Top 20 Homemade Soups


Homemade soups are very healthy. When we consume a vegetable-based soup which is low in calories before we consume the main meal, we consume calories less than 20%. The reason is simple. When we eat or drink soup, we tend to consume less food later on. Soups are nutritious because of the vegetables that have water-soluble components such as vitamins, dietary fibers and minerals. We can keep our digestive system healthy, and also we can get the essential nutrients that our body needs each and every day. In our meal plans adding soups on a regular basis is a way to ensure that then we get all of the vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Soups can work as an afternoon snack or lunch meal or light dinner meal when beans, potato or sweet potato are the plants that provide carbohydrates whereas chicken, lean sausage or some mincemeat provides protein. By adding rice, noodles, legumes and pasta to the soup a lot of carbohydrates and calories are added and will negate any weight loss possibilities. On the other hand, broth and vegetable soups have zero calories and can be taken in without any worry. A vegetable soup can replace two meals every day with no harmful effects. People who want weight loss to be fast can follow this regime. Homemade soups are the best options for sickness, weight loss or weight gain. Packaged or canned soups are not healthy as some preservatives used is at an all time high.

1. Pepper Soup

The Pepper soup has excellent health benefits and it also tastes good. People tend to get sick during the winter season with the common cold, flu, etc. Medication can fix it in a jiff but apart from that, it is best to take foods that can reduce it naturally. With this soup, digestion gets improved along with the calming of your senses. Pepper soup is the best soup and is also advised by the doctors to have this soup when we are sick. You can also have this soup when you are feeling cold to warm yourself up.


2. Sweet Corn Soup

Sweet corn soup is a Chinese soup served in a huge bowl. By using ingredients like cream corn, corn kernels, bits of carrots and cabbage that give more flavour and colour but this soup is easy to make. Right amount of pepper and salt can give the soup an enhanced taste and you also add soy sauce or any other sauce as per our wishes. You can associate this soup with a comfort food.



Chicken Soup

When a person is sick mentally or physically, this soup is used to lift their spirits. You can steam the chicken with the bones inside the pressure cooker with spices and other vegetables. The best comfort food option when you are sick. You should eat/drink this soup when it is hot so as to feel the flavour.


4. Tomato Soup

With the primary ingredient as tomatoes, you can make it in a variety of ways or you can serve it plainly. It is smooth in texture and the variants of this soup include pieces of tomato, cream and chicken stock or vegetable stock. Usually, bread crumbs and fresh cream is added to the soup for taste. It works as a perfect snack which is healthy and tasty.


5. Carrot Soup

What better way to start a dinner that a carrot soup. Many children don’t like carrots and you might find it difficult to feed them. Carrot soup will solve that problem and this way they get all the essential nutrients and antioxidants that are required. For those going on a diet, you can use low-fat milk to reduce the number of calories. You can thicken this soup using pulses and add vegetables like onions and the main ingredient carrots. You can flavour the soup with salt and pepper. The Carrot Soup is a delicious way to stay young, energetic and healthy too.


6. Beetroot Soup

Another easy, healthy and quick soup that you can make and the fact that it looks more like tomato soup(thanks to beet) is just fantastic. This soup recipe can be modified to suit one’s need by adding more beets or any other vegetable of choice too. This soup is quite delicious and has a sweet taste.


7. Pea Soup

Pea soup or split pea soup can be made using dried or split peas. The variations of this soup play a vital role in cuisines of different countries. You can use any peas based on the kind of soup you are making. Hence each type will have their unique flavour in the soup.


8. Cold Cucumber Soup

Cold soups can be a means to refresh and energize on a scorching summer day. The Cold Cucumber Soup has little calories and low-fat and yet they taste amazing with cucumber and capsicum. Milk and curds with fewer fats, are the ingredients for this soup. As the name suggests, you can serve the soup cold and that’s when it tastes best.


