Top 20 Hungarian Dishes To Try

top 20 hungarian dishes to try 1

Hungary is an important county in Europe and a popular tourist destination across the globe. It is famous for its language and natural landscapes. It has a rich culture with a deep history. It is a lively and joyful place. Apart from its beautiful sceneries, Hungary also has a very rich food culture. It has some of the very popular and unique dishes in the world. Here is a list of top Hungarian dishes that shouldn’t be missed while in Hungary.

1. Paprikás Csirke

This is a popular dish of Hungarian origin. This dish has derived its name from the excessive use of paprika spice in Hungarian cuisine. Tender chicken is added in the rich and creamy paprika-based sauce or gravy. Onions, tomatoes, and green pepper are also added to make it more delicious and flavorful.

1. Paprikas Csirke

2. Újházi

Hungarian Chicken Soup is a traditional Hungarian dish popular all over the place. This is a simple recipe that uses a lot of vegetables other than its main ingredient, chicken. Vermicelli noodles can also be added to it. Black pepper is added to make it more authentic.

2. Ujhazi

3. Jókai Bableves

This Hungarian soup is a very popular comfort food. Jókai Bean Soup is cooked slowly. Smoked meat, vegetables, beans, and noodles are added to it. Csipetke or pinched noodles are home-cooked. Salt and paprika are also added to taste. This soup is served with sour cream.

3. Jokai Bableves

4. Pörkölt

Hungarian Meat Stew or Pörkölt is one of the most famous Hungarian dishes, known for its delicious taste. It uses just a few ingredients like meat, onion sauteed in fat, and paprika slow-simmered in little water. It us served warm over noodles.

4. Porkolt

5. Palócleves

Palóc Soup is a traditional Hungarian soup. This soup is considered a lighter and a bit sour version of goulash. Green beans, dill, and sour cream is added to it. It has many vegetables and spices that make its flavor more authentic.

5. Palocleves

6. Cholent

It is a delicious food, popular all over Hungary. Beef is used in this dish along with many vegetables and rice. Paprika is added to give it the Hungarian taste. This is one of the most beloved dishes of Jewish as well as Hungarian cuisine.

6. Cholent

7. Kolbász

Hungary is popular for making different sausages and Kolbász is a traditional Hungarian sausage dish. It is made from a paste of meat and fat. Heavy paprika spice is also added. This sausage is a most common type of preserved sausage in Hungary.

7. Kolbasz

8. Szilvás Gombóc

This is a very famous Hungarian dessert made with plum. It can be taken as a dessert, a meatless main dish, or a side dish. Other than plums, pure mashed potatoes are used in the making. Eggs, butter, cinnamon, and breadcrumbs are added in it. It is a not-so-heavy dish and tastes lovely.

8. Szilvas Gomboc

9. Gulyás/ Goulash

Goulash is a traditional soup, originated in Hungary. It is a soup or stew prepared with meat and vegetables. Paprika and other spices are added to it. It is served with home-made noodles or the side of bread or biscuits. It has a delicious taste.

9. Gulyas Goulash

10. Halászlé

This is a traditional Hungarian fish soup also known as Fisherman’s Soup. But what is unique to it is its preparation. It is prepared in the open fire along the riverbank. Water, vegetables, and spices like paprika and salt are added to it. It is topped with sour cream and served with bread.

10. Halaszle

11. Libamáj/ Foie Gras

Foie Gras, all over the world, is considered a luxury food product. It has a butter like rich creamy flavor. This dish uses processed liver of a goose or duck. It can be served with many things like apples, caramelized pears, rice, mashed potatoes, and mushroom salad.

11. Libamaj Foie Gras

12. Lecsó

This is a vegetable stew prepared with pointed yellow pointed peppers. Ground sweet or hot paprika is used as a base recipe. Tomatoes and onions are also added to it. Sugar and salt are added to taste. It is served with bread or rice.

12. Lecso

13. Krumplis Tészta

It is a Hungarian potato noodles dish which is easy to prepare. It was traditionally made with home-cooked pasta. Onions, potatoes, and ground black pepper is added in its making. The special Hungarian paprika is also to it to give it a rich taste. It is a vegetarian dish and served with pickles.

13. Krumplis Teszta

14. Túrós Csusza

This pasta with cottage cheese is a traditional Hungarian dish that uses bacon. Egg noodles and cottage cheese are also added to it. This combination of cottage cheese with bacon strips makes this unique. Sour cream js added to make it more enriching.

14. Turos Csusza

15. Káposztás Tészta

These cabbage noodles are a Hungarian easy-to-make comfort-food. It uses onion, butter, and egg noodles. Salt and pepper are added to taste. This is a vegetarian dish and sometimes mushrooms are also added to it.

15. Kaposztas Teszta

16. Töltött Paprika

Stuffed Peppers is the traditional Hungarian dish. It includes paprika spice and tomato sauce, the main ingredients of the Hungarian cuisine. Bell pepper, onions, pork, and garlic are used in making of this dish. Salt and sugar are added to taste. It can be served with sour cream.

16. Toltott Paprika

17. Galuska/ Nokedli

Egg Dumpling is a traditional Hungarian dish with its origins dating back to 17th century. It is a very simple dish that uses all purpose flour and eggs as its main ingredients. Water is used in the cooking while salt is added for taste. It has a rich and authentic taste.

17. GaluskaNokedli

18. Töltött Káposzta

This is a delicious Hungarian low-carb meal which includes stuffed cabbage. It is made using rice and ground pork, incased in the cabbage. Sometimes few bacon strips are also added to this dish. These are cooked in tomato sauce. It is cooked for several hours for the rich flavor to develop.

18. Toltott Kaposzta

19. argabéles

This is a Hungarian sweet noodle cake, popular for its rich taste. It uses egg noodles, cream cheese, eggs, filo pastry, and butter in its making. White and vanilla sugar are also added to give it an authentic taste. It is served warm. It can be eaten as a sweet main meal too.

19. Vargabeles

20. Almás Rétes

It is a famous Hungarian Apple Strudel dish that own its uniqueness. All purpose flour, egg yolks, sour cream, and breadcrumbs are added to it along with its main ingredient, apples. It is served slightly warm with ice cream or whipped cream.

20. Almas Retes