Top 20 Food Spots In Kankavli

top 20 food spots in kankali

Any journey becomes easier when you have a guide with good knowledge. It is fortunate to have a knowledgeable person as a guide. This guide should be able to tell you the spots to visit. With that, he should also know the best place to eat. We are here doing a similar job for you. If you are traveling to travel to Maharashtra shortly, this article can be helpful for you. We are discussing the top 20 food spots in Kankavli in this article. Kankavli is one of the tourist spots in Maharashtra. It portrays the rich Marathi culture differently.

1. Hotel Trifal

The majority of people come to Maharashtra desiring to eat lots of seafood. Hotel Trifal is the best place if you are coming with a seafood desire. Hotel Trifal comes first among the top 20 food spots in Kankavli because of the varied cuisines they offer. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant that specializes in Malvani seafood.

1.Hotel Trifal

2. Hotel City Spice

Hotel City Spice serves tasty food at a very affordable price. Majorly, people know them for their Chicken recipes. They have chicken recipes like Chicken Kebab, Chicken Biryani, and Chicken Pahadi Kebab. Visitors say they serve good quality food at a low price.

2.Hotel City Spice

3. Hotel MH 07

Hotel MH O7 is good in serving traditional, North Indian, South Indian, and Chinese food. They are well versed in all these cuisines. It is a good place for all vegetarians. The food here is a bit expensive but quite worthy.

3.Hotel MH 07

4. Sindhudurg Kinara

In the fourth place of the top 20 food spots in Kankavli, we have Sindhudurg Kinara. It is one of the branches of Sindhudurg Kinara operating in Thane, Mumbai. Many people come to Sindhudurg Kinara Kankavli to try the food in its other branches.

4.Sindhudurg Kinara

5. NH 66 Food Garage

NH 66 Food garage is a garage-themed restaurant. Mostly, they serve Mumbai-style Punjabi food in Kankavli. The Hotel stands tall on the Mumbai Goa national highway. They serve almost all the cuisines in a very delightful manner.

5.NH 66 Food Garage

6. Sara’s Café Restaurant

Sara’s Café Restaurant is in the top 20 food spots in Kankavli because of its delicious Italian servings. Reviewers say that they serve good Italian food. You can eat a good burger and go in for a nice drink at Sara’s Café Restaurant. They are good at traditional food too.

6.Saras Cafe Restaurant

7. Hotel Mint leaf Multicuisine Restaurant

Hotel Mint leaf Multicuisine Restaurant is another good food in low price restaurant. They serve a very soft and juicy butter garlic Naan. Reviewers say that the hotel serves the best curries to go with the Naan. They even suggest trying the veg dishes Hotel Mint leaf Multicuisine Restaurant serves.

7.Hotel Mint leaf Multicuisine Restaurant

8. Friendzone Café

More than a hotel, it is a café. They serve a single slice of Pizza, burgers, Mojitos, and other snacks in their café. Teenagers occupy this cafe most of the time. You can celebrate birthdays here. Also, they have got a great chicken burger in Kankavli.

8.Friendzone cafe

9. Hotel Manjunath

Hotel Manjunath is a low-cost high-class restaurant. They serve a good south Indian breakfast. The main course includes different thalis. This system is very prominent in Maharashtra. Reviewers firmly suggest trying their Khurma Poori and Sabhudana Wada. Some reviewers even hold to a second thought about the cleanliness of the hotel.

9.Hotel Manjunath

10. Nukkad Restaurant

In the tenth place of the top 20 food spots in Kankavli, we are adding the Nukkad Restaurant. People here have a fine dining experience. They have got good food and a great atmosphere for spending family time. They specialize in Mughlai and North Indian Food. They bring dishes from the streets of Mumbai to Kankavli.

10.Nukkad Restaurant

11. Hotel Masoli

The name itself means fish. They serve authentic Malvani-style fish thali to their customers. They have fishes like Surmai, Prawns, Bangda, Pomplet, Etc. on their menu. Reviewers say they have the best Konkani dishes all around the place. They even have Chicken and Mutton options on the menu. However, they specialize in fried fish thalis.

Surmai Masala Fry Thali

12. Chicken Place

The chicken place is a great place to eat chicken dishes in Kankavli. They have 4.5 ratings in terms of taste. Talking about the menu, they have a wide variety of Chicken rolls, Chicken Kebab, Chicken Crispy, Chicken lollipops, etc. They serve all the dishes fresh and hot. They even have a home delivery option. Hence, we include them in the top 20 food spots in Kankavli.

12.Chicken Place

13. Shreyas Family Restaurant

Shreyas Family Restaurant is a good spot for North Indian and Chinese foods. They serve good North Indian, Maharashtrian, and Chinese dishes. The prices of these dishes are very affordable. The taste of the food has five-star ratings. Furthermore, it is a good family restaurant with takeaway and delivery services.

13.Shreyas Family Restaurant

14. Stuff Café

Next on the list, we have Stuff Café. Stuff café serves snacks, fast food, and Biryani. They have a good variety of Biryanis present on their menu. Specifically, people know this place because of the pizzas and biryani. Coming to pizzas, they serve different types of pizzas with varied toppings to the customers. Stuff Cafe is a good place for our western food lovers.

14.Stuff Cafe

15. Nikhil Lunch Home

Nikhil Lunch Home serves delicious seafood and chicken plates. They have dishes like prawn curry, dried fish, kombdi wade, chicken plate, Biryani, Bhakari, Etc. on their menu. The prices here are a little high. Reviewers say that the prices are worth it. The service of the place is commendable and worth experiencing.

15.Nikhil Lunch Home

16. Hotel Upper Deck

Hotel Upper Deck is equivalent to a five-star restaurant in Kankavli. They have a good ambiance and a garden restaurant which serves good food. Likely, Hotel Upper Deck specializes in seafood and Authentic Konkani and Malvani foods. They have different cuisines like Punjabi, Indian, Tandoori, and Non-veg Thalis on their menu.

16.Hotel Upper Deck

17. Hotel Vishranti

Hotel Vishranti is a reliable name in the industry as they aim to deliver their best to the customers. Hotel Vishranti comes under moderate restaurants in Kankavli and has received 4.0 ratings from its customers. The servers provide all-day dining services to their customers.  Furthermore, they serve good quality food at an average rate of Rs.750 for two.

17.Hotel Vishranti

18. One Bite Kankavli

One Bite has Multiple branches around Sindhudurg. Their branch in Kankavli is no different than their other branches.  One Bite is a multi-cuisine snack corner. They have a good reach among the youngsters. Lastly, the café has a very decorative interior and music to create a relaxing mood.

18.One Bite Kankavli

19. Hotel Amantran

Hotel Amantran is a very local yet one of the great hotels in Kankavli. They are present near Wagade Grampanchayat. They have a Buffet style serving. Their specialty is fried fish and Authentic Maharashtrian Breakfast. Also, they serve dishes like Misal, Pohe, Sheera, Usal, Kombdi Wade, and Fried fish. Hotel Amantran is a good family restaurant in the top 20 food spots in Kankavli.

19.Hotel Amantran

20. Café Perk

Last on the top 20 food spots in Kankavli, we have café Perk. It is a snack bar in Kankavli. However, people also list it in coffee shops, restaurants, Pizza outlets, and Fast-food corners. Cafe Perk is one of the trusted food spots in Kankavli. Also, they have a delightful interior with plenty of choices of food for the customers.

20.Cafe Perk