Top 20 Exciting Restaurants In Samseong-Dong, Gangnam-Gu In Seoul

10 Asian Live

Life is happening at Samseong-dong because you will never run out of things to do in this affluent neighborhood. You can immerse in cultural heritage spots like the Bongeunsa and Museum Kimchikan or lose track of time at one of Asia’s largest underground shopping malls in the COEX Convention and Exhibition Center. Samseong-dong is full of upscale residential complexes, with many celebrities buying residential properties. In addition, this neighborhood will give you countless restaurants to try out, with cuisines from all over the world that will your mouth water! Several nightclubs in Samseong-dong make sure the after-hours in the city are also fun and happening. 

1. Brooklyn The Burger Joint

Everyone loves a good serving of American-style burgers. This restaurant near COEX delivers delicious and juicy burgers that make you want to visit again and again. This little burger place has a relaxed and hip atmosphere, perfect for casual dining. The crispy fries are a must-try. Don’t forget to try their Cheese Skirt, Lamb Burger, and Classic Cheese Burger with grilled onions if you visit this restaurant.

1 Brooklyn The Burger Joint

2. Villa Guerrero

Villa Guerrero is an excellent place to try authentic Mexican food, located on 12 Bongeunsa-Ro 78-Gil. The highlight dishes are the tacos, especially, Maciza, Langua, Tripe, and Chorizo, which are delicious. The amusing thing about this restaurant is that the chef is highly passionate about the craft and learned authentic Mexican cooking in Villa Guerrero, a town in Mexico, hence the restaurant’s name. Even the restaurant’s atmosphere makes you feel like you are in Mexico!

2 Villa Guerrero

3. Luna Asia Indian Restaurant

A must-visit for Indians and Indian food enthusiasts is Luna Asia—located at 15 Samseong-Ro 100-Gil, near COEX mall. The restaurant provides vegetarian and vegan options and is Halal-friendly. The service is fast, and the staff is highly polite. The menu primarily covers North Indian cuisine, which tends to be slightly spicy. Moreover, you can even try their beef-based dishes. 

3 Luna Asia Indian Restaurant

4. Sichuan House

Sichuan House is a restaurant dedicated to Sichuanese and Chinese cuisine, located near COEX mall and a few blocks away from Intercontinental Hotel Parnas. Although the food is pricey, you get generous portion sizes. However, the taste may seem a bit too spicy for those customers who are not used to spicy food. You will find many choices for Chinese beverages too. The staff is amicable, and the ambiance is trendy and pleasant.

4 Sichuan House

5. Butcher’s Cut

Butcher’s Cut is a fine-dine steakhouse well-known to serve some mouth-wateringly delicious steak and other dishes within an acceptable range of prices. You get generous portion sizes of mains and sides. Do not miss looking through their top-notch Beer and Whiskey collections. Butcher’s Cut is probably one of Seoul’s best steakhouses and a welcome change from Korean street food if you’re looking for one.

5 Butchers Cut

6. Gombawi

Seoul is full of fantastic Korean Barbeque restaurants, and Gombawi is no exception. With a pleasant ambiance and atmosphere full of locals, Gombawi may be a perfect opportunity for you to immerse yourself in Korean Culture. Moreover, as one of the high-rate BBQ restaurants in Gangnam District, at Gombawi, you can experience the contrasting flavors that make your meal exciting and filling. The restaurant is well-known for tripe.

6 Gombawi

7. Song

‘Song’ is a great restaurant to grab some meal after lots of shopping in the Hyundai Department Store. You get delicious Japanese food here; some dishes worth trying are Soba, Tonkatsu, Jaengban Momil Jungsik, Udon, and many more. But what you shouldn’t miss at all are their heavenly dumplings! You may spot many elderly food-lovers and customers. The wait-line tends to build up quickly, so make sure you have enough time to dine here.

7 Song

8. Kervan

Seoul indeed has cuisines from all over the world. Kervan, located in Starfield COEX, is a Turkish restaurant you must visit to experience the delicious cuisine from Turkey. You can have an enjoyable time here with perfectly-cooked food and efficiently quick service. Food is halal-friendly, and there are ample options in vegetarian and non-vegetarian. As stated by the customers, the kebabs are one of the top dishes you must try.

8 Kervan

9. The Place

Another must-visit is The Place, also located in Starfield COEX. This Italian restaurant makes a great place to go on dates. Their pasta and pizza are exceptional. Bomb Pizza tops the list of their most recommended; black-colored and dome-shaped pizza is set on fire and adds a visually attractive element. You will undoubtedly have a fantastic time as the atmosphere, food, and service are perfect.

