Top 20 Iranian Restaurants In Dubai

Top 20 Iranian Restaurants In Dubai

Dubai, also known as the Venice of the Gulf is said to be the commercial hub of the United Arab Emirates and the apple’s eye for the tourists. Dubai is known for the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, apart from its eye-catching landscapers, Dubai has the widest range of cuisines and Iranian cuisine is loved by many of them. Iran is a country known for its rich cultural heritage consisting of spectacular architecture and it is known for its mouthwatering delicious cuisine. Iranian cuisine consists of rice with herbs, cheese, and flatbreads with some type of meat (chicken, beef, lamb, or fish).

1.Al Ustad Special Kabab

This restaurant is indeed a hidden gem for Iranian or Persian cuisine lovers. This place is very popular with the locals for the past 43 years and the tourists adore this place as well. They have the most authentic Iranian Kebabs at the most affordable rates you can find in Dubai. Many popular celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg, and Shahrukh Khan have dined here. Located in Al Hamriya, it is quite convenient for people to visit here as it is a short walk from the metro station.

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2.Iran Zamin

Located in Downtown and Marina, the heart of Dubai, this place is very popular for it is authentic Persian/Iranian cuisine food. They have great hospitable staff who aims to serve the customers in a family-friendly setting and provide satisfactory authentic cuisine to please their customers. With the view of the creek, Iran Zamin offers a pleasant and aesthetic experience to enjoy a good lunch or dinner with your family and friends.

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3.Sadaf Restaurant

Located inside the Riqqa Al Buteen Plaza, it is a 10-minute walk from the Riqqa station, Sadaf is one of the oldest Iranian restaurants in Dubai. They are quite famous for their koobideh dish which consists of meat kebabs, rice, and flatbreads along with their other sides. Sadaf is famous for its exceptional service and many people visit the restaurant just to experience its outstanding service and mind-blowing food. The ambiance of Sadaf restaurant transports you to the Persian home and you will have an authentic experience.

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4.Shiraz Nights

Located less than a km from Dubai Creek, this is the perfect destination to dine with your family during the weekend. Shiraz Nights have amazing service and they aim to provide authentic and fresh Iranian food to their customers. Shiraz Nights are quite famous for its unique buffet-style salad bar, as restaurants with buffet salad bars are quite rare in Dubai. The grilled kebabs and lamb are cooked to perfection and the meat is famous for its juicy texture. Shiraz Nights is a must-visit with your family.

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5.Shabestan Restaurant

Located in Dubai Creek, Shabestan is very famous for its authentic Iranian cuisine and amazing hospitality. They are known to have the juiciest mixed grills out there and this is a must-try in Shabestan restaurant. They are also known for the luxe atmosphere at it is inside the first five-star hotel, Radisson Blu in Dubai. The staff is super comfortable and friendly and makes the whole dining experience pleasurable for the customers.

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6.Farsi Restaurant

Located in the JLT, Farsi is in the heart of Jumeirah to provide an original authentic Iranian cuisine experience to the customers. They are known for their varied Iranian flavors and their passion to try different spices to provide the original Iranian experience to the customers in a luxurious environment. It is perfect to have a nice meal out in the open, overlooking the tallest skyscrapers in Dubai. Farsi is known to have the best Koobideh in Dubai, and its prices are quite reasonable.

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Anar is famous for its authentic Iranian cuisine and is said to be the home away from home for the Persian/Iranian population in the UAE. They try to bring the authentic experience with a modern twist to the customers in the most pleasant and aesthetic setting. ANAR proves to be a sanctuary for the people from the hustles and bustles of Madina Jumeirah Souk. Their haleem bademjan captured the hearts of many UAE residents and tourists.

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8.Grand Abshar Restaurant

Located in Jumeirah, this is very convenient for the people and the tourists to visit. They provide a peaceful environment and the customers can enjoy a stunning variety of culinary delights performed by their professional chefs. They are famous for their joojeh masti, yogurt-marinated grilled chicken chunks served with fries, flatbreads, and salad, and are loved by everyone who visits Grand Abshar. Customers enjoy a fine dining experience with peaceful traditional Iranian music and authentic Iranian food.

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9.Caspian Restaurant

Located in Bur Dubai, Caspian is only a 15-minute walk from the metro station and can be visited daily for reasonable and authentic Iranian foods and also other Arab dishes. They are famous for their mouthwatering buffets which are affordable. Their mix grills and other platters are also quite plentiful and the customer’s hearts are filled with content while enjoying the food in Caspian.

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10.Toranjdubai Restaurant

Located in Al Barsha, Toranjdubai is famous for using only authentic Persian ingredients and offers generous servings of genuine Iranian/Persian foods for reasonable prices. Toranjdubai is great to visit with your family or friends to experience Iranian cuisine. Their menu features a wide range of foods from Iran and they are also famous for authentic Iranian dishes like Ghormeh Sabzi, Gheimeh Bademjan, and Fesenja.

