Top 20 Exciting Vegan Restaurants in Seoul

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Seoul is the capital and also the biggest metropolis of South Korea. The usual diet of Koreans is primarily based on meat, eggs, and seafood. But recently, the South Korean culinary scene has witnessed a new wave of Veganism, especially among the youth who choose to go meat-free for compassion and environmental reasons. Consequently, the city saw a rise in the number of Vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants across many of its regions. Many of these restaurants are affordable and can be easily accessed via Subway or Bus. Explore the delicious vegan options that we present to you in this list!

1Mahina Vegan Table

Mahina Vegan Table is located in Gangnam-gu, which is one of the poshest locations of Seoul. This restaurant serves Italian, Western and Korean cuisine and all their options on the menu are vegan. Mahina Vegan Table is considered to be an upscale restaurant with a high-end atmosphere and slightly overpriced food. Some of their notable dishes include Cauliflower Steak, Grilled Pineapple Burger, and Mushroom Creamy Pasta.



Sprout Korea

Sprout Korea is a delivery service system that serves Western and Asian Style menus. This service allows their customers to create their meal plan out of available meal options, prepare the chosen dishes, and finally delivers them to the customers. They also have mock meat available. The available options for meals are vast, with categories like the main course, breakfast, desserts, salads, and snacks. In addition, they have a website that makes the ordering process extremely convenient.

sprout korea



ApBbang, a Korean abbreviation for ‘Future Bakery’, is a vegan cafe with items like drinks, bakery dishes, smoothies, and raw food. Their food is organic and prepared from whole grains. They also have gluten-free options available. ApBbang recommends their customers check the availability of an item they would like to eat by enquiring via their Instagram page. This restaurant is loved for its kind and friendly staff.



Around Green

Around Green is a small cafe on the third floor of a building in the World Cup Market in the Mangwon-Dong region of Seoul. This tiny cafe has a cosy atmosphere with ambient dim lights and jazz music. The food served is primarily of American, Italian and Japanese styles. Most of the ingredients are organically obtained. Around Green is known to serve fresh and delicious food. They also have a limited variety of cookies, cakes, and ice cream.

around green


Bab Full Ggot

This vegan restaurant uses organic and local ingredients to prepare its food. Bab-Full-Ggot provides lunch boxes. This restaurant operates from 11:30 am to 2 pm on weekdays and is closed on weekends. So, during its closed hours, the restaurant space is utilized for community activities. They have vegan Kimchi available and is served as part of Bibimbap. This restaurant is a cosy place to enjoy delicious meals.



Bongeunsa Temple

Bongeunsa is a Buddhist Temple in the Gangnam-gu region of Seoul. Nearby the Temple is the COEX Mall. Bongeunsa is a Tourist attraction, and the temple serves vegan meals as per the Buddhist rules. The meals are either free or low cost and usually include Rice, Kimchi, and Curry or Greens. This temple is an ideal place to enjoy simple and wholesome meals while relaxing in the tranquillity of the Temple area.



Breaghetti Itaewon

Breaghetti has been created with the words Bread and Spaghetti! This restaurant serves primarily mouth-watering Italian dishes with a few options of American style foods. Their speciality is preparing vegan pasta with bread served on the side, and their unique dish “Croffles” is a must-try! Breaghetti is a pleasant restaurant with affordable items.




ByTOFU is a vegan cafeteria that offers sandwiches, salads, and nachos prepared with faux meat. Customers have noted that all the dishes on its menu are incredibly delicious and particularly the egg salad is a must-try. The restaurant is not on the main road and may require one to walk quite a bit. Nonetheless, the restaurant is worth the little hard work because of its generous portions, friendly staff, and satisfying food.


9Cafe SIVA

Cafe SIVA is one of the top-rated vegan cafes in Seoul! This cafe offers burgers, wraps, and other dishes from the Italian and Korean cuisines. Cafe SIVA is located right below Triyoga Ashram, a yoga centre. The interiors are inspired by Indian culture, and the atmosphere is relaxed. Supreme Burger is a dish that has become a must-try in this restaurant!



