Top 20 Easy Continental Recipes To Try At Home


Are you looking for continental recipes to try at home? Well, you might think that it is very difficult to cook continental dishes at home. But, it is as easier as you could never imagine. Also, a typicality of continental dishes is it has a mixture of a lot of healthy ingredients in it which adds the nutrients that our body needs but is often not present in our daily intake. Here is the list of the top 20 continental recipes for you to try at home.

1.Continental Sizzler

If you were looking for continental dishes to try out at home, there’s nothing smokier and tastier than the Sizzler. You can serve the grilled chicken or fish sizzler, with tossed noodles or fried rice, and grilled vegetables. Don’t forget to garnish this smokey dish with chopped spring onions and sesame seeds.


2.Vegan Spanish Croquettes

This vegan continental dish is extremely creamy and tasty snack that takes very less time to get cooked. It is made of bread crumbs, tomatoes, spinach, pine nuts, chickpea flour, garlic, and pepper. You can also use potatoes in the filling. Deep fry with olive oil to make it crunchy.



Macaroni is one of the easiest and tastiest dishes that can be made at home very easily in just 10-15 minutes. You can add a lot of veggies and chopped pieces of chicken to make it as a whole meal. Toss it with tomato garlic sauce to give it a tangy and spicy taste.



This crispy dish has originated in Mexico in which the tacos are stuffed with veggies, or chicken, or prawns. Top it with cheese, or mayonnaise, and spring onions. This wheat-based tortilla is very easy to make at home by baking the advanced-made tacos to 170 F for 5 minutes.


5.Continental Toasties

Continental toasties’ recipes are so easy that you can customize the fillings of the toast as per your choice. You can make it vegan by adding corn, veggies, coriander leaves, lettuce, kidney beans, and mayonnaise. You can also add steamed chicken, or fish, or fried prawns as you like.


6.Vegan Chipotle Nachos

Vegan Chipotle Nachos is one of the continental dishes that you can try out at home. It is a simple recipe of nachos, topped with cheese, black beans, pineapple salsa, avocado, apple cider vinegar, and cream fraiche.


7.Tomato Basil Chicken Curry

The tangy taste of this dish comes from tomatoes, which is also rich in vitamin B, E, and antioxidants. Adding of basil leaves also gives it a typical Asian taste. It is served well with fried rice, or butter rice, or cumin rice.


8.Red Wine Sauce Fish With Zucchini Salad

Red wine sauce fish is one of the premium smoky continental dishes that is served best with Zucchini salad. Zucchini Salad is a raw salad which is made by adding toasted walnuts, or pecans in the ribbons of Zucchini. You can add shaved parmeshan to add saltiness to the salad and finally, toss it gently with red wine vinaigrette. This salad is very healthy and keeps you hydrated during summer.



This dish originated in the Ottoman Empire, in which chicken or lamb are stuffed in an inverted cone made of wheat, and roasted in a spit. You may call it a kind of sandwich but it is awesome!


10. Mushroom Strudel

The mushroom strudel is a healthy continental dish in which the main ingredients are cheese and mushroom, which is rich in fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Make the all-purpose pie crust first and refrigerate it. Stuff it with mushroom filling and bake at 400 F. The dish is ready!


11.Basil Pesto Grilled Chicken And Zoodles

The basil pesto grilled chicken served with Zoodles can an ideal lunch for you that you can make very easily at home. What Zoodles actually mean is Zucchini noodles, which goes best with the basil pesto grilled chicken.


12.Black Pepper Basa Fish With Cucumber Noodle Salad

This is an Asian continental dish when the black pepper fish is served with thinly chopped cucumber noodle salad. The fish is grilled or deep fried and tastes smokey which you can serve with coriander sauce.


13.Lamb Burgers

Lamb burgers are the tastiest late-night snacks you can bake for yourself and are highly nutritious. This dish contains iron, zinc, vitamin B12, magnesium, selenium, and high-quality protein.  You can serve it with garlic butter tomato sauce, or tarragon mayonnaise, or cilantro-lime sauce.


14.Prawn Pie

Prawn Pie is one of the tastiest stomach-filling continental dishes that is cooked with mashed potatoes, spinach, onions, and prawn. This unique recipe is baked in oven with heavy cream, butter, pie dough, and eggs. It is served well with horseradish and mustard.



Thukpa is a form of Indian soup prevalent very much in the hilly areas. It is a very healthy, that provides you a lot of energy and nutrients, and helps in burning fat. This soup consists of noodles, veggies like carrots, tomatoes, and spinach, and chicken. Season it squeezed lime juice, coriander leaves, and pepper.


16.Au Gratin

If you were looking for a French dish to cook at home easily, then you should try out baking Au Gratin at home. Au Gratin is a French dish in which chicken or veggies or pasta or momos are used as a filling and the top layer is seasoned with grated cheese. It is grilled or baked in oven so that the cheese melts to give it a creamier taste.


17.Crispy Calamari Rings

The crispy calamari rings are an ideal continental seafood that you can bake without oil or deep fry with oil. This crispy Mediterranean snack is made of squid calamari rings. you can it served well with spaghetti sauce or barbeque sauce.


18.Chicken Salad With Asian Veggie Salad

The recipe for this protein-packed diet salad is very straightforward. It is highly nutritious because it contains both veggies and chicken. You can serve the chicken salad with green salad and season it with salt, pepper, and lime juice.  it also provides nutrients like vitamin C, K1, Folate, Potassium, fiber, antioxidants and so on.


19.Swiss Roll

As known from its name, this sweet dish has originated in Central Europe. It is made of cake filled with whipped cream, or jam. You can make different types of flavoured Swiss rolls like, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or mango as per your choice.


20.Kesar Shrikhand

The Kesar Shrikhand is an Indian sweet dish topped with saffron and served after the meal. refrigerate after making this to experience the better taste. you can use cardamom and pistachios to add taste and scent to this chilled dessert. it is a special dish for summers and is served in earthen vessels in india.