Top 20 European Cuisines


Europe has been a place of attraction to many more people lately. The weather, lifestyle, festivals, education, opportunities, and food attracts people. Henceforth, let's consider an article for Europe. In the article further, you will see the top 20 European cuisines. These dishes are popular in Europe and worth trying once in a lifetime. We have taken them from the chosen places in Europe. You can add them to your bucket list on your next trip to Europe. Also, you can make them in your native. You can add some twists and try experimenting with your European cuisine.

1. Pretzel

Many people must have taken Pretzels as the first dish in the top 20 European cuisines. It is famous in Germany. They came in the late eighteenth century from southern parts of Germany. They spread across the world in no time. Today, everyone knows and loves Pretzel. Plus, they have some with many modifications.

2. Churros

I wont call you wrong if you consider Europe one of the best places to have sweets. The show From Spain with introduced me to Churros. They have been on my bucket list since then. Churros came from Spain in the fifteen hundreds. They go well with Hot chocolate. Furthermore, people love to take it as an afternoon snack with tea or hot chocolate.

3. Belgium Chocolate

Unfortunately, I am allergic to chocolates. I believe you are not. You must have heard of Belgium Choco chip, Belgium Chocolate ice cream or Choco bars, Belgium hot chocolate, and more. It is a thing to try once in a lifetime. You can add the Churros on number two with it. It becomes a great combo together.

4. Gelato

Now you can call Europe the official sweet land. Gelato comes from Italy and Europe. It is much better than ice cream. Also, it is denser than ice cream. It melts in my mouth way better than ice cream. It comes in many flavors and textures too.

5. Macarons

Here comes another blockbuster of the top 20 European cuisines. Macarons are popular desserts with many different versions. People have made plenty of versions of them. Also, they include cream, ice cream, cherries, nuts, Choco chips, and many other items in Macarons. Furthermore, Mini size Macarons are in trend these days.

6. Crème Brulé

It is custard. No, it is not. Crème Brule has its formation and taste in the market. Basically, it comes from France. Its first mentions are present in a France cookbook of 1691. Since then, it has been a simple yet royal dessert. Also, its filling has custard. You can call it a relative to custard.

7. Tiramisu

Yes, Tiramisu. We have added Tiramisu to the top 20 European cuisines because it deserves to be there. Tiramisu is a layered cake. It can also have soaked Ladyfingers. Also, this addition might be a little surprising to you. But it is what it is. It originates from Italy. It is tastier than many other cakes around the world.

8. Croissant

I am sure to be able to pronounce or spell Croissants correctly for the whole of my life. Not demotivating, Just kidding. Croissant comes from Austria. It has chocolate, cream, jam, and many other fillings. Also, it is famous all over the world. Also, it is tastier and healthier. We bring you Croissant in the top 20 European Cuisines.

9. Sticky Toffee Pudding

Puddings have not come from Europe. But the famous Sticky Toffee Pudding originates from Britain. Also, it is super chocolaty. People eat it as a snack with tea and coffee. Furthermore, it is present at almost every big festival in Europe. You should definitely try it once.

10. Nata

Do you like Tarts? You will love Nata too. Nata is custard jelly tarts. Some people add cinnamon to them. They are famous in Portugal. They are a mouthful. You can consume them in one go. They will fill your mouth with flavors and sweetness.

11. Fish and Chips

Did you know Fish and Chips came from England? Yes, they did. Fish and chips are famous in America. Probably, every American starts their day with Fish and chips. However, they are from Europe. It is a healthy and tasty breakfast dish. I believe it must be present on your wish list.

12. Escargot

Now we come to the weird section of the top 20 European cuisines. Escargot is garlic snails. People in France love this dish as hell. They eat them regularly. Historically, Snails became human food in the sixth century. There is evidence for the same. Today, they are present in festivals in France and other parts of Europe.

13. Stroopwafels

Stroopwafels is a street food in Europe. In other nations, it might take the place of a royal dessert. It has different fillings. Majorly of it has caramel or chocolate. It comes from the Netherlands. It is a super delicious treat to our Foodie mood. Hence, we include them in the top 20 European cuisines.

14. Palacinky

You must have tried many more Crepes in the world. Palacinky is a world- famous crepe from the Czech Republic. This small country has a lot more to explore. Plus, the food here is worth trying. You can eat Palacinky with honey, syrup, and apricots. People take it with fresh cream, ice cream, and Choco syrup.

15. French Cheese

Cheese and wine are a specialty of Europe. They probably have the best- fermented cheese and wine. They have a variety of cheese present in their nation. They have smooth-spreading cheese and thick-sliced cheese to go with the bread slice. They have sweet and salty cheese too. Europe is the perfect place to try the cheese of your choice.

16. Bitterballen

Bitterballen comes from Holland. It is a perfect snack for your birthday party. Basically, it is a ball of Meat with spices and a crunchy covering. You can eat it with the famous mustard sauce. Some housewives in the late nineteenth century invented it from leftover Meat. They turned out to be a good snack for the future to come.

17. Curry Wurst

Curry Wurst comes from Germany. It should have been number one in the top 20 European cuisines. However, Pretzel took over Curry Wurst. Curry and Wurst have pork, sauce, creams, ketchup, and French fries. This meal is a complete one. Henceforth, it can help you fill your tummy during the afternoon hunger.

18. Schnitzel

It is famous as a Big chicken nugget. Basically, Schnitzel is a thin slice of Meat. They give it a good coat of beaten eggs and breadcrumbs. They double-fry it to bring the crunchiness. The invention of Schnitzel dates back to the first century. Initially, it was famous in Austria. Now, people around the world eat it.

19. Raclette

You must have seen Raclette. Raclette is a tradition of covering cold Meat or potatoes with melted cheese. They melt and spread this cheese onto the Meat in front of you. That can make anyone go down within no time. Do give it a try.

20. Spanish Ham

Lastly, we have Spanish Ham. Spanish Ham is a delicacy to enjoy. It is cheaper than you think. You will see it all over the markets of Europe. Basically, people enjoy eating sliced Spanish Ham a lot. Hence, we brought it