Top 20 Health-Conscious Diet Restaurants In Mumbai


If you are a true foodie, you know that eating food is the best source to make yourself content and ecstatic. People often worry that the food we eat today would be so unhealthy that we are full of guilt before eating, and our happiness is left aside. This worry is no more a worry. Can healthy be tasty? The answer is a big yes! How? We have got you covered. If you are health conscious and love the extra spice in your food, these restaurants are a must-try. We have the top 20 places to try for the best health Friendly restaurants.

1.Ananda Café

Ananda Café is a café that provides a serene and cozy atmosphere. It is located in Juhu, right outside the beach in Mumbai. They provide a choice between outdoor and indoor seating, designed with a pastel colour palette. After repeated experiments, the menu is customized by homemakers and made at home, so there is no question of unhealthy particles. The menu consists of various Salads, Croissants, Sandwiches and Smoothie bowls. Their Orange Hot Chocolate is a must-try. Smoothies, Fruit Punches, and green drinks are the most rated on their menu. It is not just a café but a completely joyful and heart-touching experience that uplifts you. If you are seeking a peaceful experience with various healthy dishes, look no further.

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2.Homemade Café And Bar

The Homemade Café And Bar is a unique restaurant. It offers a cozy atmosphere in between the chaos of Juhu and a variety of food and drinks curated beautifully into a menu. This café oozes out coastal vibes. This café provides an amazing atmosphere. This, café is famous for its Italian dishes but believe it or not, it has a specifically curated menu just for healthy food. People who also follow the keto diet will not be disappointed here the best seller is the Low Carb Cilantro Chicken. The Keto Diet Menu has many dishes to try so it is a difficult choice, such as Keto Bulletproof Coffee. People who relish Indian Food can also enjoy their Keto Indian Vegetarian Meal with Koftas and Indian Non-Vegetarian Food made in Almond Flour Bread. If you like to enjoy the amazing nightlife or a serene afternoon with a pinch of health, this place is the best.

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A fable is something that tells you a short story about something. This place is exactly that. It explains tales through its menu, which is curated specially for socialites and celebrities. If you are looking for a place to catch up with your friends in large groups and all of them are health freaks, this place might be the one. This place is located in a quiet locality in Juhu, Mumbai. The menu has a mixture of food for non-healthy choices, but it does have a few pages dedicated only to health and diet. Their best seller is their red wine poached pear salad and Vegan Sandwiches. Apart from Juhu, Fable has other outlets at Chandivali and Andheri as well. A story and food go hand in hand, and therefore, this place is the best.

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4.Smoke House Deli

This restaurant is mixed with healthy food and European culture. This restaurant has outlets in BKC and Bandra. You can order salads and cold-pressed juices and smoothies are made using ethically sourced local ingredients. The most recommended dish is the Smoke House Deli’s Keto Power breakfast low-carb falafel bowl and avocado celery smoothie. If you are looking for comfort but healthy food, this is your go-to place.

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5.Birdsong Organic Café

In this quaint little café located at Hill Road in Bandra, each dish is sugar-free, gluten-free, or vegan. All these tastes incredible. The most recommended dish is the raw pizza and creamy vegan pasta. This café is most loved by Sonam Kapoor as well. An organic cafe that has a very extensive menu, that includes fresh organic foods and bakery items like cookies, muffins, cakes etc, is a must-visit.

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6.Flax Healthy Living

This place is in Lower Parel, Bandra, and Powai. Flax Healthy Living is well known for its delicious and healthy bowls, salads, and sandwiches. It is a cloud kitchen with a new menu that includes Korean, Vietnamese, and Californian cuisines are its specialty. It is one of the healthiest cafes in Mumbai.

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7.Kitchen Garden By Suzette

This charming restaurant in Pali Hill should be at the top of your list of healthy food places in Mumbai if you want to have an all-organic meal. Buckwheat Pancakes and Chocolate Granola are the most recommended dishes. This place is perfect for serene and healthy breakfast choices.

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8.Sequel Bistro Juice Bar

This restaurant and Bar are gluten-free places and are not just for an individual who is gluten intolerant but for anyone looking for accessible and organic healthy food places in Mumbai. It has a variety of Salads and rolls that populate the simplistic menu offering a variety of guilt-free eats. The juice bar has plenty of freshly squeezed juices. This restaurant is located in Bandra.

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9.Bombay Salad Co

If it is your new year resolution to be healthy, this place is here to help you keep your promise. Salads can be boring, but this place makes salads as delicious and interesting as possible. The Salad bowls are huge in quantity to help you sustain it for the entire day. It provides you with fresh juices and smoothies. It is located in Bandra West and by the name, its specialty is salads.

