Top 20 Heritage Sweet Shops In Kolkata


A Bengali day does not begin without sweets and does not end without sweets. If there is no sweet in the last leg, then there is no satisfaction in eating food. The famous sweet shops in Kolkata cannot be counted. In almost every alley of Kolkata, a sweet shop can be found. 

1. Girish Chandra Dey And Nakur Chandra Nandy

Girish Chandra Dey and Nakur Chandra Nandy are one of the oldest sweet shops in Kolkata. From the traditional nalen jaggery Sandesh and misti doi to kalakand and rasmalai. This shop is just like a heaven for sweet lovers. If you want to eat the jaggery Sandesh, then definitely your destination should be this shop.

1. Girish Chandra Dey and Nakur Chandra Nandy 1

2. Nobin Chandra Das & Sons

Although there are many trusted shops of rasgulla in Kolkata, no one can get close to Nabin Chandra Das & Sons. The cultural icon of rasgulla is this shop. Nabin Chandra Das, the inventor of rasgulla, opened a sweet shop in 1866 in the Bagbazar-Shobabazar area of Kolkata.

2. Nobin Chandra Das Sons 1

3. Balaram & Radharaman Mullick

The journey of this sweet shop started in 1885. Balaram and Radharaman Mullick have been satisfying the Bengali palate by serving traditional sweets for years. All the sweets here are trendy. However, fusion sweets, especially various sweets made of chocolate, water-filled Sandesh, and mango Sandesh, are trendy in this shop.

3. Balaram Radharaman Mullick 1

4. K.C. Das

There is nothing new to say about the name of this shop. The revolution in the world of sweets has come from the hands of K.C. Das. This shop has been famous for its variety and flavors of rasgulla since 1866. Apart from rasgulla, K.C. Das has been a favorite sweet shop for decades for Bengalis for the special roll of nalen jaggery, gulab jamun, langcha, rasmalai, and kheerkadam. Based on that reputation, other institutions of K.C. Das are spread across the boundaries of Kolkata in different states. They are the inventors of tinned rasgulla. 

4. K.C. Das 1

5. Sen Mahasy

In the case of some of the traditional Bengali sweets such as Manohara, Mihidana, Sitabhog, Darvesh, Sandesh, etc., the best address of Kolkata is Sen Mahasay. The shop was built by Ashutosh Sen in 1866. Apart from Mihidana and Sitabhog, one has to mention the Malai chops of Sen Mahasy.

5. Sen Mahasy 1

6. Shrihari

Shrihari is one of the oldest sweet shops in Kolkata. Built in 1912, this sweet shop has a wonderful taste of langcha and radhavallabhi. You can also try misti doi, among other sweets.

6. Shrihari 1

7. Bancharam

If you say the name of baked rasgulla, the Bengalis and many non-Bengali sweet fans are bound to get water in their tongues. And the best sweet shop to eat delicious baked rasgulla is Bancharam. Baked rasgulla and mihidana must be tried.

7. Bancharam 1

8. Putiram

This shop was build in 1852. It is a very popular shop located near the College Street campus of The University of Calcutta. From students to those who come to College Street to buy books, everyone comes here. This shop is famous for its stuffed gulab jamun and rasgulla.

8. Putiram 1

9. Bhim Chandra Nag

In the 19th century, this sweet shop in Bowbazar took the sweets of Kolkata to another height. The reason for the fame is the Manohara and Sandesh of Bhim Chandra Nag. However, during the British period, Bhim Chandra Nag made a landmark sweet in the name of the wife of The Governor-General of India Charles Canning Lady Canning, named ‘Lady Kenny’. There are many stories in history about when and in what context this sweet is named after Lady Canning. Bhim Chandra Nag’s ice cream Sandesh, rose cream Sandesh, rose cream Sandesh, and pistachio Sandesh is also very popular.

9. Bhim Chandra Nag 1

10. Nabakrishna Guin

Another old and famous sweet establishment in Bowbazar is called Nabakrishna Guin. There is a long list of traditional Bengali sweets of various flavors and fusion sweets in keeping with the times. This shop does not forget the taste of daily cream sandesh and Chandan kheer. If you are a sweet-toothed person, you must check out the different types of sandesh of Nabakrishna Guin.

