Top 20 Fish Dishes Of Mumbai


1 Chili Fish with Salmon

Fish dishes are very famous in Mumbai. The specialty of Mumbai is that they make the dish extra spicy. The non veg dishes are made with lots of spices, and the Marathi touch given to the dish makes it deadly spicy. The addition of salmon in chili fish simply enhances its taste.


2 Shahi Fish Korma

As the name is suggesting itself, Shahi fish korma, the dish is royal in name and taste as well. The Marathi touch given to this dish makes it yummy. The dish is well garnished with green chili and coriander leaves as well.


3 Fish Fingers with Tartar Sauce

Fish fingers are yummy in taste. If you have it with tartar sauce, then only you can get the heavenly feeling. If you are visiting Mumbai, then definitely taste the fish fingers with green chutney and tartar sauce.


4 Tuna Fish Sandwich

Fish sandwiches are yummy in taste, we all are aware of this fact and also the tuna fish is the master in taste. The combination of fish sandwich with tuna fish is all you need to have. Go and taste the tuna fish sandwiches which have lots of cheese in it and are scrumptious in taste.


5 Sea Bass with Black Bean Sauce

The sea bass is yummy and the addition of black bean sauce simply enhances its taste and looks as well. The dish is simply yummy, and look mouth watering.


6 Fried Catfish with Egg

Catfishes are the yummiest of all dishes. The addition of egg simply enhances the taste of the dish and also gives it a healthy touch. You can have the dish as a snack as well.


7 Pretzel Crusted Basa

The Pretzel Crusted Basa is simply crunchy, crispy, and yummy dish. The dish falls in the category of snack. You can have the dish with tomato sauce, butter or chili sauce as well. The specialty of the dish is that it looks yummy and crispy outside and is soft and spicy inside.


8 Chili Fish with Rohu

Chili fish is yummy in taste and the chili fish made with Rohu has no replacement. The chili fish made with Rohu is simply yummy. The addition of capsicum in this dish enhances its taste.


9 Pomfret Fish Masala Fry

The masala fish fry is very famous in Mumbai. The spicy Marathi touch given to the dish is just out of the world. The dish is garnished with lemon juice and chopped onion as well.


10 Baked Fish with Bread Crumbs

Baked Fish with bread crumbs is all you need to have in case if you are visiting Mumbai and you are a fish lover also. The crispy dish is simply delicious in taste. The bread crumbs added in the dish gives it a crispy touch and amazing look as well.


11 Batter Fried Fish Tacos

Fish tacos are simply amazing. Nothing can beat the taste of the tacos. The fish tacos depend upon the fish category. But the addition of lots of veggies and lemon juice enhances the taste of the dish.


12 Lobster Thermidor with Coconut Milk

Lobster Thermidor with coconut milk is all you need to have, as the addition of coconut milk gives the dish an amazing look and taste as well. The dish is well garnished with chopped coriander leaves and parsley leaves as well. It is always served with mix vegetable pulao.


13 Rava Fried Fish Mumbai Style

In Mumbai-style of cooking, rava fried fish is coated with rava mixture which is full of spices and butter. The dish is simply scrumptious in taste. It is served in plate along with ketchup or green chutney.


14 Battered John Dory

The name is enough to tell the taste of the dish. Battered John Dory is simply scrumptious in taste as you can’t afford to miss this yummy dish. The dish is served with lemon slices and green chutney.


15 Fish Curry Mumbai Style

Fish curry Mumbai-style is a very yummy dish and the specialty of this dish is the addition of pav bhaji masala in the dish. The pav bhaji masala added in the fish curry not only enhances its taste and aroma but also makes the dish spicy as well. The dish is simply scrumptious.


16 Fish Fried Rice Mumbai Style

Fish fried rice Mumbai Style is very spicy biryani. The dish is very famous in Mumbai as “macchi” is very famous there. The fish is cut into small pieces and then added to the dish. Lots of vegetables are also in the dish. The dish is garnished with butter and finely chopped coriander leaves.


17 Mumbai Fish Fry

Mumbai fish fry is a very famous snack of Navi Mumbai. The dish is famous for its spicy content. The dish is full of spices. The taste of the dish is simply out of the world. You can’t afford to miss such a dish. The dish is very scrumptious in taste.


18 Mumbai Mackerel Fish Fry

The dish, Mumbai Mackerel fish fry is a very yummy dish. Deep fried mackerel is dipped in tangy gravy. Also, the serving part of the dish is very good. The dish is first garnished with green chutney and then served. The people of Mumbai are huge fan of this amazing and scrumptious dish. The dish has mouth watering quality.


19 Fish Curry with Coconut Milk

Fish curry with coconut milk is a creamy gravy dish. The dish is very famous in Mumbai. The creamy texture of the dish is very special, and the spicy, tangy touch given to the dish is simply amazing. The coconut milk enhances its taste and look as well. It gives Marathi dish a South Indian touch. The dish is simply scrumptious.   


20 Fish Soup with Salmon

The addition of salmon in the soup makes it tastier. You can have simple fish soup with salmon but in case if you want to make your soup tasty then add roasted vegetables in it. The addition of roasted vegetables enhances the taste of the soup and gives it an amazing look also. The dish is well garnished with coriander leaves.