9. Indian-Spiced Cauliflower Soup

Most of the standard dishes in India incorporate cauliflower and potato in their making. The Indian-Spiced Cauliflower Soup is made using cauliflower, potatoes and various other Indian spices which create a tantalizing flavour. This soup is a great comfort food during the winter season.


10. Spinach Soup

You can also call the Spinach Soup as the Palak Soup. While you can make it with very few ingredients, the Spinach soup is easy to prepare. You can also call Spinach as Palak when translated to Hindi. Apart from the soup, you can use it in various other dishes as the main ingredient. Onion and cream used in this soup give an excellent flavour and taste to the soup. You can make this soup quickly because spinach cooks fast. A tasty soup that will make you desire more for the flavour.


11. Soy Bean Soup

Used in Korean and Chinese cuisines as a part of their meal, this soup is highly nutritious and tasty. Soy Beans are soaked overnight and then used or fermented soy bean paste is used to make this soup. You can add a lot of vegetables into this soup like potatoes, zucchini, etc. This soup is used mostly in Chinese and Korean cuisines.


12. Mutton Leg Soup

You can also call this soup as Mutton Paya Soup. Paya here refers to the feet of either goat, buffalo or sheep. This soup is native to the South Asia region and people of this area eat it on a regular basis. This soup is highly beneficial and helps in healing arthritis, repairing gum damage, etc. It might be a bit tricky to make and the process is quite lengthy. You have to add spices to the meat and the sauted vegetables and leave it to boil in a pressure cooker for five to six whistles. Do not miss out on this healthy soup.


13. Pineapple Seafood Soup

Pineapple Seafood Soup is a bowl of soup that is native to Vietnam. You can make this soup using pineapple and various seafoods like prawn, squid shrimp and fish. It is also called as Canh Chua Tom in Vietnamese. Fish are rich in various vitamins and minerals, which constitutes in the making of this healthy soup. Though this soup contains sweet and sour flavours, it is a complete delight for non-vegetarians.


14. Mixed Vegetable Soup

What soup to make when you have different vegetables at home and you want to try something new? This soup is your best bet. You can make it by using sauted carrots, potatoes, milk, cumin seeds and onions. The result is a thick and healthy soup seasoned with salt and pepper. You have to serve this soup hot for a better taste and you can garnish it with coriander leaves and roasted garlic.


15. Garlic Soup

This type of soup makes use of garlic as its main ingredient. In India, you can make this delicious soup by using a poached egg in a chicken broth which has both garlic and sherry. It is mouth-watering when served warm.


16. Mint Soup

The making of this soup is quite simple, as it only requires you to add chopped mint leaves into it. It is a variant of other soups like Tomato-Mint Soup, Carrot-Mint Soup,Pea-Mint Soup etc. The mint leaves give the soup a flavour which will make you energetic and healthy.


17. French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup is a variant of the Onion Soup and served as a starter in the French cuisine. You can make this soup by using beef broth and caramelized onions. You can use chicken broth as a variant. You can serve it with croutons and cheese on a large piece of bread. You can also make a vegan version of this soup.


18. Sweet Potato Soup

Though it might be uncommon, you can make sweet potato can into a bowl of soup. This type of soup is served as a dessert rather than at start of the meal. The soup is well-known in the Southern parts of China as sweet potato is harvested there in abundance. The soup incorporates ginger and coriander leaves for flavour.


19. Mushroom Soup

The main ingredient of this soup is the mushroom. It is a simple creamy soup which you can have for dinner. It is a vegetarian soup with different variants. This soup is famous in the United States of America, as it has its origin there.


20. Wheatgrass Soup

The Wheat Grass Shikanji is well-known in India for having numerous health benefits. The juice is made using the grass of wheat, lemon, black pepper, black salt, roasted cumin powder which creates a unique taste that is out of the world. Wheatgrass is available in almost all the shops. Apart from having it in the form of juice, you can make it into a milkshake and also add it to cold soups and teas for flavour.