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This café is in the corporate sector of Lower Parel. It is a delicacy of Paninis, just like the name suggests. The specialty of this place is that it uses vegetables sourced directly from farms. The bread is baked in-house just to make sure that guests are served only fresh food at all times. Apart from paninis, the place also offers wraps, salads, and sandwiches. The most attractive items here are the chicken grilled sandwich and cheese panini bagels.

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11.Farmer’s Café

Bandra is a place for healthy eating. Farmers café is one such. This spot is famous and most liked among celebrities. Some of the best dishes are egg benedicts, farmers’ pancakes, and chocolate cake. The restaurant sources all its ingredients locally. So, if you like healthy food, this place is a must. Farmers café is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family.

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12.Lean Kitchen By Maya

This café is your way to fitness in the streets of Bandra West. This café answers all your healthy eating prayers. It is a gold mine for health fanatics. It presents a menu curated with a nutrition-dense menu. It has light options like Garden Salad with low-fat cheese, romaine lettuce, kale, cucumber, and tomatoes. Their best-selling dish is the Millet Burrito Bowl with black beans and low-fat cottage cheese and baby radish with lemon. Believe it or not, it has amazing nutrition Korean dishes such as Gochujang Soba Noodles with mushrooms, everything in-house. The café has a very ombre setting, peaceful and calm.

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13.Kale And Kaffe

If you like to have gluten-free, keto, vegan dishes, then this is your place to be. The right balance between health and taste. Some dishes to try here are a peri peri chicken bowl, mushroom, and avocado on toast. Their desserts are gluten-free, too, and some are even keto! It is in Bandra with an amazing ambiance to be able to eat and relish food as well as work peacefully.

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14.Yogisattva Café

Hearing healthy food, we always resonate with plants. This is what this café offers. The dishes are gluten-free with refined sugar and are lactose-free. It is a good day for people who are lactose intolerant. The menu is created carefully by the founder and it features dishes such as Bravo Avo, which is a flatbread with oats and seeds with pesto, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and sliced avocados. Pancakes sound unhealthy, but this café makes pancakes with organic buckwheat flour, peanut butter, and unrefined coconut sugar. The coolers made with mint and ginger lemonade beat the summer heat. This café is based in Khar with a high standard of quality maintained thoroughly.

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15.Seeds Of Life

It is in the by-lanes of Bandra and Juhu-based restaurants focused on health-conscious eating. Healthy eaters are given a display of choices. Seeds Of Life’s signature dishes are the Quinoa Veggie Upma, Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl, Wild Mushroom, and Walnut Salad. It got a soothing vibe with ambiance and music both. The entire place is decorated beautifully with plants and lanterns. The most liked dish here is “The Illusionist Sandwich”, it is made with herbed mock meat with sauteed veggies. It is made in brown bread, and you can see the fresh veggies, just like out of a farm. The Pizza here is made with homemade bread which is extremely healthy. Sweet dishes are made with crushed almonds and chocolate ganache. It is an apt setting for breakfasts with friends or a date.

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16.Garde Manger Café

This café is in Vile Parle East in Mumbai. It has a laid-back spot with a patio, and a trendy ambiance serving Buddha Bowls and Soup. It is a vegetarian eatery now turning into and supporting vegan cuisine. The restaurant focuses on healthy eating and it was an easy fit to include vegan food on the menu. The ingredients, used are all purchased from local family farms.

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17.Sante Spa Cuisine

The most amazing fact is that the kitchen in this restaurant does not have sugar and maida. This vegan restaurant is in Khar and BKC. Its ingredients and flavors are accurate, and the menu is also very well-curated. They have a lot of variety, and some of the best dishes to eat here are Spinach Hummus, Whole Wheat, Hummus, and Risotto. Their Buddha Bowl is their most liked dish. This uniqueness has made its mark in Mumbai.

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It is a small vegetarian fast-food joint, is famous for its healthy menu. Their selection of salads and hummus platters is to die for. Pishu also serves healthizzas which is a pizza with a healthy twist with low-fat cheese and toppings customized by your own choice. It is in Andheri West with an ambiance of an old 90’s café.

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19.Fellas Café

Located in Khar, and the best place for a Quick Lunch. They have outdoor seating beautifully decorated. The fences are covered with books and magazines. They include juices like multi-grain pizzas and salads and more. Their menu is curated in detail to mention the calorie count of each dish. They have a huge selection of salads, smoothies, and soups to fulfill your healthy cravings.

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20.The Pantry

All the Vegans in the house, this is a gold mine for you. It is located in Fort and its menu will impress you and every dish is perfectly made. Some of the dishes recommended are Sunshine Hummus Bowl, Guilt Free Pizza, and Keifer Milk Smoothie. If you want to grab a bite in Fort after a long day of work this healthy café is the best for you.

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