Top 20 Italian Restaurants In Rajguru Market, Hisar


If there are any two people that can’t be all the more similar, it’s the Italians and the Indians. Both love their food and their whole day spins around the four meals of the day. However, as much as we love our spread naan and butter chicken, we can’t resist the urge to go after that last slice of pizza or that forkful of spaghetti. Italian food is a dream for us Indians. It’s the delicious pizzas and pasta. Italian food remains at the first spot on the list. Italian food is different yet essential and new, and regularly more like the Indian sense of taste.

Here is the rundown of the top 20 Italian cafés in the Rajguru market:

1.Pizza Hood

It isn’t simply Pizzas that make this restaurant so exceptional but also the yummy Chili Potatoes, Aloo Tikki Burgers, Chili Chicken, Chili Tandoori, and an assortment of different dishes, that makes us coming for more.


2.Five Sense

It serves pizza softly brushed with truffle oil. This vegetarian amuser,  is starred by fresh tomato, wild ox mozzarella, and two sorts of mushrooms – button and porcini. Prepared flawlessly in their wood-fire stoves, this one has effectively prevailed upon our souls.


3.Big Mugs

Who doesn’t cherish a sizzling hot freshly prepared cheese pizza with specific astounding garnishes? They also happen to serve the Pepperoni and Meatball pizza which is a stage towards heaven for meat lovers. An Ideal spot to appreciate Cheese pizza.


4.Pizza Wings

They make regular pizza which takes care of all your food cravings. They like to depend on impulse and feel, estimating the hard way, not by the gram, the legitimate method to make pizza.


5.Burger Harbor

Their substantial arrangements are so delectable, making it difficult to stop trying their variety of dishes. They articulate very delicious and piping’ hot pizzas. It is famous for delicious pizza and pasta.


6.Prime Pizza

Notable for their completely fresh covering and trickling cheese, we’re falling hard for their Barbecue Chicken Pizza, Signature Peri Veg Pizza, and Rome’s Veg Pizza. They serve hot pizzas directly from the oven.


7.Pizza Bistro

Their wood-terminated pizzas, among other Italian dishes has a serious fan following! A menu comprising of a genuinely colossal number of pizzas to browse from keeps the game admirably strong for them.


8.Rich Table

Indeed, the chops segment brags some of their most-discussed things. It has delicious varieties of pizza and pasta and offers really good services. You can visit this restaurant with colleagues and family.


9.Pizza Lord Home

This spot offers variety pizzas like Double Stacked Pizzas, Fire Pizzas, Deconstructed Pizza, and even has some desi variations like Amritsari Swaad, Maggi Pizza, etc. Other than your risottos and pasta, sandwiches assume a significant part in Italian cooking as well, there’s almost nothing superior to a sandwich that includes new, hard bread, tomatoes, and cheese with the perfect measure of basil.


10.Da Pizza Hotel

They guarantee you get the legitimate Italian connoisseur taste in every single chomp! Do attempt their Aglio Olio Pizza when you visit this diverse spot. The pasta here poses flavours like a warm embrace, and one chomp will not be sufficient. We generally make it a point to get ourselves a plate of their spaghetti.

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11.Grill Experts

They do have a scope of mouth-watering dishes; however, their Pepperoni Pizza merits a unique notice inferable from its delicious fixings and fresh, slight outside base. They deliver with friendly assistance.


12.The Firangi Eats

This café is most famous for its newly prepared dainty covering Italian pizzas made in an extraordinarily planned wood-terminated stove. Good quality pizzas and pastas are available at this beautiful restaurant.

Drunken Spaghetti

13.Slice Pizza

They have an engaging pizza-making style. Its unique sauces served as an afterthought with their pizzas which add that additional cherry on the top. It is a beautiful place to have dinner with your loved ones.


14.Pizza Day Night

You can experience epic seasonings at this pizza joint, where their side dishes are pretty much as amazing as their pizzas. The joint is famous for its Chicken and Cheese Pizza.


15.Lovely Pizza

Try their Parasites Pizza, The Himalayan Delight Pizza, and the Ultimate Meat Lover’s Pizza for a finger-licking experience! You can likewise assemble your pizza by picking various garnishes as per your preferences.


16The Prison Restaurant

In case you’re searching for a lovely spot that serves amazing Italian food, then, The Prison Restaurant is the right place for you. It is known for its wonderful style; makes for an ideal place to go to for a first date. The most famous dishes here are Chicken Loaded Pizza, Diggin Special Artichoke Mushroom Pizza, and the consistently exemplary Margherita Pizza.


17.Meet And Eat

Excellent spot for the food lover in you. All pizzas are truly marvellous, particularly the Cheese Pizza and the Chicken Pizza. All the pizzas are of good quality, fresh and affordable. With delicious pizzas and pasta, all you need is a glass of Vino, and it is a great choice of place to visit for a Sunday brunch.


18.Big Mugs

With varieties of authentic Italian and hand-thrown pizzas, this diner ought to be on your rundown. A fraction of the pizzas that you need to try are the Sunny Margherita, Chili Arrabiata and Jamie’s Super Greens; the sky is the limit there after.


19.Laziz Pizza

They offer quick and excellent expert services to their customers. They prepare a new pizza base and burgers in their broiler every day. The joint has indoor as well as outdoor seating arrangements. The staff is willing and swift.


20.Hunny Pizza And Fast Food

Their Peri-Peri Pizza and Salami Pizza makes for the best solace food in the wake of a difficult day at work, so come around and cool off with their wide determination of pizzas and pasta. They serve Italian as well as fast food.peri-peri-barbecue-chicken-pizza-90806-1