Top 20 Indian Chicken Dishes To Try


Chicken, the core ingredient, is the all-time favorite of  any kitchen whether it be Super Chefs cooking at huge Five star based hotels or our mothers cooking at their kitchen, this one here blends into any flavor which is been added  and the outcome is just simply incredible. It’s like one is creating an experiment in a laboratory and waiting for a Eureka moment to happen, that feeling just beyond words to describe. Chicken just makes any Indian cooking much simpler with a beautiful blend of herbs and spices. This Core ingredient does promises to offer health benefits like say 30 variety of nutritional substances, isn’t that like a cherry over the top of the cake. So here are like the best of best dishes which one should try like for sure.


1. Amritsari Murgh Makhani

Basically most of the chicken dishes have their roots from North India, especially Punjab and places associated with it. This one here is like the most lip-smacking dish among the rest which one should try. Hailing from Amritsar is what makes this dish get its name from. One thing that one must know that any Punjabi dish you try will have  that one major thing which would make it out of the world type dish is  the rich Cream/ Butter  which is been added towards the end, that makes us totally crave for it, to the extent of dreaming about them.  All you need for this dish to turn out is the Boneless Chicken, one should always make sure  that what kind of chicken does one need in any dish mostly preferred is boneless as it gets cooked easily or some situations the full chicken type. After which you need to all the various kinds of masala’s to give it that perfect flavor and  blend it completely so that the  flavors get soaked inside as well and don’t forget to add that extra Cream or Butter to make it simply perfect with the garnishing.


2. Teekha Murgh

This one here is for all those people who love spicy foods. Presenting to you our top 2nd dish which is called the Teekha Murgh, by the name one could get it that this dish here is filled with loads of spices like  extra spices to give it that ‘Teekha’ (spicy)  touch to it. Such kind of dish could turn out as a bonus when served with Naan or roti’s for your guest or your loved ones as it gives that complete feel of a whole fulsome meal.


3. Murgh Malaiwala

If you’re looking for a kind of dish loaded with richness, then we do have Murgh Malaiwala for you. Such dishes aren’t only pleasant to taste but they touch your heart and soul by their appealing look, and it’s a dish that someone would definitely want to miss. All that one needs to add is milk, cream, saffron, rose petals and mild spices and blend it really well and you’ve got your dish ready!


4. Kerala Chicken Roast

One best thing about any chicken dish is that you could serve it as gravy or as dry or as roasted/ fried way. As the name suggests, Kerala Chicken Roast is served fried and its best advised to have with chapattis or roti’s on a perfect family brunch or get-together dinners. They can also be used as starters when guest are been invited at home with some subtle sauce or chutney perfectly complimenting it. Known as Kerala’s most preferred chicken dish, the perfect way to add that pronounced flavor is to zest it up’ with lime!


5. Chicken Chettinad

Chicken Chettinad, originating from Tamil Nadu has a complete different story to tell. As we all know, every South Indian dish is just incomplete without the use of Coconut to it and this dish too, is no exception to it. Spiced it up with the southern spices is what marks this dish a class apart from the rest. Considered as one of the spiciest cuisine in India, it’s a eclectic mix of the spices with the sweetness of the coconut chutney. On a dull boring day, Chicken Chettinad served with rice is what gives the feel of a happy satisfying meal.


6. Spicy Tangy Kadhai Chicken

If you are looking for a twist of flavors and are bored with the usual routine ones, then Spicy Tangy Kadhai Chicken is definitely worth trying. With a tangy flavor added to this makes it the hot favorite of many. Marinating it all- spices and condiments paste, bell pepper, tamarind, jiggery and lemon and cooking it is what sets it’s apart from the rest.


7. Masaledar Chicken Lollipop

Lollipops are noting but chicken variety with bones; the step usually involved is marinating + frying so that it becomes crispy and tasty. This one gives a total desi makeover to the usual chicken lollipop and best served with spicy sauces is what makes it a hit! Also, served as party starters.


