Top 20 Dishes That Taste Better In Bowl

Eating in a café has been challenging of late accomplish. In today’s era a custom-made meal, ‘to-go’ plates, and an increasing worry for as yet getting ‘healthy foods with a rising will to make life more straightforward, have pushed the consumers and cafés to introduce and eat their food in bowls. The flat plates have vanished from the plan of fine dining, and bowls have acquired prominence, even at home! Now, eating in a bowl turned out to be such a trend. These are a few dishes that taste better in a bowl. Make the most of ‘bowl mania.’

1.Garlic Tadka Khichdi

Location: Great Indian Khichdi, Multiple Outlets Maa key hath key khichdi may be the OG bowl of comfort food, but if you feel like ordering in, this delivery kitchen will be your go-to-gloomy day pick; they have an insane range of Khichdi, and if you’re ordering for the whole fam, they have a 1kg pack available too!

1.Garlic Tadka Khichdi

2. Chicken Manchow Soup

Location: China Gate, Multiple Outlets At some point in time we all must have turned to Chicken Man chow and their infamous fried noodles to curb the need for a warm bowl of food. Now, if you are living under a rock and haven’t tried manchow from China Gate, this is your sign of running there today.

2. Chicken Manchow Soup

3. Pork Tonkotsu

Location: Izumi, Bandra This list wouldn’t be complete without the king of comfort meals- ramen; With multiple ramen styles to choose from, Izumi is ‘THE’ spot, no questions asked. We say go for the Pork Tonkotsu Ramen made with pork Char Siu, spinach, leek, konbu (sea kelp), and nori served with ramen noodles, all mixed in a deliciously warm bone broth.

3. Pork Tonkotsu

4. Thukpa

Location: Sernyaa Tibetan Kitchen, Andheri, and Malad  Meet ramen’s spicy Indian cousin, Thukpa. This soupy bowl is made with Tibetan-style noodles, vegetables, chicken/veggie stew, and various spices. Thukpa, a trending thriller movie, and some vino is the perfect way to spend a gloomy day indoors.


5. Prawn Hot Pot Soup Momo

Location: Dimsum (Momo) Express, Multiple Outlets What’s better than steaming hot momos? Steaming hot momos dipped in a flavorful soup, of course! This bowl is everything you need this season warm, comforting, and generous enough to put a smile on any face. And if you like prawns, go for the Prawn Hot Pot Soup.

5.Prawn hot pot soup Momo

6. Burrito Bowl

Location: New York Burrito Company, Multiple OutletsA Burrito bowl is known for being a complete meal with the best and freshest of tasty ingredients with soul spices, vegetables, and beans with a dash of folk Mexican flavors and sauces.

6.Burrito Bowl

7. Quinoa Salad With Salmon And Miso Dressing

Location: Bombay Salad Co, Bandra This salmon bowl contains umami flavors, veggies, and nutrient-dense foods. The miso dressing over the warm sweet potatoes will make you wanting to have this bowl weekly. You can add a dressing with any protein of choice, or leave it vegetarian.

7.quinoa salad with salmon and miso dressing

8. Pindi Chole Rice Bowl

BOX8 – Desi Meals, Multiple outlets It is a delicious makeover to your regular meal. Chole cooked perfectly with the right amount of spices served with jeera rice. An ideal dinner and a perfect end to a workaholic day

8.Pindi chole rice bowl

9. Kung Pao Chicken With Fried Rice

Location: The Bowl Company, multiple outlets An exotic accompaniment to burnt garlic fried rice is the flavourful Kung Pao chicken which is a stir fry from the Sichuan region prepared with an intense combination of diced veggies of your choice.

9.Kung Pao Chicken with fried rice

10. Chicken Salad

Location: Café Zoe, Lower Parel Not every salad is boring. A packed punch of proteins and vitamins, which is mainly yummy. A salad composed primarily of chopped chicken meat.

10.Chicken salad

11. Hot Gulab Jamuns With Vanilla Ice-cream

Have you tasted our hot gulab jamun with ice cream yet? Mouthwatering Hot Gulab Jamun served with soft Vanilla ice cream is all you need to satisfy your sweet cravings A classic Indian dessert that is so yummy and melts in your mouth with the extra yumminess of ice cream.

11.Hot Gulab Jamuns with vanilla ice cream

12. Sesame Shrimp Noodle Bowl

Location: Mamagoto, Bandra It is an ideal meal for hectic weeknights and lazy weekends. In this dish, tasty noodles are topped with slightly-spicy shrimp,  richly flavored sauce, crunchy peanuts, and sesame seeds. It is a dish which can be easily prepared at home too.

12. Sesame shrimp noodle bowl

13. Biryani Bowl

Location: Biryani Bowl, Multiple Outlets A dish consisting of long-grained fragrant rice and chicken with spices well infused in it.; with waves of taste that make your taste buds stand up and smile in delight. It arouses the smell sense, and the aroma is heavenly, and your eyes will open wide as well because it’s a beautiful dish of billowy, golden perfection.

13.Biryani bowl

14. Ramen

Location: Kofuku, Powai Whether you’re feeling a little gloomy or craving a delicious meal, you can always rely on a bowl of ramen to light up your day. With K drama and other Asian pop culture, ramen has turned into a hot #1 with city cafes for additional reasons than taste


15. Chinese Bhel

Location: Raju Chinese, Churchgate It is a unique variation of  Chinese recipe combined with the Indian street food tempering prepared with seared fried noodles, chili paste, and cabbage. It originated from Mumbai and is a go-to snack for school kids.

15.Chinese bhel

16. Mac And Cheese

Location: Grandmama’s Café, Multiple Outlets Gooey cheesy old-school American macaroni. One of the most popular comfort foods (worldwide). You can’t go wrong with the creamy combination of pasta, cheeses and tasty extras to mix in. Whether you like your mac and cheese from the oven, microwave or stovetop.

16.Mac and cheese

17. Chicken Kheema With Flavourful Yellow Rice

Location: The Good Bowl, Multiple Outlets You have had Kheema Pav. Now try this. Kheema Rice and salad make for the most comforting bowl, packed in a warm bowl. So much comfort in two sentences that it doesn’t spare much room for us to write anything.

17.Chicken kheema with flavourful yellow rice

18. Fresh Fruit Salad

Location: fresher These fruits are washed with RO water & sanitized. Take an exotic trip in a bowl! Enjoy the best-selling mix of fruits — Apple, Plums, Kiwi, Watermelon, & Oranges — all hygienically prepared & conveniently portioned in a Grab n Go format for the busy eater!

18.Fresh fruit salad

19. Hot Piping Vada Sambar

Location: Ramashray, Matunga East Soft and fluffy vada bathed in piping hot Sambar! It is not something you want to miss. Every time you mention south Indian food, some of the first dishes you’ll picture are idli, dosa and vada. Speaking of vada, it is one of the most prized South Indian delicacies not just in the south Indian region but across the world today. No south Indian menu is complete without it, don’t you agree? The crispy, fried, savory delicacy is often known as the Indian doughnut served with piping hot sambhar, coconut chutney and garlic chutney as accompaniments.

19.Hot piping vada sambar

20. Loaded Nachos

Location: Sammy Sosa, Multiple Outlets Bed of nachos with cheddar, guacamole, salsa, and sour cream.  the perfect game day food and appetizer Just one word- YUM

20.Loaded Nachos