Top 20 Handmade Pasta Brands

top 20 handmade pasta brands

DITCH THE STORE-BOUGHT KIND; FRESH, PASTA IS WHERE IT IS AT. Even though it is being altered to suit local tastes in many different nations, pasta is a dish that is enjoyed by everyone. However, even in major cities, it might be not easy to find authentic Italian cuisine in most eateries. But don’t worry; we, were able to track down a few restaurants in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore that have mastered the artisanal pasta craze and would only provide you with the authentic Italian flavor.

1. Cacio E Pepe Bandra

Home chef Apeksha Agarwal’s pasta factory dishes out the cutest and most exciting shapes of pasta. From the deep pink beetroot-infused ricotta ravioli to the lush green Tortelli Verdi Piacentini, or classic bundles of tagliatelle or melt-in-your-mouth gnocchi. Cacio E Pepe offers some of the most diverse shapes and varieties of pasta, as well as focaccia, sauces, cantuccini and amaretti, crostatas and more. They refresh their menu each week so keep yourself updated via their Instagram page @cacioepepeindia.

1.Cacio E Pepe Bandra

2. Piccoli’s Khar

Piccoli’s makes tiny batches of delicious Italian staples; whether, it is homemade pasta sauces like pesto or arrabbiata, and even classic desserts like tiramisu. They do stuff and unstuffed pasta, and you can even pick out a color, like you can get a deep pink by selecting adding beetroot to your dough or green with spinach or other herbs. Sauces, veggies, and meats are also available to add-on. It is a one-stop Italian food shopping experience.

2. Piccolis Khar

3. Sorrentina Honestly Italian, Marol

From fresh pasta to DIY Pizza, sauces, snacks, and more, Sorrentina has got your back! This Italian pantry makes a Caramalised Onion Tortellini, four cheese ravioli, fettuccine, spaghetti, and more. You can get them delivered home, but they are also available at your nearest FoodHall.

3. Sorrentina Honestly Italian Marol

4. Mag St. Café, Colaba

You may have already eaten their ideally al dente pasta at their Colaba outpost, but they also sell fresh pasta in their retail section of the cafe for you to take home to recreate the restaurant magic. Usually, they have freshly rolled taglierini, fettuccine, and pappardelle in stock. You can also order it straight home.

4. Mag St. Cafe Colaba

5. Cin Cin, BKC

Cin Cin’s food and drinks menu is a vibe, and you already know that. If you want to recreate the delicious magic at home, you can order raw pasta made from scratch by the team by calling online on swiggy or Zomato. Better yet, you can call them directly to place an order. Plus, they can also, sort you out with their packaged sauces to ease up the process.

5.Cin Cin BKC

6. Tocco, Chennai

They offer choices including spinach and quinoa ravioli with a cream cheese filling and activated charcoal raviolis, in addition to trying custom orders. In addition to fresh pasta that is already being cooked, Tocco also sells DIY pasta boxes that include prepared ravioli, sauce, and parmesan cheese.

6. Tocco Chennai

7. The Artisanal Pasta Company, Bengaluru

The Artisanal Pasta Company, founded by Harshit Garg in June, is located in Bengaluru. It does not get any better than learning to cook in Italy from a friend’s grandmother how to make fresh pasta. He is particular to include fresh garnishes with his deliveries so that customers can fully enjoy a meal that is just being prepared.

7.The Artisanal Pasta Company Bengaluru

8. Con Amore, Bengaluru

Con Amore, established in May by Vaishnavi Biyani, is another home kitchen in the city. They make naturally colored pasta in a rainbow of colors: red, purple, orange, green, and yellow. They make several pasta dishes with herbs; examples include thyme fettuccine and pepper & paprika tagliatelle. They also provide weekly menus.

8.Con Amore Bengaluru

9. Casarecce, Delhi

Based in Punjabi Bagh, Casarecce Artisanal Pasta is renowned for its distinctive, vibrant, and mouth-watering homemade pasta! This brand makes pasta using traditional techniques and combines it with flavors from around the world and the best grains from India, which is being lovingly cultivated. The company works with various grains and flours, including native millet, rice, quinoa, whole wheat, semolina, and Emmer wheat flour, to name a few. The Sriracha Fusilli, which they produce by fermenting their red chillies for the sriracha and mixing them into the dough, is one of their best-selling products.

9.Casarecce Delhi

10. Pasta Dal Cuore, Gurgaon

Gurgaon-based Pasta Dal Cuore offers monthly menus. Ayesha Seksaria, an Amazon producer by day and a pasta maker by love, launched this home kitchen in June. Additionally, she completed an Italian pasta-making school, and now she only sells handmade pasta. The beauty of Pasta Dal Cuore is that no two portions will ever be identical.

