Top 20 Famous Sweet Shops In Fazilka, Ferozepur, Punjab

Top 20 Famous Sweet Shops In Fazilka, Ferozepur, Punjab

Fazilka is a lovely city where every meal isdelicious,and every alley has its own story. Ferozepur and Fazilka are well-known for their cuisine and tourism, as well as their rich history and culture.

1.Pakpattnian Di Hatti (Toshewala), Sarafa Bazar, Fazilka

Since 1949, Pakpattnian Di Hatti has continued to produce delicacies and namkeens. The store serves a wide range of sweets that can meet the various preferences of its consumers. Most of the sweets are prepared using traditional methods. Tosha, a 100-year-old sweet delight made with cotton cheese and adored throughout Punjab but traditionally made in Fazilka, is being produced by Toshewala. They even export Tosha to different parts of the world.

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2.Babbar Sweets, Arya Nagar, Fazilka

Babbar Sweets, also known as Fazilka’s Tosha House, is among the leading businesses. This reputable store serves over 50 different types of sweet sand yummy snacks that have always attracted customers. It has repeatedly made its consumers happy with outstanding customer service because it combines quantity and quality.

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3.Daulat Sweets And Bakery, Raja Cinema Road, Fazilka

Daulat Sweets is a well-known competitor in the market. Its visible location in the Fazilka on Raja Cinema Road makes it simple for fresh customers to taste the flavor of numerous snacks and sweets. Cakes,Bengali sweets, Basundi sweets, and other items are available in the shop.

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4.Rakha Ram Sweets, Mehrian Bazar Road, Fazilka

It is one of the oldest stores in the area and offers certain kinds of sweets such as Gulab jamun, Ladoo, and Rasgulla. The Dodha Barfi, a traditional Indian sweet with a mushy and gritty texture that is popular with both young and older people, is its most well-known item. Despite its small size, it maintains the best taste in the area.

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5.Real Sweets And Ice Cream, Salemshah Road, Fazilka

The store, which describes itself as having the “Real Taste of Fazilka,” is successful in satisfying its customer’s quality expectations by offering a variety of delightful sweets and snacks, among the best-selling goods being Samosas and Ladoo, which never fail to put a smile on customer’s faces. The ice creams available here are appealing to children.

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6.Dawra Sweet House, Old Abohar road, Fazilka

Dawra Sweet House is well-known for its delicious sweets and is famous for its quality and outstanding service. They are known for their cakes. They always offer a choice of customizable cakes. They also make vegan cakes if needed by customers. It is the best place to visit to satisfy your sweet tooth with cakes, cupcakes, and other delicacies.

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7.Bikaner Mishthan Bhandar, Kailash Nagar, Fazilka

Bikaner sweets are deeply connected with the traditions of several people. It is the best place in Fazilka to order customized sweets. It has always attracted people due to its well-known Rajasthani sweets. The best-selling item is the Rabri Ghevar, a Rajasthani cuisine topped with Rabri and dried fruits.

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8.A-one Sweet Corner, Gandhi Nagar, Fazilka

The shop is well-known for its delicious Rabri, made with sweetened cow’s milk and multiple layers of creamy clotted cream with a pudding-like consistency, as well as its Faluda kulfi, an Indian ice cream made with full-fat milk and garnished with nuts and Faluda noodles. They also make some batches of sugar-free kulfi and Rabri.

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9.Saluja Sweet House, Mehrian Bazar road, Fazilka

Saluja Sweet House is the place to go if you want to order any unique sweets on Mehrian Bazar Road, Fazilka. Cardamom, gram flour, ghee, and almond milk make particular Soan papdi. They receive many large orders and fulfill customers’ high standards.

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10.Lovely Sweet Corner, Ferozepur Road, Fazilka

Lovely Sweet Corner is widely known for its collection of sweets, including Peda, Barfi, Jalebi, etc., but Rasmalai and Kaju Katli is their specialty. However, the distinct flavor and way of preparation used for making Kaju Katli are popular. One should always get the ghee, sugar, and kesar-made, cashew-rich Kaju Katli from here.

