Top 20 Family Restaurants In Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata 

Top 20 Family Restaurants In Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata 

In this 21st century, joint families living under the same roof is a rare sighting. They have a chaotic and monotonous life with their homes distant from each other. Eventually making occasions and celebrations more crucial to bring families closer, even for a moment where they can connect and enjoy time together. Great food is the catalyst to make these beautiful moments with family last in our memories forever.

1.Chili’s South City Mall

This restaurant at south city mall with a luxurious ambiance serves the best tacos, burrito bowls, and burgers. The corn recipes, cocktails, and mocktails of this place are a must-try. If you are looking for a quiet and calm space to enjoy with your family and eat great food, this is the place to go.

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2.Warehouse Café

This restaurant has the best Buns, Tacos, and rice bowl dishes which you can indulge in for your lunches with family or friends. The restaurant has high ceilings, beautiful dangling chandeliers, and wooden décor as its interior that will blow your mind away.

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This aesthetic restaurant has one of the most vibrant interiors consisting of blue walls decorated all over with various sizes and shades of butterflies. There is also a large mirror and imitation grass on the tall walls as a part of the marvelous decor. The colorful cocktails, mocktails, and mojitos all match the vibe of this place. The delicious Puff pastries, pasta, fries, and burgers are also a must-try.

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4.Fishy Fills

This restaurant has a warm and relaxing ambiance. Fries, meatballs, cutlets, and hot dogs are dishes you must try if you visit this place.

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This restaurant has the adorable character Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy at its entrance to welcome you. The place serves delicious steaks, burgers, cutlets, and beans that you must try.

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6.Laung Multicuisine Restaurant

This restaurant serves delicious biriyani and noodles dishes to fulfill your appetite. If you want to spend the evening with your family over some great food, this is the place to go.

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The interior of this restaurant is impressive, with dangling imitation pearls and golden metal leaves hanging from the ceiling, which complements the blue glossy walls and spherical mirrors. If you want to visit an aesthetically pleasing restaurant with excellent presentation, this is the place to go. Red cabbage dish and korma are among the crowd favorites.

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8.The Firerfly

This restaurant has a special table to play billiards while enjoying delicious food. The dry chicken starters served here are perfect to go with your mojito. If you want to enjoy delicious food along with fun games, this is the place to go.

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9.Flame And Grill

This restaurant, with beautiful wooden interiors and high ceilings, has amazing buffet options if you visit the restaurant with large families. This is the perfect place to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. The grilled chicken kebabs, cakes, halwas, puddings, and pulaos are must-try.

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This restaurant serves delicious chicken and rice combos at an affordable price. If you are in a hurry and want to grab a delicious meal, this is the place for you.

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11.A Royal Queen

This restaurant has a pretty pink aesthetic with beautiful dangling lights. This is a great place to enjoy delicious food and take great pictures with your family to make memories. The chicken wings, sandwiches, and pizzas are a must-try at this place.

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12.Butta Da Dhaba

This restaurant serves the most flavorful stuffed bread and buns that will melt in your mouth. The wontons, kebabs, and mocktails are also hard to miss. The biriyani and orange chicken are a crowd favorite.

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13.The Tavern Café

This restaurant has a rustic interior decorated with bamboo sticks, imitation grass, and cowboy posters. The place serves the most flavorful and cheesiest Pizzas. The coffee and cocktails of this place are also incredible. The steak with vegetables and mashed potatoes is also a crowd favorite.

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Blue lagoon, fish fingers, and chicken lollipops are crowd favorites of this place. This restaurant has a calming ambiance where you can quietly enjoy your delicious meals with family and friends.

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15.Hungry Hut

This restaurant serves the most delicious non-veg combos at an affordable price. If you want a quick meal with rice and a tasty chicken dish, this is the place to go.

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16.Momo And Dimsum

As the name suggests, this place serves the most delicious momos. The momos are cooked fresh and served hot, or you can also do a takeaway. The pan-fried momos taste incredible with the egg noodles served here.

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17.Sudipa Biriyani

This restaurant serves a wide variety of biriyanis, chicken, mutton, and egg, straight from the vast metal Handi. The egg biriyani and mutton biriyani are crowd favorites at this place.

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18.Momo Raja

This restaurant has an amazing ambiance where you can enjoy a variety of delicious momos, from pan-fried and steamed to dipped in gravy.

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19.Shola Ana Bangali

This restaurant serves the most authentic and delicious traditional Bengali food. The mochar chop, alu potol dalna, sukto, and chingri paturi are dishes you must try.

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20.Lokenath Food Plaza

This restaurant serves delicious salads, biriyani, pomphret fry, and fish fingers. The tandoori chicken and lassi are also a crowd favorite. If you want something on the go, you can also take away some delicious rolls.

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