Top 20 Hangouts Restaurant In Nagaland

Top 20 Hangouts Restaurant In Nagaland
Top 20 Hangouts Restaurant In Nagaland

Nagaland is one of the mountainous and smallest states in India. Its capital city is Kohima. The largest city in Nagaland is Dimapur. The primary source of the economy of Nagaland is Agriculture. Apart from that, tourism, forestry, and others are the sources of the economy. This State has a largely monsoon climate. Summer is the shorter season which lasts only for a few months only. The frost is widespread on winter days, but snowfall is rare as not many states can witness the snowfall. It’s home to exciting festivals and markets celebrating different cultures. One of the most exciting things (Tourists, get excited about Nagaland is the event called “Hornbill International Music Festival”) conducted in the last month of the year (December).In that, all locals, as well as other music bands, are allowed. Let see some of the best hangout places like restaurants in Nagaland.

The topmost hangouts restaurant in Nagaland which comes under the top ‘20s are:-

1 Ruby Cafe 

This café is one of the best hangout places in (Dimapur) Nagaland. This café will give you a feeling of home as it is a small cozy café. Many visitors liked the lovely décor of that café. This café is best sells the coffee which most visitors like. Apart from that, it also serves varieties of food and drinks. The café opens at ten in the morning and closes till eleven at night.

Ruby Cafe

2 Imperial Dine

If you plan to hang out with your family and friends for lunch, dinner then this Imperial dine is the best place. It is located in Dimapur, Nagaland and the timings of this restaurant are morning ten till night eight. This restaurant has a variety of food items on the menu ranging from Thai, Chinese, and Indian. The visitors also gave feedback that Indian foods are delicious in this imperial to dine.

Imperial Dine

3 Ili-Ah Restaurant

Many people love to visit or hang out in a place where they can get a good scenery view. The people mostly look for those place where they can get fresh air, water scenery. If you are the one who loves scenery views, then this ILI-Ah restaurant of Nagaland is best to visit. You can also get a feel of homey there. In addition to that, the foods which are available there very good.

Mostly it is known for great Indian foods and the homely décor. Some of the visitors also said that the service provided at this restaurant is good.

ILI AH restaurant

4 Tibetan Canteen

This is also located in Dimapur, Nagaland but the time it is open differ for some days. The opening time on Friday is 11 A.M. and the rest of the days it opens on average on 10 A.M. but the closing time is fixed at five in the evening. This is a small canteen, but most people love this because of the taste in the foods. Some of the foods available in this canteen are delicious Momo, Thukpa (An Nepali’s food) and others.

Tibetan canteen

5 Rusoki’s Kitchen

This Rusoki’s kitchen is located in ADC court (Also known as court Chariali) junction, Dimapur, Nagaland. This restaurant has made suitable arrangements for sittings (Indoor and outdoor). This kitchen specialty is kinds of seafood, and it offers is octopus, lobster, crabs, etc. Besides that, all cocktails, fast foods are made available. In indoor, a “2 wings design” is made to get attracted for customers. Most of the people photograph by standing in the middle of 2 wings.

Rusokis Kitchen

6 Chill-Out Zone 

This chill-out zone again on the top list of best hangout places in Nagaland. This COZ Chill out zone located in Kohima, Nagaland. The most liked about this restaurant by many people is the hospitality provided. It provides quick service like offering quickly cooked snacks and snack items. A fast (food serving) and homey interior design give you a good feel.

Chill Out Zone

7 ETE Café

This café is top’s in the list of best hangout places in Nagaland. This located at Billy Graham, Road, (Kohima) in Nagaland. If you are a coffee lover, then this place is a recommendation for you. This ETE café sells its best coffee with strong flavors and mild flavors. Not only coffee, but they also sell different types of pastries. The major attraction of the people to this café is its interior decoration.

ETE Cafe

8 Visa Restaurant And Cafe

This Visa restaurant is located in Kohima, Nagaland. The opening, and closing times, was closed (From 10 in the morning to evening 5). The most exciting thing about this restaurant is, it offers customary drinks. You can customize your juices according to your taste. You can have them at that restaurant, or you can make take away.

Visa Restaurant And Cafe

9 The Continent

This continent restaurant is located at Kohima, Nagaland. As this restaurant doesn’t have much crowd so, one can hang out with their family or friends pleasantly. You can enjoy the various foods with the music in the background. One can have lunch, dinner and brunch too.

The Continent

10 Café Aurora

This café aurora is located in Supermarket road (Kohima) Nagaland. Most people love this place for hangouts as the interior design gives a homey feeling. Also, the visitors said one must try the pizza because the taste was yummy. One cannot ignore the excellent staff with quick service.

Cafe aurora

11 The Diners

This place comes under the highest rated in the list of restaurants at Dimapur, Nagaland. Most people reviewed this restaurant as one of the best restaurants. The best part about this reasonable price of food is available. Hangout with family & friends at this place is worth it.

The Diners

12 Plaza Restaurant

This is located in (Nyamo lotha road), Dimapur. Nagaland. This Plaza restaurant is simple from the outside but if you visit you would like the interiors. Also, varieties of food items are available in this restaurant.

Plaza Restaurant

13 Korean Uncle Café

This also comes under top hangout place in Nagaland. It is located in Kohima, Nagaland, and from Monday to Saturday- the opening and closing time is 9 AM to 7 PM. It is shortly known as KUC. As this is a Korean uncle, the best food available there are Korean foods.

Korean Uncle Cafe

14 The India Restaurant

This is located in Kohima, Nagaland. As the name of this restaurant is India restaurant – a wide variety of Indian famous foods are on their menu. The chicken biryani, Spicy chicken, prawn, rice, roti, to soup and soups are available. One can enjoy the dinner, takeaway, or delivery.

The India Restaurant

15 Smokey Joe Restaurant & Grill

If you want to hang out with the family, this place in Nagaland will be recommended. If you visit, you will love the interior décor, and good foods are available.

Smokey Joe Restaurant Grill

16 Bambusa

The opening & closing timings are 10 AM to 5 PM. This place provides you with good food, ambiance, best service and worth visiting.


17 Grill Inn

If you are in Dimapur and you want to hang out with friends or family, then you can simply visit this Grill Inn restaurant. The excellent ambience and quickly cooked meals both are good at this place. Pasta and some other fast food taste are unique here.

Grill Inn

18 Ethnic Table

People often tend to visit those places where they get a good meal. This ethnic table in Dimapur has a variety of food (Cooked & served) after ordering them. For the main course, they have thali (Boiled rice with daal and unique dry fish chutney). Customers can select the payment option for billing.

Ethnic Table

19 Fry And Dry

This fry and dry in Dimapur is an excellent place to hang out. The main thing one can visit is it is budget-friendly. You can go to this place between 11 AM to 7.30 PM to have a portion of good food.

Fry And Dry

20 Rooftop

The best part about this restaurant is quick customer service. According to our research, (most visitors, besides having excellent food from here tell about the good service provided).