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11.Sat Sweet Shop, Ferozepur Cantt, Ferozepur

Sat Sweet Shop is considered the finest sweet store in the area, with excellent quality and quantity. The store offers the most competitive pricing. The Ladoo is the best among its many kinds: Bikaner sweets, Gulab jamuns, Rasgulla, and namkeens. They produce a variety of Ladoo, including Bondi Ladoo, Coconut Ladoo, Besan Ladoo, and Motichur Ladoo. Ladoo fans should stop by.

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12.Jossan Sweets And Fast Food, Piareana, Ferozepur

Fast food and confectionaries are both sold in this establishment. Customers consistently compliment it for its high-quality baked goods. They provide a range of cookies, quick nibbles, and fast meals, with the sweets being Gulab jamun, Ladoo, Rasuglla, and Cham-Cham. They sell many bakery items and Cham-Cham, a Bengali confection produced by curdling milk.

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13.Turna Sweets, Sundar Nagar, Ferozepur

Turna Sweets is one of the leading sweets stores. Its quality, services, and hygiene standards are its specialties. It is one of the most well-known stores for its Gulab jamun and barfi. In Punjab, barfi has traditionally been a beloved dessert. This establishment serves the greatest barfi in Ferozepur.

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14.Ramu Halwai, Ferozepur Cantt, Ferozepur

Among the oldest stores in Ferozepur is Ramu Halwai. The shop sells Ladoo, and Mawa, a variety of Indian sweets, Bengali sweets, Basundi sweets, and Halwa. They are mostly known for Sweet Lassi, which has always been famous in Punjab for a long time. The Lassi here is well-known and well-liked across the area.

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15.Shri Naivedyam Sweets And Bakers, Ferozepur Cantt, Ferozepur

This shop contains a range of traditional sweets from different states of the nation and functions as a restaurant, party venue, cafe, and bakery. Cakes, Brownies, Chocolates, Rasmalai, Makhmali Penda, Doodh Ladoo, and much more receive praise for their consistency in excellence and variety. Additionally, they produce personalized treats that may be sugar-free and gluten-free.

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16.Bhagat Sweets, Ferozepur City, Ferozepur

Despite the limited selection, the quality and flavor are never on compromise. The most common delights include Milk cake, Gulab jamun, and Dodha barfi. The store’s personnel handle orders and uphold cleanliness. Fresh batches of sugar-free treats are always available here. For small gatherings and parties, they frequently create orders.

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17.Janta Sweet House, Circular Road, Ferozepur

This shop receives good reviews from customers who almost laud it for its taste. It offers 58 different kinds of sweets. Additionally, arrange parties. People love coming here because of its delightful taste and diversity, along with a particularly well-known dish created with Betel leaves, which have spreads, tutti fruity, dried fruit, and cherries. This dish is the Sweet Paan. Most people appreciate and savor it since it is mouth-freshening.

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18.Karam Chand Sweets, Aman Nagar, Ferozepur

Carrot Halwa Barfi or Gajrela from Karam Chand Sweets is famous. It is a well-known dish made with carrots, milk, sugar, ghee, dried fruits, and cardamom. The state of Punjab has long been known for its Gajrela. However, folks love to relish Karam Chand’s Carrot Halwa Barfi.

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19.Laxmi Sweet Shop, Gobind Nagri Road, Ferozepur

Customers have often praised Luxmi Sweet Shop for its high-quality offerings. Customer satisfaction is the primary goal. The sweetness of the sweets, upkeep and cleanliness, and reasonably priced food have impressed the public. Rasmalai has won folks over since it is their favorite sweet. On special occasions, individuals buy a lot of sweets from this place.

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20.Sethi Sweet Shop, Guru Ram Das Nagar, Ferozepur

Sethi Sweet Shop is Ferozepur’s 20th-best sweet store and restaurant. They give low prices on average, and superior products are admirable. It sells a variety of desserts, including Khoya Peda, Cham-Cham, Besan Pinni, Patisa, Gulab Jamun, Barfi, Milk cake Barfi, and a special Ladoo. Additionally, they provide a selection of breakfast foods and drinks throughout the day.

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