Top 20 Famous ‘Jharkhandi’ Cuisines

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Jharkhand is an eastern state of India which was found in the year 2000. Earlier, it was a part of Bihar, but then it got independent status, and Ranchi became the capital city of the state. Other important cities of Jharkhand are Jamshedpur, Bokaro, and Dhanbad.

Jharkhand is a home for tribal population, culture, tradition, heritage ,and the most important cuisine. There are some authentic cuisines, of Jharkhand influenced by the tribal culture, Bihar ,and another adjacent state which is West Bengal. So here are some famous ‘Jharkhandi’ cuisines one should try and relish while roaming in Jharkhand –

1 Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is a famous delicacy of both Bihar and Jharkhand. As Jharkhand was part of Bihar earlier, hence there is a Bihari touch to the cuisine of the state. Littis are circular-shaped structures made of sattu, and chokha is basically a vegetable made of brinjal or eggplant. Ghee is poured into the litti for enhancing the taste.

Litti Chokha

2 Rugra

Rugra is another famous tribal cuisine of Jharkhand. It is a local vegetable that tastes a bit like mushrooms. Rugra when mixed with a variety of spices and masalas, it is then a proper sabzi to be enjoyed with roti or plain rice. This dish has high nutritional value.


3 Malpua

Malpua is a famous delicacy of Jharkhand and is relished during festivals like Holi. It is a sweet dish dipped in sugar syrup and the aroma is really flavorsome. One should definitely try this delicacy when in Jharkhand.


4 Chilka Roti

This is a unique dish of Jharkhand, as this roti is made of rice. Rice flour is used to prepare this delicious delicacy. It is enjoyed with different vegetables and chana dal during different festivals celebrated in the state.

Chilka Roti

5 Thekua

Chhath Puja is the biggest festival of Bihar and Jharkhand. Thekua is something which is a mandatory preparation during this festival in both states. Thekua is one of the relished sweet snacks of Jharkhand and is also considered as a Prasad during the puja. It is a must-try preparation of Jharkhand.


6 Pittha

Pittha is a famous dish of West Bengal has also gained popularity in Jharkhand. It is one of the most refined dishes prepared using flour stuffed with sweet and salty stuffing as per one’s liking. This preparation is also famous in Odisha.


7 Bamboo Shoots

Bamboo shoot is one of the staple foods of Jharkhand. It has a unique taste with a rugged exterior and sweet flavor inside. Locals of the state usually make a vegetable out of this and enjoy it as a side dish and sometimes as the main course. One should try this healthy plant – product.

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8 Aaloo Chokha

Aaloo Chokha is a popular dish of Jharkhand state. It is regarded as one of the finest delicacies and delights of the state. It is made of smashed-boiled potato mixed with onion, salt, and other minimal spices. Furthermore it  is also a side dish and can be enjoyed with plain rice.

Aaloo Chokha

9 Mitha Khaja

Another famous sweet delicacy of Jharkhand is Mitha Khaja. In Jharkhand, this dish is exchanged during the Diwali festival among friends, relatives, and family. Every sweet tooth visiting Jharkhand should try this preparation. This dish is also famous in Odisha and served as Prasad in Jagannath temple.

Mitha Khaja

10 Dhuska

Dhuska is a famous breakfast item in the households of Jharkhand and Bihar. It is made of rice batter fried in oil. It is served with  chana dal or choley and spicy green chutney made of green chili paste and mint leaves. It is one of the best authentic preparations of Jharkhand.


11 Til Ki Burfi

Til ki burfi is a popular sweet of Jharkhand. It is loved by the local people and made during different functions and festivals. It has a delightful and native taste in it, which makes it something that should not be skipped when talking about Jharkhandi cuisine.

Til ki burfi

12 Handia

Handia or Rice beer is a popular alcoholic beverage of Jharkhand. It is made using fermented rice grains mixed with a variety of herbs and spices. It is a refreshing and natural drink with a  lower alcohol level.. People loving beer must try this local beer of Jharkhand.

Handia jharkahand

13 Mahua Daru

Another famous alcohol beverage of Jharkhand is the Mahua Daru. As the name suggests, this drink has some connection with Mahua trees found in the forests of Jharkhand. The leaves of the Mahua tree are used to make this beverage, which is very popular in the state.

Mahua Daru

14 Munga Saag

As we all know that there are different types of trees found in Jharkhand and one such tree is Munga or Drumstick. The leaves of Munga are used to make a local vegetable known as Munga saag. This preparation of Jharkhand is viral and rich in nutrients. It is made by boiling the leaves of the Munga tree.

Munga Saag

15 Sattu Paratha

A famous cuisine of Jharkhand is Sattu paratha. Sattu is loved and relished by the local people of the state. It is flour made of various cereals and pulses. The paratha is made using wheat flour and the stuffing is of the sattu. Paratha lovers should try this unique type of paratha in Jharkhand.

Sattu Paratha

16 Meat Saalan

A delightful mutton delicacy for meat lovers is Meat Saalan in Jharkhand. This is a famous preparation of mutton and potato. The gravy is made with ginger-garlic paste, onions, tomatoes, and other spices. It is a bit of spicy preparation of mutton and a perfect delight for non-vegetarians.

Meat Saalan

17 Chicken Jharkhandi

Another famous non-vegetarian delight is Chicken Jharkhandi. This preparation is almost the same as that of meat saalan ,but instead of mutton, chicken is used. The gravy is very spicy as there is a use of dry red chilies and green chili paste in the preparation. This dish is also a must-try Jharkhandi cuisine.

Chicken Jharkhandi

18 Aaru Sabzi

A famous root vegetable found only in Jharkhand is Aaru. It is an extremely nutritious and healthy plant product. The gravy is made using a variety of spices along with onions and tomatoes. It is one of the best vegetarian delicacies of the Jharkhand state.

Aaru Sabzi.jpeg

19 Baara

Baara is basically cuisine originating from Nepal, but this preparation is also famous in Jharkhand. Urad flour pancakes, when are -deep-fried and enjoyed with  simple potato curry, is what Barais.It is a delightful Jharkhandi cuisine and a must-try delicacy.


20 Sweet Pan

Pan is something very famous in Jharkhand. After every meal, Pan is a must. Sweet pan is very popular in Jharkhand. It is made up of Pan Leaves and the stuffing inside comprises of all the sweet mouth fresheners one can imagine. It is a delightful dish that is eaten by locals or natives of Jharkhand.

Sweet Pan