Top 20 Foods To Explore In Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

Top 20 Foods To Explore In Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

Cherrapunji, also known as “Sohra” or “Churra,” is located in the East Khasi hills of Meghalaya at an average elevation of 1430 meters. Cherrapunji, with its rich culture and tradition, lush and diverse vegetation is a famous tourist destination. Cherrapunji is also known as the “Land of Oranges.” Rice is the staple food of Cherrapunji, thus becoming an essential ingredient of many famous town dishes such as Jadoh, Pork Rice, and many more. The period from October to February is considered the perfect time to visit the city as the weather during this period remains pleasant with light rainfall.

1.Pork Rice

Pork Rice is quite popular among the locals of Cherrapunji. It is being prepared with leftover rice, ground pork, a couple of eggs and frozen vegetables. This delicious dish is being prepared quickly without much effort and is served immediately.



The scrumptious Jadoh is one of the most popular dishes of the Khasi cuisine. The main ingredients of Jadoh include rice and meat, and it takes time to prepare this dish. Jadoh acts as a Biryani for the Meghalayan community.


3.Rice Beer

Rice Beer is a famous drink in the town. It is a must to have this drink at celebrations and ceremonies. The beverage is a cultural mark of North East India’s rich and diverse culture and contains alcohol on an average of 12-13%.


4.Pork Momos

Pork Momos is another delicious dish of Cherrapunji. Pork Momos were found originally in Tibet and Northern China but now they are enjoyed worldwide. The main ingredients of Pork Momos include water, white flour, and oil. Serving Pork Momos with Thupka soup or chutney adds richness and flavor to the dish.


5.Sohra Pulao

Sohra Pulao is a spicy dish cooked in vegetables and oil. This dish is popular in the locality of Cherrapunji. It is a go to dish of all time for many people. If you are a vegetarian, then Sohra Pulao is made for you.


6.Fish Thali

Fish Thali is one of the street foods of Cherrapunji. The thali consists of fish curry, fried fish and rice. You can take pleasure of this delicious meal at cheap prices.


7.Pork Chow Mein

Noodles are our all the time go to street food while traveling. If you love noodles, Pork Chow Mein is the one for you. Pork Chow Mein ingredients include fried crispy egg noodles, Pork, vegetables and chow mein sauce.


8.Garlic Pork Bites

The delicious Garlic Pork Bites are hard to resist dish. These are cubed-sized pork chops dipped in creamy garlic sauce. Garnishing with Parsley and lemon slices adds flavor to the plate.


9.Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork is an American barbecue dish made from pork shoulder and pantry spices. This tempting dish can be served as a burger or between bread with nachos, tamales, and tacos. If you are looking for a dish like a burger or sandwich, then this is a go-to dish for you.


10.Mixed American Chopsuey

Mixed American Chopsuey is a dish that originated in America. This dish consists of crispy noodles fried in vegetables and sauce.


11.Doh – Khlieh

Doh –Khlieh is a salad dish made from a pig’s head and brain. It is the traditional dish of Cherrapunji which is mixed in onion, ginger, and seasonings. This Khasi dish is a famous recipe of Cherrapunji that must be tried at least for once.



Pukhlein is a tempting sweet dish of the town. This is a vegetarian dish to try out in town. The main ingredients of Pukhlein include jaggery and rice powder. Are you looking for a dessert after a delicious meal? Then Pukhlein is one for you.


13.Pork Fry

Pork Fry is another dish to try out in Cherrapunji. The spicy Pork Fry is easy to prepare. Just cook the diced Pork with spices in a cooker and then enjoy it with whole more spices. You should definitely try it if you love spicy food.


14.Pork Spring Rolls

Pork Spring Roll is another dish prepared from Pork. Want to eat some fast food? Then this dish best suits your requirement. Just prepare the filling to be filled inside the roll and roll it in white flour dough and fry it. Serving Pork spring rolls with chili sauce is a way to relish the dish.


15.Pork Thali

Are you looking for a complete meal in Cherrapunji? Then Pork Thali is the way for you. Items served in Pork thali are Bhaat, Dry green leafy vegetables, Daal, Khaar, Bhaaji, Torkari, Fish curry, Meat or Chicken, chutney, and achar.


16.Pork Curry

Pork curry is a dish to try out for dinner. As the name suggests, Pork is the main ingredient of the dish which is mixed with some ginger, onion, chili and some spices to add flavor to the curry.


17.Chicken Momos

Momos is the all-time favorite fast food of kids and adults. Chicken Momos are a must to-go if you want to enjoy momos in Cherrapunji. The dumpling is filled with boiled chicken, ginger, salt, and onion. The aroma and taste of Chicken momos are irresistible.


18.Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka is a dish similar to paneer tikka. Small pieces of boneless chicken are grilled over angeethi. You can try out Chicken Tikka as a starter for dinner or lunch.


19.Pork Masala

As Pork is the main ingredient of many popular dishes in Cherrapunji, one of the dishes prepared from Pork is Pork Masala. Although this dish takes time to get cooked, its flavor and deliciousness will make anyone wait for it. To make Pork Masala, Pork is cooked in oil with onion, garlic, curd, and some spices.


20.Pork Manchurian

Pork Manchurian is again a famous dish of Cherrapunji. You can try Pork Manchurian with Pork fried rice to make a delicious combination. Pork Manchurian ingredients include Pork, chili sauce, ginger, garlic, onion and some spices to increase the dish’s richness.