9 The Place

10. Asian Live

Have you ever felt like visiting a restaurant that serves cuisines across all Asian nations under one roof? Asian Live is just the place to go! Experience delectable dishes from Korea, China, Japan, India, and Arabia. The restaurant offers signature set menus and A La Carte as well. What’s interestingly bold about this restaurant is they also blend one cuisine with another. You will indeed feel like visiting this restaurant again and again.

10 Asian Live

11. Boreumseoi

This restaurant is a must-visit if you enjoy Korean Beef: juicy, tender, and perfectly cooked Beef sourced from the Black cow from the islands. Boreumseoi is a Michelin Star restaurant and lives up to its name. The staff use charcoal to grill the Beef and cook the meat so well to bring out the best taste. Although you may think of the restaurant as expensive, you’ll understand it is worth the price once you finish your meal!

11 Boreumseoi

12. PF Chang’s

Does the thought of Mongolian Beef, Tomato Egg soup, Dynamite Prawns, Chicken Lettuce Wrap, Kung Pao Prawns make your mouth water? Then, head over to PF Chang’s, located in COEX: a perfect restaurant to enjoy fusion Chinese cuisine. This cozy and clean restaurant offers several delicious dishes. The price, however, may feel expensive. Therefore, customers recommend ordering a set menu to afford the food reasonably.

12 PF Changs

13. Grand Kitchen

Grand Kitchen is a buffet restaurant located in InterContinental Seoul Parnas in the Gangnam District. This restaurant is a place perfect for family dinners and business meetings. The menu is elaborate, and you get to taste some dishes that may not be readily available in other buffet restaurants: Grilled Short Rib Patties, Stir-fried Beef with Pine Mushroom, Fried Tofu Roll, Grilled and Marinated Beef Slices, and many more. The restaurant was awarded ‘TripAdvisor’s Travellers Choice’ in 2020.

13 Grand Kitchen

14. Hadongkwan

This authentic Korean restaurant, situated in COEX mall, is part of a chain of restaurants. At Hadongkwan, you can taste the deliciously deep-flavored Clear Beef Stew, known as Gomtang, which incorporates delicious toppings and rice. Customers say the stew served here is one of the best across Seoul. The staff is warm and friendly, and hygiene is maintained well.

14 Hadongkwan

15. The Brasserie

The Brasserie, located inside InterContinental Seoul, is perfect for Breakfasts. Of course, lunch and dinner items are available too. However, customers love the breakfast items served here. There are countless options in the breakfast buffet in Korean, Japanese, and American cuisines. The staff is attentive and well-organized. The place tends to get busy after 9 am, so make sure you are early.

15 The Brasserie

16. Hakone

Hakone is an award-winning Japanese restaurant for a good reason. Located inside Intercontinental, Hakone has the perfect ambiance that makes you feel like you are actually in Japan. The restaurant offers a feast for those who love seafood when it comes to food. The staff is kind, friendly, and professional. The chefs cook the food until perfection with care and attention to detail. The dining rooms are private and provide an opportunity for good conversations over the meal.

16 Hakone

17. Jayeoneun Masitda

Jayeoneun Masitda is a Korean Fusion restaurant located in Starfield COEX. Although the price is high, the food served here is delicious, the ambiance is neat, and the interiors have a clean look, providing an overall comfortable eating experience. The menu offers a good range of dishes; customers appreciate the delicious taste of the food a lot.

17 Jayeoneun Masitda

18. Viking’s Wharf

Viking’s Wharf is a seafood specialty restaurant, so it is a must-visit if you want to gorge on delicious seafood. Lobster, Sushi, and Sashimi are a must-try. The restaurant allows 2 hours per table, and there is no limit on the amount of lobster you can order. You also get traditional Korean dishes along with seafood specials and desserts.

18 Vikings Wharf

19. On The Border

‘On The Border,’ located inside COEX mall, is a top-rated family restaurant. What’s fantastic about this restaurant is that it offers Gluten-free, Dairy-free, and Vegan options to its customers, which is an excellent relief for international food-lovers. The cuisine served here is Mexican, and the menu is extensive. Although prices are expensive, the atmosphere and top-class taste of the food make it worth it. Overall, ‘On The Border’ is a place you wouldn’t want to miss if you enjoy Tex-Mex.

19 On The Border

20. Sky Lounge

Sky Lounge, an Italian Gourmet restaurant located inside Intercontinental in Seoul, is the final restaurant on our list. This upscale restaurant looks over a stunning view of the Han River, perfect for couples and families looking to celebrate special days and occasions. The service is exceptional, as is expected from such a top-rated restaurant. In addition, a fine selection of wine and cocktails are available in the evenings.

20 Sky Lounge