Top 20 Famous Bakeries In South Extension, Delhi

Top 20 Famous Bakeries In South Extension Delhi
Top 20 Famous Bakeries In South Extension Delhi

I will not be wrong if I say that cakes and creamy pastries, along with other bakery items are all-time favorite meals of people when it comes to satiating the sweet tooth. With time, the demand and increase in popularity of bakery items have been seen. Whether it is a party or a small birthday celebration, cake cutting has become a necessity. Not only are this, but the crunchy cookies and moist bread the favorite items found in every other house, especially liked by kids. To solve your dilemma of the best bakery, in South extension, we have listed the top 20 bakeries from where you can buy your baked items.

1. Cake Palace

This bakery located on a hip- high street of South extension 1, offers delicious and satiating cakes and baked items. They provide cakes of the best quality at an affordable price with customized shapes. If you want square-shaped cake, then you must pre-order it; the round shape cakes are always available.

Location: E-6 South Extension Market part 2, New Delhi.

Cake Palace

2. Theobroma

If you are craving for delicious brownies and cookies, then you must visit this place. This outlet was quite famous in Mumbai and has been opened in Delhi too. The chocoholic and red velvet pastry are a must-try.

Location: On Pushpa Road in block C of South Extension 1.


3. Cakes And Bakes

This bakery offers delicious cakes and bakery items. This place is specialized in cakes and serves some really tasty flavors of them. The best cake is choco chip cake among all others.

Location: In Masjid Moth Village on Pushpa Road in South Extension 1

Cakes And Bakes

4. Warm Delights Bakery

They have a huge collection of eggless pastries and cakes. All the cakes are fresh and creamy. The double-decker pasta pizza is also terrific in taste. The quality is excellent.

Location: Jain Mandir Complex, South Extension 2

Warm Delights Bakery

5. The Baker’s Dozen

The country sourdough is perfectly baked and moist. They serve many other items like nachos, pancakes, etc. it is highly recommended if you are nearby. You will get top-quality bakery items here.

Location: Masjid Moth Village, South Extension 1.

The Bakers Dozen

6. Orphic Artisan Bakery

This shop not only offers the best cakes but serves delicious and cheesy pizza and garlic bread. They use pure and healthy ingredients to make recipes. All dishes are available at a reasonable price. The coffee pastry is a must-try among pastries.

Location: Pushpa Road, Block B, South Extension 2.

Orphic Artisan Bakery

7. Primrose Bakery

This bakery outlet located in South Extension 2, serves delicious cakes that are not only beautifully decorated but taste fantastic too. The butterscotch cake is one of the most popular ones here. You can also get your cake customized.

Location: R-21, First Floor, South Extension 2.

Primrose Bakery

8. Namz Bake House

This cake shop in South Extension 2 bakes cake of varieties of flavours that are satisfying and a perfect treat to the sweet tooth. The marble cake is a unique item served here. You must also give a try to the strawberry cake.

Location: R38A, South Extension 2.

Namz Bake House

9. Pastry Place

It is a small outlet serving various cakes to their customers. The packing and decoration of the cake are excellent. They also customize the cakes as per the customer’s choice. The choco chip cake is a perfect serving of this bakery.

Location: E-6, South Extension, Market Part 2.

Pastry Place

10. Sheetla Cake Bakery

If you have a sweet tooth and love eating cakes, then you must visit this place in case you want to buy a cake. It is basically a cake delivery shop in Delhi that serves cake even at Midnight.

Location: Shiv Nagar, South Extension.

Sheetla Cake Bakery

11. Baker’s Planet

The best quality and finely baked cakes with beautiful presentation are served at this outlet. They make delicious cakes that can be ordered for anniversaries or birthday parties. The all items are eggless and hygienic.

Location: Mahaveer Nagar, South Extension 1.

Bakers Planet

12. Weds And More

You will get all the delicious items like pastries, cookies, cupcakes, and coffee at this location. They not only serve baked items, but also Navratri special food items. They also have parking space available at their premises.

Location: Near Metro Station of South Extension

Weds And More

13. Too Mikki Tapas

It is an easy-going café filled with books. They offer various snacks like pizza and pasta along with delicious sweet cakes. The ambience and atmosphere are awe-inspiring and suitable for hanging out with friends. The cakes are tasty and would lift up your mood.

Location:  E-25,1ST Floor, Block E, South Extension 2.

Too Mikki Tapas

14. Rainbow’s

This small and lovely bakery serves lots of amazing baked stuff. They serve chocolate, red velvet cake, etc. they also provide homemade chocolates that are taste worthy. You can also buy party decorations items from this place.

Location: Block H, South Extension 1


15. Sharma Cakes And Bakes

This bakeshop prepares custom goods for a range of occasions and also bakes cakes for regular days. The most delicious cake here is black forest cake.

Location: Kotla Mubarakpur, South Extension 1.

Sharma Cakes And Bakes

16. Karachi Bakery

It is a small and simple cake shop offering sweets and bread beside cakes. It is a chain bakeshop in Green Park Market enduring since 1953. Although all the items are fantastic, but the biscuits and pastries excel all others. They also have a delivery facility.

Location: S-21, Main Market Green Park, South Extension.

Karachi Bakery

17. Kwality Confectioners

This confectionery serves various kinds of pastries, pasta, pizza, and sandwiches to their guests. You can buy items from here and eat at your own comfort place. The best flavour of pastry is dark chocolate; you must try it if visiting the site.

Location: On Gurudwara Road, Kotla Mubarakpur, South Extension 1

Kwality Confectioners

18. The Delhi Bakery

It is a little and straightforward outlet serving cakes of various flavours and beautiful décor to their customers. All the cakes are freshly prepared and of good quality. This cake shop located on Nehru Road, Arjun Nagar closes by 10 PM.

Location: Nehru Road, Arjun Nagar, South Extension 1

The Delhi Bakery

19. OCD

It is one of the best bakeries and is highly recommended for customized cakes. They make perfect cakes on themes related to kids for their birthday. They even serve that beautifully presented cake on time and in good condition.

Location: near the metro station of South Extension 2.


20. Kalra Confectionery

It is a shop serving varieties of cakes and other baked items like cream rolls, bread, biscuits, etc. The quality of all the items is excellent, and the taste is also mesmerizing. You will love eating items from this place.

Location: Shop No.C, Gurudwara Road, Mahaveer Nagar, South Extension 1

Kalra Confectionery