Top 20 Famous Delicacies In Charminar

Top 20 Famous Delicacies In Charminar

Hyderabad is known for its famous biryani and these memorable historical monuments. One of the famous monumented is Charminar. The place where the light never shuts, it has the best and cheap street food accessories. Charminar and the food are one the great combination.

On Hearing the name Charminar, I sense the smell of Malia Paaya, Irani Chai, and many more.  Hyderabad is a place where delicacies are at the level of Thai and morning starts with a good Irani chai. Let me take you on a tour of “MUST TRY DELICACIES OF CHARMINAR.”

1. Mulberry Malai 

One of the reasons to visit Charminar is this tasty Mulberry malai(cream) available in Milan Juice Centre. It’s delicious and contains these tiny mulberries loaded with rich cream and its sweet and pinch of mulberries’ sour taste gives this item a unique savor. Apart from the Mulberry Malai, Milian foods have special juices, Falooda, and milkshakes with nuts overloaded.

Mulberry Malai

2. Irani Chai

When you visit Charminar, the first shop you come across is “Nimrah Café and Bakery,” where you find Hyderabad’s most famous chai, known as Irani Chai. The taste of the chai with famous Osmania cookies is the best. There  are 19 types of cookies available, to be specific. Of these cookies, the most famous and everyone’s favorite cookie is Osmania; it’s a flaky, sweet, and salty taste that melts in our mouths. So, I recommend people who visit Charminar must try Irani chai with Osmania cookies.

Irani Chai

3. Butter-Ladden And Tawa Idly 

Govind Dosa bandi is one of the famous brekkie stalls in Charminar. Notable dishes of Govind Dosa Bandi are butter-ladden and Tawa idly.  The taste is so satisfying that your cravings never settle. The stall opens at 6 am in the morning. It is Preferred for breakfast and brunch. As the saying goes, south Indians and their spicy foods, we cannot miss Kaaram dosa, right! Tawa Idli to Rawa dosa-dig into these appetizing victuals at this street bandi in Charminar.

Butter Ladden And Tawa Idly

4. Matwela’s Special Lassi 

Doodh referred to milk, also known as an immunity booster. Matwela Doodh Ghar has most of the items made up of fresh milk, and it’s famous for its special Lassi. People will never leave Charminar without having Matwela’s Lassi. Matwela even has other items like falooda, ice -cream, gulab jamun, etc. It has a unique and authentic taste, and the drinks match the heat of the summer with their sweet and sour tastes.

Matwelas Special Lassi

5. South Indian Thali 

Anand Bhavan is a place made for all people who want to prefer south Indian thali and for the taste of home. It is located at a walkable distance from Charminar. It serves all kinds of restaurant food but knows for its south Indian thali with poori, rice, curries, sambar, rasam, papad, and many more. They sometimes use this south Indian culture of serving it on a plate with aritaku(banana leaf) placed all over the plate and then serve the dishes. There is a belief that serving on banana leaf absorbs polyphenols which are said to prevent many lifestyle diseases.

South Indian Thali

6. Haleem 

We find Pista houses at almost every station in Hyderabad, then what makes this one special? The reason is that Haleem here is ambrosial. The ratio of bones and meat with a pinch of lemon makes the taste even better. During Ramzan season, we can see the whole place filled with a crowd. Pista house has the best quality Haleem. It serves cuisines like Indian, Oriental, Kebabs, Rolls, Desserts, Fast Food, and bakery items.


7. Paya Masala &Beja Fry 

Nayab hotel is the hidden gem of Charminar. It is famous for Paya Masala & Beja fry with Tandoori Roti. Cuisines include North Indian, Chinese, Biryani, etc. It is the most visited hotel, and it opens at morning 4 am so people can have their midnight food with morning brekkie to late-night dinners.

Paya Masala Beja Fry

8. Fish Fry 

This Outlet is found in the lanes of Charminar. Fish fry in Royal fish court is eminent in whole Charminar and indeed in entire Hyderabad. It has the experience of over 60years and going to have more. The spice touch of the fry gives the dish a pleasing taste. It is cost-worthy, and the dish is fried-crispy outside, and softer inside.

Fish Fry

9. Shahjahani Kunda 

The most famous shahdood malai is available in the Tawakkal Nazeer juice center. Not only this, but they are different types of malai available like sitafal malai, anjeer malai, lichi malai, Chiku malai, and many more. They are 100% fresh fruits guarantee. This special Shahjahan Kunda is a mixture of cream with added honey and as a topping, they use a mixture of three dry fruits: Pista, almond, and aakrut. One of the best and most tasty drinks that leave us on the stage of satiety.

