in a Kadai, some Indian spices are fried with ginger-garlic paste, yogurt, and coconut milk. The first layer of semi-cooked rice is added, then the cooked fish is added, then the second layer of rice and then fish. This dish goes best with raita.


6. Fish Pulusu

It is an authentic andhra style fish curry. The first step of preparation includes marinating of chicken with mild indian spices and lime juice. In the next step, a Kadai is taken, some oil is drizzled, and the Indian spices are fried well. The key ingredient of this dish is tamarind, which is soaked in water and then added to the gravy. Remember, that the fish pieces are cooked first in the sauce, and then the soaked tamarind is added.


7. Fish Fry

It is a very plain recipe of fish. It is prepared by marinating the fish pieces with some turmeric powder, salt, rice flour (optional), and lime juice. The fishes after marination, are shallow fried in oil until they turn golden brown and crisp.


8. Amritsari Fish

The famous Amritsari fish recipe is prepared by marinating the pieces of king fish in a bowl with a cup of gram flour, some indian spices, ginger-garlic paste, lime juice, a beaten egg, and is mixed thoroughly. The final step includes deep frying of the marinated fish.


9. Chilli Fish

This exhilarating recipe of fish requires marinating of fish with mild spices, cornflour, maida, a beaten egg, and lime juice. The marinade is mixed well, deep fried in oil, and kept aside. The next step includes preparation of sauce which is made by drizzling some oil in a pan and frying chopped onions, bell peppers, spring onions, soy sauce, tomato sauce, and stirred well. In the final step, the fishes are added to the sauce and mixed gently.


10. Baked Fish

It is prepared by taking boneless fish fillets in a tray greased with olive oil. The fish is then seasoned with some salt, black pepper powder, lime juice, cheddar cheese (optional), and some brown sugar. Lastly, it is baked in the oven for 15 minutes. It is a perfect dinner recipe.


11. Keralan Fish Curry

This spicy dish from Kerala is prepared by cooking some shallots, ginger, garlic, some chili in a pan for around 5 minutes till the vegetables soften. Once, the vegetables start to tenderize, a pinch of turmeric powder is added and fried well for a minute. In the final step, fish pieces are added along with a pinch of salt, a cup of water, coconut milk, and chopped tomatoes. You are going to have a memorable lunch after eating this.


12. Goan Fish Curry

This flavorsome recipe of fish is among the most desired nourishment among people of all age groups. This recipe has a spicy and tangy flavor. The essential ingredients of the curry are Indian spices (garam masala), tamarind or vinegar that makes the curry a bit sour. It hardly takes 30 minutes for cooking.


13. Hot Nariyal Machchi

The leading ingredient of this dish is coconut milk that enhances the flavor of the dish. The curry contains some lemongrass stalks, indian spices, a pinch of sugar, pieces of hake fillets, and tiger prawns (optional). The perfect blend of spices and coconut milk complements the taste of the dish.


14. Pilchard Curry

A fantastic curry of pilchard follows a simple procedure. Some onions are roughly chopped and fried in oil till it turns translucent. In the next step, some indian spices are added which is mixed with potatoes. Instead of adding water to the curry, pilchard stalk is added and the consistency is maintained. Pilchard fish pieces are added to curry and cooked. It can be served with cilantro garnish.


15. Sindhi Masala Fish

This dish is prepared by assembling a marinade containing indian spices, and a ginger-garlic paste mixed thoroughly. Half of the marinade is kept for coating the fish pieces, and the other half is used to prepare the curry. The fish pieces are then shallow fried in oil, and in the same pan, some chopped onions are added followed by the remaining half of the marinade. The curry is all set!


16. Fish Cutlet

A marinade is prepared by mixing chopped onions, ginger-garlic paste, chopped coriander, some indian spices, lime juice, and a beaten egg. Any kind of boneless fish fillets is dipped in the marinade and then coated with bread crumbs. Lastly, it is deep fried in oil and served hot with Green Chutney.


17. Chettinad Fish

This luscious dish from Southern-India is made by boiling the curry containing all the spices and cooked in coconut milk base. Fish pieces are added to curry and boiled for some time. And look, the dish is ready in no time. Hop on! Grab some!


18. Fish Hariyali

This green colored gravy is prepared from a paste of spinach leaves, coriander, and basil with some coconut milk. The fish is coated with marinade (similar to fish tikka marinade) and shallow fried in oil. The gravy is cooked in oil with ginger-garlic paste, chopped onions to which the paste is added. Once the raw smell goes off, the fish pieces are added along with some water and the delicious curry is ready!!


19. Assamese Fish Curry

It is also known as Aloo Bilhai Maas Curry. It is made by churning potatoes and tomatoes in the curry. The curry also contains Indian spices and some more vegetables (as per your choice). This variety of Assamese fish curry is eaten in the eastern region of Assam.


20. Macha Besara

This appetizing fish curry of Odisha is made from mustard seeds ground into a fine paste and added to the curry containing all the required Indian spices. In the last step, fried Rohu pieces are combined with the curry and simmered for some time. If you haven’t tried this yet, then get up from your chair and start cooking!!