8. Butter Chicken

This one right here, is an  all-time favorite for many, since our childhood days, undoubtedly topping the list of the total desi Punjabi dishes. Loaded with truck loads of cream is it what makes it one of the most Classic dishes of all times. Usually it a 3 step process which involves marinating the chicken overnight + roasted+ cooking it in Tomato puree, cream and masala.  This one can be served with rice or roti/ naan. Sounds like a blast of flavors, isn’t it?


9. Chicken Dum Biryani

Chicken, being a core ingredient, is what makes a biryani a delicious one. “Dum” is the slow cooking process which should be carried out with precision; one should make sure that the biryani is been cooked at low flame and covered with a handy (lid usually sealed with flour). This cooking method was been brought in during Mughal period and has gained its popularity ever since then!


10. Chicken Vindaloo

All the way from Goa this dish is what it takes to create an extra niche in terms of flavor’s and taste marking itself apart from the lot. The highlight of this dish is the twist given to it by adding  Balsamic Vinegar which is a very rare combination, not often used in the conventional method of cooking. So if you’re up to give something new a shot, this is something that you must totally try for!


11. Chicken Tikka

This one is the most commonly preferred starters, by all non-vegetarians as it is very easy and quick to cook as pieces, chunks or bits which are served along with a delicious dip. Basic steps involve marinating the pieces + frying it to give that perfect look and taste.


12. Chicken Korma

Chicken laded with overflowing richness of gravy, is what truly describes Chicken Korma. Best served with roti’s or chapattis is what makes it quite filling, even in one or two bites. Rich in yogurt and nuts is what makes it more tempting and that characteristic rich look. This one comes among the list of North Indian Chicken Curries.


13. Chicken Chaap

Hailing all the way from Bengal is the Chicken chaap, which is loved by most of the non-vegetarian. Served as a whole chaap, it usually full soaked in aromatic herbs and spices and cooked at a slow process. It is rightly considered as one of the most aromatic curries, that one must try for sure!


14. Tandoori Chicken

If you love the whole concept of tandoor, then tandoori chicken is what you’re definitely going to love! An all-time favorite chicken dish among the masses is completely dry and is topped with a squeeze of lime. Served as a whole or as pieces along with onions and coriander chutney, one could have it along with naan.


15. Chicken Masala

Being one among the old traditional South Indian dishes, Chicken masala is the most preferred choice of dish when it comes to non-veg. In this the chicken is completely blended with various kinds of spices and condiments, keeping it completely dry or a semi sort of gravy kind according to one’s interest. Served with roti’s /chapattis.  It’s a quick and an easy recipe.


16. Kadhai Chicken

Cooked in kadhais, Kadhai Chicken is highly rich in proteins.  Usually kept little dry it is cooked in rich aroma along with ginger, onions and tomatoes to give it that rust crisp look.  Served along with rice, rotis or naans.


17. Chicken Handi

Handi is usually related to a cooking pot which comes along with a lid. It’s another dish for those people who love spicy food. Known for its unexpected unique flavors makes this as one of the Spicy Chicken dishes served all over. The gravy of this one is usually a creamy sauce type, that make sit quite relishing!


18. Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce

This dish is really hot in taste as it literally sweats you out, owing to all the fiery spices that go in the making of the saucy gravy. Garlic being the second key component of this dish completes this dish on a whole. Concept usually a blend of Thai and Chinese style makes this one deserves a try. Best served with a bowl of rice.


19. Dry Chili Chicken

Totally being dry and yummy makes this one into the list. Completely coated / dipped in spices and masala’s makes it more lip- smacking. Sorted and given that smoky dry chili flavor, makes it one look forward to have. Must have with chapatis’ or parotha’s.


20. Stir fried Szechwan Chicken

Szechwan being a Chinese style involves loads of hot spices which makes the look of the dish even more appealing to one’s eye. The process involved is usually stir fry with a very minimum amount of gravy making it neither completely dry nor flooded with gravy. So if you are looking out for something really satisfying your hunger pangs and your tingling taste buds at the same time, then the Stir fried Szechwan Chicken is what you should opt for!