Shahjahani Kunda

10. Mutton Biryani 

Biryani? Oh, then it’s Hyderabad, Hotel Shadab is a magnificent place and is the reason Hyderabad has the best biryani. In this hotel, you get the best mutton biryani and if you enter the hostel, you mostly find only biryani on every table. This place has the best Biryani, but it does have other tastier delicacies like Malai kebabs with terrific dips of malai, creamy and nutty chicken, faloodas, etc. If you visit this hotel on Friday, you get special dishes like Kofta Biryani, Bagara Khana, Shikampur.

Mutton Biryani

11. Kesar Pista Lassi 

Agra sweets the name itself takes us to the North- side of India, they sell sweets with a mixture of the North Indian and Bengali sweets. They have these North Indian breakfast and snacks like poori sabzi, samosa, jalebi, and all types of sweets, including baklava, namkeens, etc. Agra sweets are also famous for its fully loaded Kesar Pista lassi, which can also be our lunch substitute.

Kesar Pista Lassi

12. Tandoori Chicken And Chicken65

Starting with tandoori chicken to chicken, 65 Al Akbar fast food center sells plenty of dishes. It’s not only about their taste but also the quality, as the deeply marinate chicken, makes the outer layer crispy and softer inside, with full-on added spices with a pinch of lemon juice to get the special taste. Among all the fast food, the most popular and sold dish is chicken 65. They tend to make it the best with added spices.

Tandoori Chicken And Chicken65

13. Mutton Haleem And Dum Biryani 

Shah Ghouse is the perfect destination for Hyderabadi and mutton lovers. Mutton Haleem, Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, and Paya are the top famous dishes over here. The place is well maintained and served. It also serves teas and Chinese Indian cuisine. Hyderabad’s Haleem has a completely different taste compared to other cities and Shah Ghouse maintains its aroma and taste perfectly.

Mutton Haleem And Dum Biryani

14. Kebabs

Kebab-E-Jahangiri is known for Sheek Kebab and Tala Hua Gosht with Warqi Parathas. It is the most famous place around Charminar for kebabs, and Warqi parathas are stuffed with filling, and its taste with Sheek is succulent. The best time to visit would be between 5 pm to 9 pm. It’s purely for non-veggies. Here we will get highly palatable food.


15. Ghawa

Qahwa is a traditional Arabian coffee recipe that is most popular in Arabian cuisine. To match the original taste of Qahwa, the Mashallah Ghawa outlet makes this coffee in rose water with saffron and cardamon. It is the best relaxing drink after a meal or evening snack time. They serve Arabian Ghawa with milk added to it, and this place is top among all other outlets of Ghawa.


16. Jauzi Halwa 

Hameedi is an outlet of a sweet shop made at the corner. It is famous for its halwa and ladoos. Jauzi halwa is one of the most famous and best-selling sweets in the store, as it has nutmegs filled in it. Badam ka halwa and ladoos are also the next best-selling sweets. Ladoos are made of pure ghee, laden treats loaded with dry fruits and nuts. These Halwas are mouth-watering. It is located near Charminar in Gandhi Bhavan.

Jauzi Halwa

17. Famous Ice Cream 

In this store, there is no single special ice cream as there all ice-creams taste the best and have natural flavor. It is located opposite of Hameedi sweet shop. There are mango, sithaphal, lichi, chikoo, kharbooza, and many more as pot ice cream. They are special ice creams like tutty fruity, fruit salad, double sundae, thunder ball, famous special, tal beauty, and many more. Mostly, people prefer pot ice-creams as they taste different and extraordinary.

Famous Ice Cream

18. Shami Paratha 

Shami paratha is a mouth-watering dish in Mohammed’s Shami paratha center, it has other dishes too, but Shami Parata is famous. The paratha/roti is so smooth and easy to tear apart, and the dish called Shami is crazy they slightly fry it with this they will be giving a green sauce/ chutney, which makes the perfect combo. It is beside Al Akbar Fast Food Center.

Shami Paratha

19. Chicken Rolls, Sticks, And Pav

Hyderabad Chicken Pav is the place where you get most items for just Rs. 10 and not only this we might wonder that at this low cost the taste and quality of food might not be good, but believe me, the taste and food quality is so good and is the best. The most famous dish here is chicken pav which has crispy chicken inside and buttered pav outer side, and this fills the hearts of people.

Chicken Rolls Sticks And Pav

20. Coconut Barfi 

This sweet does not have a particular location as it is sold on the streets of Charminar, and the taste of the sweet is satisfactory. Coconut is sold with this sweet as the combination of sweet and coconut is so good people started loving this combination, and then all street vendors began to sell them together. It is one of the famous sweets of Charminar.

Coconut Barfi