Top 20 Fish Dishes In Kerala


1 Fish Fingers with Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is very special in taste. They go amazingly well with all dishes. You can have them with chili potato, or you can have them with momos also. The specialty of fish fingers with mayonnaise is that it simply enhances the taste of fish fingers.


2 Pan Fried River Sole with White Sauce

This dish is very yummy and looks yummy too. The specialty of this dish is the addition of white sauce which gives it a special touch and taste as well. The fried fish is well garnished with chopped spring onion and served very beautifully.


3 Tuna Fish Cutlet

Scrumptious dish made with red tuna fish. First, the mixture is made with tuna fish and all vegetables. After that, it is sautéed. Then the mixture is made into cutlets and then deep fried. This is an amazing dish with an amazing taste.


4 Sea Bass Grilled with Basil Sauce

Sea Bass is a very yummy fish as seafood. The taste is amazing as the basil sauce is added in this dish in large amount. The best part of this dish is the addition of garlic sauce also, which enhances its taste. You have two choices; one is to add garlic sauce, and another is just adding the basil sauce. Both taste amazingly well.


5 Fried Catfish with Cornmeal

Catfishes are very yummy, no doubt. The addition of cornmeal enhances its taste and makes it very yummy as well. It gives a crispy touch to the fish and makes it yummier. The fish is first boiled and then dipped in cornmeal paste and then deep fried. The dish is simply scrumptious.


6 Coconut Crusted Basa

Basa is very famous for its scrumptious taste, we all are aware of this yummy fact. The specialty of Coconut Crusted Basa dish is the addition of coconut. The specialty of Kerala is that they add coconut in every dish, whether it is a sweet dish or spicy dish because coconut simply enhances the taste of the dish.


7 Chili Fish with Cheese

Chili fish is loved by all. The addition of cheese simply enhances its look and taste as well. Firstly the chili fish is made with the same recipe and then lots of cheese is added to the dish which makes it even tastier.


8 Pomfret Fry with Coconut Oil

The specialty of this dish, Pomfret Fry with Coconut Oil is that the dish is deep fried in coconut oil which makes the dish yummier. The special part of this dish is that it is served with onion and lemon.


9 Baked Fish with Vegetables

Baked fishes are very yummy, and the aroma is just out of the world. The specialty of this Baked Fish is that it is not baked alone. It is baked along with all the vegetables which make the dish yummier. The addition of vegetables not only enhances the taste of the dish but also adds health benefits to the dish.


10 Batter Fried Fish with White Cornmeal

The specialty of white cornmeal is that it makes the dish little crispy also. This dish, Batter Fried Fish with white Cornmeal is crispy outside and soft inside. You can serve this dish with boiled peas as it makes the dish look amazingly well.


11 Lobster Thermidor with Butter

Lobster Thermidor with butter is the yummiest dish you can have in Kerala. The Kerala touch given to this dish is all you need to have. The addition of lots of butter gives this dish a Punjabi touch also which simply enhances the taste of the dish.


12 Rava Fried Fish Kerala Style

The Kerala style of cooking is very good. They generally deep fried the dishes on low flame. Rava Fried Fish Kerala Style is also deep fried on low flame which cooks the dish totally and makes it crispier.


13 Baked John Dory

Just have a look at the picture then you will get all your answers that why this dish is royal. The dish is not only royal in taste but also royal in look. The dish is well garnished with the slice of lemon and coriander leaves.


14 Fish Curry Kerala style

In Kerala style of cooking, the best part is the addition of coconut oil along with curry leaves. The dish, fish curry is very famous, no doubt. But the addition of Kerala touch enhances its taste.


15 Fish Fried Rice Kerala Style

In Kerala style, the Fish fried rice is very yummy as the boiled rice is a little bit fried and then the fried fish is added into it along with all the spices. The dish is well garnished with chopped spring onions and lemon slice as well.


16 Kerala Fish Fry

As we all know that in Kerala style of cooking the dish is deep fried on low flame. The dish, Kerala fish fry is also very special. The specialty of this dish is the addition of butter and cheese into it. Also, the dish is served with slices of cheese and coriander leaves as well.


17 Kerala Mackerel Fish Fry with Coconut Oil

Kerala Mackerel fish fry with coconut oil is simply a fantastic dish to have. The dish is deep fried, but it has all the qualities of a grilled fish. The dish is very yummy in taste. Mackerel fish is scrumptious in taste, we all know this, and the addition of coconut oil simply makes it tastier. The dish is well garnished with coriander leaves.


18 Fish Curry with Cream

Fish curry is very spicy and looks blood red in color. The addition of cream enhances its taste by making it tastier and gives it a beautiful creamy color and texture as well. The specialty of this dish is that it is well garnished with green chili and coriander leaves. The aroma of the dish is very amazing.



Fish Soup with Beans

Beans are very healthy, and they enhance the taste of the dish. The specialty of this dish is that first the boiled fish is cut into small pieces and then it is added into the water along with all the vegetables and roasted beans. The dish is well garnished with chopped coriander leaves.   


20 Fish Roast with Vegetables

Roasted fish with vegetables is all you need to have. You can’t afford to miss this yummy dish. If you are visiting Kerala, then go for this dish.