10. Pasta Dal Cuore Gurgaon

11. Mia Cuccina, Powai

Mia Cucina is a perfect spot to go on a date, spend time with friends and family, or even treat yourself to a delicious Italian meal. An extensive selection of pasta, risottos, and pizzas are available at Mia Cucina. You will be overwhelmed by the variety of Antipasti, Cicchetti, Pizzas, Entrees, Homemade Pasta, Authentic Risottos, and a well-curated collection of Classic Desserts. The portions are pretty enormous, so try not to let your excitement get you.

11.Mia Cuccina Powai

12. Mezzo Mezzo, Juhu

One of Mumbai’s most renowned fine dining establishments is this Italian restaurant. Everything about it, from the ambiance to the services, exudes the height of sophistication and lives up to the JW Marriot brand. You can make the ideal mood by pairing hand-rolled pasta with a herb-scented salad and a fine European wine.

12.Mezzo Mezzo Juhu

13. Olive Bar & Kitchen, New Delhi

Visitors are being greeted by a white-pebbled courtyard, a beautiful banyan tree, and other outdoor dining options at this former home. Chef Dhruv Oberoi creates delectable European and Mediterranean cuisine using the best seasonal ingredients. Their homemade pasta come in unique shapes that are difficult to find on store shelves. We heartily recommend the Aglio e Olio, Tortellini loaded with goat cheese in a brown butter sauce with leafy greens, and Alle Genovese prepared in a pesto sauce with seasonal beans from Olive Bar & Kitchen.

13.Olive Bar Kitchen New Delhi

14. Our Pasta Lab, Delhi

Our Pasta Lab, a weekend home kitchen in Delhi is led by a husband-and-wife chef team, providing handcrafted artisanal pasta and freshly made sauces. Nothing is more satisfying than a hearty serving of flavorful, fresh pasta. Right? So, instead of ordering processed pasta, we recommend that you get this if you want to surprise your family by cooking Italian or if you want to have a weekend chill session with pals. The cooks frequently alter the menu, which makes it more fascinating. Examples include eggless semolina fettuccine, spinach & ricotta ravioli, chicken cheese ravioli, and more. Once you experience their menu, we are sure you will not want to go anywhere else.

14. Our Pasta Lab Delhi

15. Cafe Dali, New Delhi

Ingenious pasta recipes will now be enjoyed in the convenience of our homes thanks to Café Dali. For you to prepare and enjoy fresh pasta and organic sauces, they make them and transport them to your home. With this idea, you can cook your pasta as you like, add as much or as little sauce as you like, and top the dish off with whichever toppings you like.

15.Cafe Dali New Delhi

16. Salt Water Café, Bandra

It would be best if you looked no further than this restaurant for simple, timeless flavours like the Bacon and Spaghetti Carbonara, laden with bacon, or the Tomato, Olives, and Garlic Pasta with Smoked Chili and Olive Oil. A slow-cooked mushroom ragu with gochujang, which gives the dish heat, spice, and a tinge of sweetness, is one of the Asian-inspired Italian meals they serve. You should try The Spicy XO Sauce and Hand Cut Pappardelle, if you enjoy prawns.

16.Salt Water Cafe Bandra

17. Soufflé S’il Vous Plaît, Churchgate

Despite being based on a French restaurant, this SoBo eatery also makes some excellent homemade pasta. Visit them for their creamy Braised Lamb Ragout Pasta with tomato sauce, black olives, rosemary, button mushrooms, and parmesan, or try their tomato ragout with olives, and mushrooms, broccoli, and parmesan. You need to order a glass of wine to go with your dinner.

17.Soufflé Sil Vous Plaît Churchgate

18. Vetro, The Oberoi, Marine Drive

The handmade pasta served at Vetro is prepared to utilise some of the season’s freshest ingredients. Fresh ingredients are being highlighted in the Burrata Fazzoletti, served with candied tomatoes, asparagus, and pecorino cheese. Executive chef Satbir Bakshi recommends the umami-delightful Truffle Tagliatelle with Pancetta.

18.Vetro The Oberoi Marine Drive

19. The Table, Colaba

Pasta cooked in-house with fresh ingredients is a staple dish at this Mumbai institution, and it lives up to its reputation. Our all-time favorites are the Provencal Lamb Ragout with Pappardelle Pasta and the delicious Taglierini Pasta with a black truffle paste. Another dish that hits with the crowd is the burrata ravioli with fresh basil pesto, brown butter vinaigrette, and a sprinkle of pine nuts.

19. The Table Colaba

20. La Pôz Place, Mumbai

Pasta is cooked in-house using imported Italian durum wheat flour at this modest vegetarian restaurant in Kala Ghoda. Their menu has tasty dishes like Activated Charcoal Ravioli with Roasted Pumpkin, Asparagus in Brown Butter, Gnocchi in Aubergine Puree with Sage Butter, Tortellini filled with Truffle Oil and Green Pea in Smoked Herb Sauce, or Lasagne with Spicy Mushroom Ragout in Pomodoro Sauce.

20.La Poz Place Mumbai