Top 20 Foods To Make At Home For Navratri

top 20 foods to make at home for navratri

The Navratri festival is celebrated all over India.  In each section of India, the approach and methods of celebration are varied and unique. During the Navratri festival in North and Western India, nine days of fasting and vrat are honored; Durga Puja is a widely recognized event in Bengal and other regions of Eastern India & observed with tremendous magnificence;

1. Sama Chawal Khichdi

Samvat rice khichdi recipe—spicy porridge made with barnyard millet and potatoes;

Sama Chawal Khichdi.

2. Kuttu Ki Khichdi

Buckwheat khichdi is a simple-to-prepare khichdi made with buckwheat groats (kuttu), potatoes, and peanuts for the Navratri fast.

Kuttu Ki Khichdi

3. Sonth Ki Chutney

A great accompaniment to your regular pakoda or bhajji, or even your vrat-friendly snacks; You could eat it with dahi Bhalla all the time. This Navratri vrat chutney makes you fall in love.

Sonth Ki Chutney

4. Sabudana Thalipeeth

Sabudana thalipeeth are crispy and delicate pancakes made with tapioca pearls, mashed potatoes, ground peanuts, and herbs. They are called Upvasache Thalipeeth in the Marathi language and may also be known as Sabudana roti.

Sabudana Thalipeeth

5. Rajgira Roti 

Rajgira roti or rajgira paratha could be a healthy gluten-free flatbread made with rajgira atta or amaranth flour for Hindu fasting days.

Rajgira Roti

6. Vrat Ki Dahi Arbi

It’s wholesome and protein. Arbi is a high-fiber food that is beneficial to healthy digestive function. It is both lights and filling on the stomach. Although this dahi arbi is simple to prepare, it is tasty. There are no onions or garlic in this dish. You can make it vegan by using cashew yogurt instead of ordinary yogurt.

Vrat Ki Dahi Arbi

7. Vrat Ki Kadhi

Vart Kadhi is a quick and easy kadhi dish that merely takes 15 mins to make. Instead of besan (gram flour), used while making traditional kadhis, amaranth flour; Sama pulao, Kuttu ki khichdi, sama khichdi, plain sama rice, or Rajgira paratha, Kuttu ka paratha.

Vrat Ki Kadhi

8. Arbi Curry

Arbi curry, or arbi masala recipe, maybe a light North Indian curry made with colocasia or cocoyam. It’s nutritious and protein.

Arbi Curry

9. Kaddu Ki Sabji 

Kaddu ki Sabji recipe is an easy and delicious vegan pumpkin recipe made with yellow pumpkin, whole spices, and herbs;  This is often a satvik recipe made without onions and garlic.

Kaddu Ki Sabji

10. Vrat Ke Jeera Aloo

A lot of the Fasting dishes are simple and fast to cook; On fasting days, some spices are not allowed; You do not have to cut onions, garlic, or other vegetables. As a result, fasting food is not only easier to prepare but also to digest. Simple and delicious jeera aloo for fasting or Navratri vrat;

Vrat Ke Jeera Aloo

11. Khatta Meetha Kaddu

This sweet-sour pumpkin is one of the easiest sabzi recipes made with kaddu or pumpkin. The sourness comes from dry mango powder & the sweetness comes from sugar/jaggery.

Khatta Meetha Kaddu

12. Aoo Tamatar Sabzi

This Aloo tamatar ki sabzi recipe is a straightforward, lightly seasoned curry made with potatoes and tomatoes.

Aoo Tamatar Sabzi

13. Banana Kofta

Crisp, spiced, pan-fried patties made with raw unripe bananas and aloo;

Banana Kofta

14. Vrat Ki Aloo Chaat

Aloo chaat recipe—a little zesty, savory, and crisp potato chaat. Overhead shot of a bowlful of homemade seasoned spuds with dipping sauces.

Vrat Ki Aloo Chaat

15. Fries Recipe

French-fried potatoes are perfectly crispy on the outside and dotty on the inside; With a few techniques, you can easily make these homemade fries or finger-chip recipes and customize them with your favorite seasonings, tangs, or toppings;


16. Farali Patty

Farali patty is a simple snack made with a crispy and engaging potato patty filled with a sweet filling of coconut, nuts, and raisins. This dish is from Gujarati cuisine and is made fast.

Farali Patty

17. Aloo Tuk

Aloo Tuk may be a popular Sindhi snack of crispy, fried, and spiced potato slices. The potato slices are double fried to make them extra crispy. This dish makes for a simple tea-time snack or an entremet jointly with your favorite North Indian meal. Recipes for potato chips and potato wafers;

Aloo Tuk

18. Sabudana Chips

Crunchy & delicious, these tasty sabudana chips are made at home;

Sabudana chips

19. Vrat Ka Palak Pakora

Vrat ke palak pakora recipe spinach pakora made during fasting with buckwheat flour and spinach;

Vrat Ka Palak Pakora

20. Falhari Lauki Kuttu Pakora

Vrat ke pakora, or kuttu pakoras, are deep-fried fritters made with buckwheat flour, mashed bottle ground, roasted peanuts, and dry pomegranate powder; It serves green chutney.

Falhari Lauki Kuttu Pakora