Top 20 Famous Desserts Of Assam

Top 20 Famous Desserts Of Assam

1. Bora Chaulor Payas

This dessert is delicious. The ingredients that you will need to prepare this are: milk, sticky rice, bay leaves, and a few cardamoms. This dish has a sweet taste to it and is pretty thick in texture. Bora Chaulor Payas is a famous dish of Assam and some parts of North-East.

Bora Chaulor Payas 1

2. Komolar Kheer

Komolar or Orange Kheer is a classic Assamese dessert. Its taste is a little bit different from other dishes but in an exciting sort of a way. The ingredients that are used to prepare this dish are almonds, sugar, milk, and orange pulp and depending on your choice you can add cashews to enhance the flavour.

Komolar Kheer

3. Narikol Pitha

This is one of the sweet delicacies in Assamese cuisine. Here, the preparation is pretty much quick and easy. All you need to do is roast the coconut and sugar before mixing them in other ingredients such as flour and milk. Roll the batter in the form of balls and then flatten them before frying it in the oil. It also remains fresh for many days, unlike many other desserts.

Narikol Pitha

4. Xutuli Pitha

Pitha is a different kind of bread or cake made in Assam. Pitha is a fried dumpling with stuffed sesame seeds with some hint of sugar in it. It is a tasty recipe which is easy to make. The name Xutuli comes from a musical instrument and it is also one of the well-known Pitha in the state.

Xutuli Pitha

5. Guroor Payash

This dessert is one of the specials of Assam and is a delicious rice pudding. Rice is the main ingredient in it as it is a part of traditional foods for the people living there. Many dishes revolve around this as this dish is the main component. Also, this authentic cuisine is good for health because it has limited amount of oil or ghee in it. You can also add cashews for the flavour.

Goroor Payash

6. Qubani Ka Meetha

This Indian dessert consists of dried apricots. This dish is also common in many weddings and other important occasions. It consists of a thick soup topped with almonds along with malai or thick cream. This dish is rich in flavour due to the presence of nuts and thick cream.

Qubani Ka Meetha

7. Rava Ladoo

Rava Ladoo is a quick sweet recipe which requires only a few ingredients like semolina, milk or ghee, coconut, and nuts. It is one of the common desserts of the North-Eastern states and also this dish does not require any experts to prepare it.

rava laddu

8. Tekeli Pitha

Tekeli is a different kind of Pitha, consisting of both Xaali and Bora Saul with the mixture of coconut, sugar, and milk powder. In some cases, there will be ground cardamom and dried orange with the whole combination on a hearth furnace for steaming.

Tekeli Pitha

9. Khaja

Khaja is a dessert originating in the Eastern part of India and it is also popular in Bihar and Andhra Pradesh.


10. Cha Khao Kheer

This dessert is a black rice pudding. It has medicinal properties for those who are health conscious. Assam and Manipur revived this sweet dish which consists of boiled rice with milk and some cardamoms to it.

Cha Khao Kheer

11. Jolpan

Jolpan is a snack as well as a breakfast dish which contains either roasted or ground rice. The preferred combination is curd, jaggery and cream. You can find this item during Bihu festival, weddings and other important occasions. Jolpan includes the preparation of Pitha, Ladoo, and tea.


12. Rice Payas

It is a creamy rice pudding with enhanced flavour due to presence of cardamoms and nuts. In the Southern part of India, this dish is called Payasam. The recipe is very simple. It includes boiling thick milk with aromatic rice along with ghee or sugar and cashews for the taste.

Rice Payas

13. Tel Pitha

Tel Pitha is a snack in which rice powder is the main ingredient. It is available in many varieties varying from sweet to mint taste. The ingredients present in this authentic dish are rice, jaggery, oil, and aniseed. The whole batter is kept overnight for the process of fermentation and then deep fried until there is an appearance of brown colour on it.

Tel Pitha

14. Chhangban Leh Kurtai

Chhangban Leh Kurtai is one of those dessert that is known for its simplicity. It is a healthy and tasty treat in the states of Assam and Mizoram. The main ingredients are rice flour, jaggery which are then steamed. It is then enclosed within leaves.

Chhangban Leh Kurtai

15. Koat Pitha

This dessert is one of the examples which shows how North East Indian desserts taste like and is one of the major dishes made at the time of festivals and more importantly during the Bihu festival. The process of making these delicacies include adding mashed ripe bananas and a cup of jaggery to the rice flour for the dough. Then make medium sized balls and fry it in oil or ghee till golden brown colour appears on it.

Koat Pitha

16. Laksa

Laksa is a spicy noodle soup. It is one of the major cuisines of Assam. It is a combination of Chinese and Malay recipes. It consists of rice noodles with chicken, fish/ prawn in the gravy. You can find this item in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand also.


17. Amitar Khar

The word Khar is a dish unique to the state of Assam. It is a traditional meal and always begins with a Khar because it is believed that Khar cleanses your stomach. Khar is ashes of the skin of banana which is served with some rice. The water which is filtered through the ashes is called kola.

Amitar Khar

18. Narikol Laru

Narikol Laru or Coconut Ladoo originates from the North-Eastern part of India. This sweet is an evening snack and sometimes also eaten as a post breakfast dish.

Narikol Laru

19. Khamen Athoomba Ashinba

Although the name seems complicated, this simple dessert is combination of fried tomatoes with the addition of sugar syrup. I am sure this dish looks mouth-watering and complex but it is just simple dipping of tomatoes in syrup and then frying them in either ghee or oil along with some cardamom and jeera powder.

Khamen Athoomba Ashinba


This dish is the love of people living in Assam and it is the traditional food of North-Eastern India. It is healthy due to the presence of fibre in it and the flour used for its preparation is red millet or rajgara, which is full of iron. When you deep fry it, the biscuits become crisp and soft.

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