Top 20 Items Made Up Of Black Channa

Top 20 Items Made Up Of Black Channa

1. Channa Chaat

The Channa Chaat is a healthy as well as a tasty dish which is served as a snack. The channa is so healthy and the tomato and onions are added to it to make it healthier. The dish is just like Aloo chaat with full of masala. The channa chaat consists of lemon juice and some Indian spices to make it tempting.


2. Kala Channa Dal

The Kala Channa Dal is the dal very famous in India and other countries as well. The dal is made up of the ingredients like water, Indian spices, tomato and onion. All the things are boiled in the pressure cooker and cooked well. The channa has been done soft in texture. Then the dal is served with the garnishing of dhania patti and chawal/rice.


3. Channa Cutlet

We all had eaten different types of cutlet which is made up of different materials like aloo, sabudana, etc. The Channa Cutlet is made up of half potato and half mashed channa. The channa and Aloo are boiled together. Then the Masala is prepared by mashing all the ingredients. Then the cutlet is prepared by hand. Those cutlets are then deep fried or shallow fried. Then the dish is served with different types of chutnies.


4. Kala Channa Curry

The Kala Channa Curry is somewhat like channa dal. But the main difference is that the curry is thick in texture and it includes curd or yogurt in it. And all the other ingredients are same as previous. The curry is mostly served with the jeera rice.


5. Masala Channa

Masala Channa is a very yummy chaat which is instantly prepared at any time. The ingredients which are used are some veggies like onion and coriander, and jeera masala. The onion is fried in the pan and the channa masala is added into it and the channa which is boiled is added and the dish is ready. It can be eaten at any time and any where.


6. Mixed Pulses With Vegetables

The Channa is the most important pulse which provides energy to the human body. The vegetable are added into it to make it a refreshing dish and served at the time of breakfast.


7. Kala Channa Salad

The Kala Channa Salad is just like a simple salad which is prepared by adding channe. The salad is finely chopped and some spices are added into it to make it tasty. Then boiled channas are added to it and served with lemon juice. The Kala Channa Salad is preferred and suggested by the dietitians also.


8. Kala Channa Burji

The Kala Channa is boiled in the pressure cooker then it is mashed. The kala channa burji is just like paneer burji. All the spices are added in it with tomato as well as onion. All the ingredients are shallow fried and mixed properly. Then the dish is served with butter roti. Usually, the dish is served in main course. The item is healthy as well.


9. Bread Channa Chaat

The Bread Channa Chat is also the type of snack which is filled with vitamins. The chant is prepared by few ingredients like bread crumbs, tomato, onion, ketch-up and some spices. Like in other dishes the channe are soaked overnight and then boiled. Then the salad or the ingredients which are necessary are chopped finely and mixed properly. Then the healthy dish is served by the garnishing of green coriander.


10. Ragda

Ragda is just the substitute of the mixture which is stuffed in the Pani-Puri. The masala consists of Aloo and channe is made to make the chaat more interesting. And the channa plays important role in this dish.


11. Three Bean Chaat

The Three Bean Chaat is very interesting dish which is prepared instantly. The dish is like chaat, it includes three types of bean and the one is channa. The dish is full of nutrition and proteins. The finely chopped salad is added into it too make it more and more healthy. Then the dish is served in breakfast or evening snacks.


12. Puri Channa Dal

The Puri Channa Dal is the dish which is served at the time of Navratries. The kanyay are invited at the homes and served food. The channa is prepared in gravy and it is somewhat like curry or dal. And the puri is made with the wheat flour. And the dish is served with the kheer dessert.


13. Chole Bhature

Very popular dish in India is Chole Bhature. The chole bhature can be made in two ways. The chole or the channe can be prepared with bhature. The dish contains huge amount of oil but it is very tasty. The channe is prepared in the gravy of tomato and onion and many Indian spices are added into it to give it a desi and awesome flavor.


14. Katori Chaat

The readymade Katories made up of eatable ingredients are available easily in the markets. The stuffing is prepared by the channe and salad. Then the katori or the eatable bowl is presented by putting the stuffing of channa in it.


15. Channa Kulcha

The Channa Kulcha is the very popular dish of North India. The kulcha is the Indian bread which is made by maida and the channa is made in the gravy. Both the things are served hot with the salad.


16. Channa Madra

Channa Madra is the dish which is used in multiple ways. The dish can be used as stuffing, filling, garnishing, etc. The channe is made in the thick gravy to make the main dish better and healthy.


17. Khusari

The boiled channa is served with the smooth flavor yogurt. The dish is brilliantly nutritious and healthy. The dish is originated from the Egypt and liked in India.


18. Channa Soup

Soups are always healthy as well as tasty. Similarly, channa soup is also healthy and tasty. The soup is mostly preferred at homes to increase the energy level. The soup increases the stamina.


19. Channa Chapati

The Indian bread Channa Chapati is the chapati stuffed with channa with masala. The chapati is normally made but only the stuffing is different from other parathas. The stuffing of the channa chapati is made up of mashed channa and hari mirchi. Then the masala is stuffed and the paratha or the chapati is made and served hot with the slice of butter.


20. Channa Pakistani

The popular Pakistani dish which is very popular in India also. The Channa Pakistani is the dal which is made up of main ingredient that is channa. The dal is rich in spices and the Pakistani flavor. The channa is served with both chawal or roti.