10. Nabakrishna Guin 1

11. Chittaranjan Misthanna Bhandar

In 1907, the path of Chittaranjan Confectionery started with the hand of Hiralal Ghosh. The demand for Chittaranjan rasgulla is still equally up. Apart from this, there is also the name of chocolate Sandesh, malai chamcham, gulab jamun, and misti doi here. Like some, the first of the best rasgullas available in Kolkata at the moment is the Chittaranjan Misthanna Bhandar.

11. Chittaranjan Misthanna Bhandar 1

12. Nalin Chandra Das & Sons

The only companion of any auspicious occasion of Bengalis is kheer. Rice kheer is one of the attractions for sweet-loving people. If you love to eat kheer, then you can check out the kheer of Nalin Chandra Das & Sons once. The reputation of the kheer of this market is about 175 years old, which is equally intact even today. Here you will find the kheer of different flavors, but the kheer of nalen jaggery is simply awesome.

12. Nalin Chandra Das Sons 1

13. Yadav Chandra Das

The misti doi is an emotion for the people of Kolkata. And Yadav Chandra Das’s misti doi is the answer. Located on College Street, Kolkata’s busiest area, this shop was also the only favorite place for stars like Satyajit Ray, and Aparna Sen.

13. Yadav Chandra Das 1

14. Ganguram

In 1885, Ganguram Chaurasia started his own business in a small shop in Maniktala. Indrani, Rasmalai, Kheer Chops, Pranhara, Paradise, Dilkhush, Kheer Chamcham, Khabar Khabar, and with the light delight, mango curd made from a mixture of Alphonso and Kesar mangoes, is at the top of the list of famous sweets of Aam Sandesh Ganguram. Besides sweets, Radhavallabhi, Alurdam, Shingara, Curd Bara, Paneer Roll, Vegetable Chops, Chowmein, and Pea Pattis are also found in Ganguram. 

14. Ganguram 1

15. Gupta Brothers

One of the most popular sweet shops in Kolkata is the Gupta Brothers. Apart from rasgulla, Sandesh, and malai chamcham, other Bengali sweets are also available here. Additionally, salty taste snacks are also available in the Gupta Brothers. 

15. Gupta Brothers 1

16. Bhabatarini Sweets

This shop was build in 1952. The shop was set up by Nitai Chandra Ghosh and Srishti Dhar Ghosh. Now their sons run this shop. They use pure cow’s milk while making sweets. Vanilla rasgulla and saffron chamcham are their most popular sweets. They also make the vanilla cream used while making vanilla rasgulla by themselves.

16. Bhabatarini Sweets 1

17. Makhanlal Das & Sons

Shop about 200 years ago. It was created in 1827. Ramachandra Das, a Moira, came to Kolkata from Khandgos in Burdwan and started selling sweets. He handed over the responsibility to a man called Makhanlal as Ramachandra Das had no descendants. The sixth generation is currently running this shop. Popular sweets here are rabri, chocolate Sandesh, and sweet curd.

17. Makhanlal Das Sons 1

18. Adi Haridas Modak Misthanna Bhandar

This is not just a shop; this is a heritage place of Kolkata. The same quality as so many years ago is intact ,and you will realize after a bite how they are so famous. Popular sweets here are Chanar Jilapi, Kheer Kadam, Kalakand. They serve an authentic & traditional morning breakfast of Kolkata kochuri & sabji in banana leaf- a tradition been followed for the last 250 years. 

18. Adi Haridas Modak Misthanna Bhandar 1

19. Amrita

The misti doi of this shop in the heart of Shyambazar is the legality of Bengal life. Besides, kheer chops, kheer singara, and sarvaja are also very famous here. 

19. Amrita 1 1

20. Tiwari Sweets

Authentic Bengali sweets is not available here. However, the ghee laddoo, the sonopaedi, and the Moti Pak, Kaju Barfi, and Rabri are one of the favorites of the Bengalis here. 

20. Tiwari Sweets 1