Top 20 Food Places Which Are Hidden Gems In Kolkata

There are various unknown restaurants in different parts of this vast metropolis. There are these hidden gems of delicious food in the city of Kolkata. We have listed these hidden gems



Paramount is one of the sherbet shops in the heart of the city of joy that has been loved by buyers for generations. This shop in the Central College Street area has been a favorite with sherbet lovers for over 100 years. So many different types of items are here, including the dub sherbet, green mango, vanilla malai, pineapple, passion fruit, etc., that cannot be finished. Once upon a time, iconic Bengali superstars Mahanayak Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen also used to have sherbet from this shop. Even Sourav Ganguly’s favorite sherbet center is this Paramount.


2. Raj’s Spanish Café

Amidst all the ‘aesthetic’ cafés opening up everywhere, with the same Bohemian theme, almost the same color palette, and Instagram corners, this café was such a refreshing change. There ain’t many places that serve brick-oven pizzas in Kolkata, making this a good point of attraction. Every dish at the café is reasonably priced. To recommended dishes are Cappuccino, Latte, Lasagna, Spinach Cannelloni, and Double Cheese Margherita.

2.Rajs Spanish Cafe

3. Hungry Tide

You will get the Spanish Paella at very few places in Kolkata. Hungry Tide is one of them and probably they are the first to make this dish in this city favorite in the four branches, one at Hindustan Park, Saltlake, Chinar Park, and the other at Dhakuria. The portion is enormous and filled with prawns, bacon, sausages, and whatnot. It’s my absolute favorite from here, goes very well with the Hawaiian Salad.

3.Mad Hatters

4. Mad Hatter’s

A place where tranquility resides, a place where you can relax and enjoy fresh food. Here the salads, burgers, and drinks are all made with fresh ingredients. When most of the eateries in Kolkata are cramped up and filled with noise this place is an abode of peace and tranquility. Their menu is specially set for summer and mainly included soups and salads and mocktails that will provide soothing relief in this sweltering heat.

4.Mad Hatters

5. Sree Hari

An iconic Bengali Sweet Shop serving for the last 110+ years in South Kolkata has over 50 guests seating capacity, well-known among the residents for serving all-day-long authentic Bengali Breakfast, Radhaballavi & Chholar Daal. Don’t forget to try Lyangcha and Mishti Doi after the meal on your next visit.

5.Sree Hari

6. Maharaj

The best place to have some kachori and jalebi for breakfast. The shop is very hygienic according to the street side shop. They have a huge variety of menus available apart from Kachori, Tea, and Jalebi.


7. Tibetan Delight

Awesome authentic Chinese and Tibetan Delightful cuisine, located in a hidden bylane by the Rabindra Sadan Metro Station. The location reminds of secret Chinese temples with a mysterious aura, with a dark dimly lit, red atmosphere, with Chinese lanterns and decorations. One of the tastiest places where we can enjoy momos and thukpas.

7.Basanta Cabin

8. Basanta Cabin

One of the old Cabins of Kolkata, situated on College Street. A very nice place for a quick and filling bite. Chinese, North Indian, Chicken Dishes, and a lot of other dishes are available. Kabiraji and moglai are the signature dishes here. If you want to experience good quality food at a low price then this is a very good option for you.

8..Tibetan Delight

9. Codfather

A small pub’ish restaurant near Lake View Road. The ambiance and decor of this place are pretty cool n chique. This is a cozy joint that serves good fish n chips along with some other nibbles.


10. Tung Nam

This is a classic old-style Chinese eating house that serves age-old Cantonese delicacies catering. Once you walk in, the feeling of entering a Chinese tea house sets right in. Red tables with plastic chairs all around and people munching away on dumplings and bowls of noodles. The aroma of fish sauce and fermentation fills the air to provide a perfect setting for a delicious Chinese meal. The Yaam Wontons, Pork Ham Choi Rice & Chicken in Hamei Sauce happen to be some of their most unique dishes that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in this city.

10.Tung Nam

11. Allen Kitchen

Allen Kitchen is over a 100 years old establishment in Shovabazaar and they have some unique specialties of their own. The must-try has to be their Prawn Cutlet which is undoubtedly the best in the city, the meat steaks are unique.

11.Allen Kitchen

12. Bachan’s Dhaba

Bachan’s Dhaba is a Casual Dining located in Kalighat, Kolkata. It specializes in North Indian cuisine. Also, it is one of the top kebab places in Kolkata. Stick to the menu regulars such as chicken bharta, kababs, tadka dal with or without anda, kheema mattar and lassi, and one will not be disappointed.

12.Bachans Dhaba

13. Kusum’s Roll

Kusum’s is the most famous Kathi Roll Joint in Kolkata. The shop is exactly near Park street metro. They serve a vast variety of Rolls, Veg, Chicken, Mutton, and more. Here, all rolls are very famous but still, Egg Liver Roll is the best and special and very unique option that you can get here. You can also customize the spice and dressing levels.

13.Kusums Roll

14. Zam Zam

For biryani lovers Zamzam restaurant is truly bliss. This place will never disappoint you as far as the Mughlai dishes are concerned and especially the biryani for which it is quite famous. The flavors, and the aroma is just perfect. You need to try this place out if you have already.

14.Zam Zam

15. Madras Tiffin

One of the oldest and most loved South Indian restaurants in North Calcutta. Once you reach the place, the menu will promise you of offering you tasty food as there are plenty of varieties. The food justifies the same. If you are looking for a wholesome South Indian meal at a reasonable price, Madras Tiffin is quite ideal. They maintain hygiene properly and serve tasty food in a jiffy.

15.Madras Tiffin

16. Saptapadi

This is such a restaurant that will satisfy your treat with Bengali cuisine. One of the finest restaurants which serve Bengali delicacies. They have an amazing nostalgic ambiance with pictures of Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen on all the walls along with the couple’s movie songs playing in the background. They serve mesmerizing fusion Bengali dishes along with some of their signature items. Their Kolkata bhetki fry, misti polao, and kosha mangsho are a must-try. All their thalis have really good items having a fabulous taste.


17. Dilkhush

This cabin is around 110 years old and still has that old vibe. It is a heritage place, serving delicious food for ages at a very reasonable price. The taste is typical street style and the combinations go well. They specialize in Kabiraji , Cutlets, etc. Try their egg-chicken fried rice or chowmein with their Chilli Chicken which has a light-runny gravy with soft chicken pieces.


18. Royal needs no introduction

This iconic heritage restaurant is located at Burrabazar. Comes to the food their biryani comes without any potatoes, but it tastes amazing. The aroma and blend of spices will satiate you the moment it is served on the table. Their rumali roti and mutton chaap are also a must-try. Don’t forget to try their phirni.

18.Royal needs no introduction

19. Putiram

Putiram is one sweet shop in Kolkata that is also famous for its salty and tangy snacks, just as it is for sweets. For generations, it has tickled the taste buds of sweet-loving Bengalis with its salty preparations. From Dalpuri, chholar daal to kochuri, this shop is visited daily by hundreds of college students and those who work in and around College Street.


20. Kwality Restaurant

Kwality is less of a name and more of a brand in the Park Street neighborhood. Famous for its north Indian, Mughlai, and Continental cuisine. You may like pindi chana, kulcha, chickpea batura, chicken bharta, fish worli, naan, Chicken Tetrazzini, Stuffed Tangdi & Mutton Burrah Kebab.

20.Kwality Restaurant