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11.Bahar Cuisine Restaurant

Located near Dubai Creek, Bahar Cuisine is a family-oriented restaurant offering a pleasant atmosphere to dine with your family during a night out. They have a perfect menu consisting of the most delicious local Iranian dishes and they are served to perfection. The hospitality provided by the staff throughout the entire dining experience is also memorable. They also provide balanced menu catering to Vegans.

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With its ‘Taste of Persia’ menu, Enigma restaurant continues to develop. Inspired by the Iranian heritage of Michelin-starred Executive Chef Mansour Memarian, it is a real culinary tale to grace the Enigma kitchens. With breathtaking views of the main pool and Dubai Creek, Enigma offers both indoor and outdoor seating options. Dinner at Enigma, Palazzo Versace is a rare culinary experience. You will savor three delicious meals that are served without prior notice and are inspired by the top chef’s one-of-a-kind tale. The set menu is only available for a short time. The outcome is a unique and intriguing culinary excursion that only takes place at night.

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13.Pars Iranian Restaurant

Located in the Mall of the Emirates, Pars Iranian strengthened their distinctive Persian flavors to showcase their distinct approach to cuisine and ambiance to appeal to the core of Arab culture. With their picturesque courtyard seats, ancient furnishings, and historically Persian influences, you may savor traditional grilled meats, fish, and Persian stews.

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14.Golestan Restaurant

This is a location you should go to if you enjoy sheesha and great grilled grills at affordable prices. Live music makes your experiment more exciting after nine o’clock. It’s fun to get out with pals and play backgammon and cards. Located in Dubai Creek, Golestan is crowded during the weekends and you enjoy a fun night out with games, music, and amazing Iranian food. Famous for its mixed grills and chicken leg with rice. Their customer service is also excellent.

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15.Shayan Restaurant

Located in Al Ghurair Centre, Deira, the distinctive Shayan restaurant, another Iranian eatery in Dubai, features enticing oriental design and delicious, high-quality food that will win you over as a frequent patron. Naturally, the rates in this restaurant are also a touch excessive, but they are justified by the excellent and distinctive services offered, and the consistently excellent food. Service is ALWAYS individualized and professional. The serene and formal atmosphere attests to the outstanding eating experience.

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16.Danial Restaurant

Overlooking Dubai Creek, Danial Restaurant is one of several well-known Iranian eateries in Dubai, and visitors, travelers, and regular customers adore it for its affordable cuisine. This restaurant, which is regarded as one of the best and top-notch Iranian restaurants in Dubai, offers you a buffet of food in addition to delicious dishes from other countries. A lavish buffet served in a welcoming setting by friendly staff and good-quality meals, salads that have just been made and meats barbecued.

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17.Rivas Restaurant

Rivas in Dubai is a well-kept secret for fans of Iranian food, and visitors, travelers, and customers adore it for its reasonably priced menu. Pictures can never do the cuisine justice; it is that amazing. Since it is genuine and will make you want the home, it can compete with some of the city’s larger restaurants. Both of the restaurant’s signature dishes, the roasted chicken and the lamp chops, are juicy, tender, and bursting with flavor. It has a beautiful view and a great location to unwind.

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Located in Al Hamriya, one of the oldest restaurants in Dubai, this eatery has a long history and is highly regarded. The location is historically rich, and the meat is unusual. Numerous famous people, including Crown Prince Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, have dined here. You will undoubtedly want to dine here again because these people are specialists at serving the most delicious meals.   You can feel the incredible history of this place when you eat there. This is one location in Dubai that you must visit to try authentic Iranian cuisine.

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JLT is gradually becoming a new center for some of the best restaurants the city has to offer. With fantastic music playing in the background, the decor is contemporary and adorable. The menu is pretty extensive, but if you stick to some of the classics, you won’t be dissatisfied. The cuisine was moreish and exquisite, to put it mildly. Iranian bread that is still warm from the oven is served first, followed by an aubergine beginning and mixed grill skewers that are all dripping with saffron and Iranian spices and fluids. Their guiding principle is to keep things as straightforward as possible without sacrificing quality.

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Compared to the others on the list, this La Mer restaurant is a newcomer, but it doesn’t lessen how fantastic it is. The food is contemporary but still has an Iranian flavor, and the décor is lavish with live music in the background.  If you happen to be in La Mer, this is a great area to hang out. You won’t feel guilty about indulging in their tempting meats because their assortment of grills is so delicious. This location is recommended to anyone looking for a spot with a modern flair that nevertheless honors traditional Iranian cuisine.

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