Chez Valerie

Chez Valerie is a French and Canadian vegan restaurant that opened in 2020. Dishes like Rigatoni, Lasagna, Poutine, Pizza, and Gnocchi are frequently ordered. This restaurant also has a decent selection of desserts like maple-glazed pecans and molasses cookies. Beverages include smoothies and organic teas. The menu here often changes as per the season. Pets are allowed in this restaurant.


11Chorokddeul Green Field

Chorokddeul is a traditional style Korean restaurant that went fully Vegan in August 2021. The restaurant has floor seatings typical of Korean dining arrangements and offers dishes like noodles, stews, fritters, sweet rice cakes, and lotus-wrapped rice. The Kimchi served here is unlimited, which means you can eat as much as you want. Mushroom Stew is one of the most recommended dishes here.



DalYang Sweet Kitten

The people at DalYang Sweet Kitten are committed to their cause of going Vegan and protecting the environment. They have educational material available and also offer some vegan items for sale. This cafe serves Western and Asian-fusion style dishes with drinks. Crispy Burgers, soft ice creams, carbonara, Pad Thai, Basil Pesto Pasta, and cakes are some of the dishes available on the menu, among many others. All food is prepared freshly.



Dear Green Food Stall

Dear Green Food Stall is a tiny eatery ideal for students. It is inside Box Square, overlooking the Sinchon Station. The items are highly affordable, perfect for students looking to save money while also enjoying Vegan food. This restaurant has a limited menu of a few pasta dishes, side dishes and some drinks. It is an outdoor restaurant and is closed on weekends.

dear green


Dr Vegan

This restaurant is loved for its hospitable atmosphere and kind staff. Dr Vegan maintains impeccable hygiene and even houses a mini art gallery! This restaurant serves Italian cuisine and offers dishes like Tomato Spaghetti, Mozarella Bread, Soyabean Noodles, and Potato Salad Sandwich, among many others. Dr Vegan also has a delicious range of teas and coffee and serves handmade chocolates.



Drunken Vegan

Drunken Vegan is a pub and restaurant offering Western and Korean cuisines. Dishes are prepared in mock meat. Soju, Beer, Wine, and cocktails are some of the alcoholic drinks available in this place. Pet dogs are allowed here. The restaurant timings vary on some days, so one should check their Instagram page for any announcements. 



Food Does Matter

Food Does Matter is an upscale restaurant in the Sorae Village area of Seoul. Their menu is a blend of Western-style dishes and Moden Asian cuisine. The menu offers Pasta, Burgers, and Sandwiches. Their drinks include Wine, Tea, Coffee, and even Kombucha! The restaurant is slightly on the expensive end, and the atmosphere is chic and relaxed. This restaurant has a reservation system available.



Han Gwa Chae

Han Gwa Chae means “rice with herbal medicine, fruits, and vegetables”. Traditional Korean meals are prepared in the style of Temple food.The menu usually consists of porridge or a stew, a soy-based soup, various cooked and seasoned greens, acorn jelly, tofu, and different side dishes. Additionally, organic fruits and teas are served here.



Honest Greens

Honest Greens is a vegan bakery and cafe. All of the food served here is prepared by hand. What’s impressive is that Honest Greens serves gluten-free, GMO-free, and sugar-free food and follows a zero-waste strategy. Burgers, Brownies, Muffins, Energy Snacks, Almond Butter Hummus, and Kombucha are some of the many items available on the menu. When ordering for Takeaway, Honest Greens insists on carrying your containers.

honest greens19Loving Hut 

Loving Hut is a part of the chain of international restaurants. Supreme Master Ching Hai is the inspiration behind this top-rated vegan restaurant. Traditional Korean recipes are prepared in a meat-free and vegan way. This restaurant has an attached vegan shop that sells vegan meat and instant noodles. Their menu is extensive with a vast variety of dishes to choose from and highly delicious!

loving hut



Maji is a simple restaurant that serves delicious and healthy food in a traditional style. One can choose from course menu, set menu or single menu. Ordering from the set menu may require you to make reservations beforehand. Maji’s menu is extensive. The restaurant owner is noted to be kind and friendly, taking the time to explain Korean eating manners.