Top 20 Jaipuri Dishes To Try This Diwali



Jaipuri Vegetable Pulao

This Jaipuri vegetable Palau is rich in taste, and it demands items like cream, cashew and butter, but don’t worry it’s in very less amount. It’s just for enhancing the taste of the Pulao it is not going to affect the health of Pulao. This Pulao is one of the best to try on Diwali



Jaipuri Aloo Pyaaz ki Sabzi

Jaipuri Aloo Pyaaz Ki Sabzi, potatoes and onions are deep fried in ghee which gives them an ultimate taste and then soaked in butter and spicy tomato gravy which enhances its ultimate-taste. The flavours of this Sabzi are incredibly amazing. Just imagine crispy fried potatoes with tasty fried onions along with tango flavour. After having this Sabzi you are definitely going to be crazy for its taste. If you are spice-lover then try this yummy Sabzi this Diwali.



Jaipuri Mishri Mawa

Diwali is the festival of sweets. Never underestimate the power of sweets. This JaipuriMishriMawa is something you must try if you are a sweet-lover. It’s made with solidified milk (mawa), cheese, misery and chocolate, which give it a pleasant taste making it even more delicious. Don’t even dare to miss the extraordinary taste of this sweet.



 Chicken Hariyalitikka

This dish is one among the entire legendary dishes. This is special for chicken lovers. The secret behind its delicious and different taste is that the Chicken is rubbed with a paste made from coriander and mint. It has mouth-watering quality.


Jaipuri Pyaaz Ki Kachauri

Jaipuri Pyaaz ki Kachori is one of the famous snacks in Jaipur. It is given an amazing touch by spicy onion filling. Its amazing flavour is going to make your day.


Jaipuri Mawa Kachauri

Delicious sweet in the form of Kachori. Its relishing flavor is all you need to taste this Diwali. The short description of this amazing dessert is “Stuffed and deep fried bread with reduced milk solids and nuts”. It has an amazing luscious taste. This is one among the mouth-watering sweets.



Methi Baajra Poori

Bajra Methiki Poori is best matched with Aloo Pyazki Sabji. It’s made with fresh fenu greek leaves and millet flour, which gives it a special touch, making it even more special. You can also have it as an evening snack.



Malpua is very famous in Jaipur. It’s a traditional north Indian sweet. It is a very soft, fluffy, little bit crisp as well, dipped in hot sugar syrup and garnished with thickened sweetened milk also known as Rabri. This Diwali Malpua is best to have instead of other sweets.


Dal Batti

Your Diwali menu is incomplete without this delicious baked whole wheat Battis dipped in ghee and served with scrumptious panchmeldaal. This is the best combination of crisp and soft taste at the same time.



A mouth watering traditional Jaipuri sweet goes best with dal battis. This scrumptious dish is prepared by grinding bati into a fine powder and then loads it with ghee, sugar and garnished with dry fruits. You can also make laddoos and serve it as a best sweet dish.


Gate Kisabzi

Jaipuri Gatte ki Sabzi is a delicious, special and mouth-watering dish.Whether you are Rajasthani or not you are definitely going to love this dish. This dish is especially made for spice lovers. The gatte which are main in this Sabzi are made with besan. Just imagine delicious besan pakoras loaded with yummy gravy with ghee loaded chapattis. You are going to have a heavenly taste after eating this delicious Sabzi.


Jaipuri kadhi

In Jaipuri Kadhi there is no pakoras, but if are fond of pakoras just like me you can add them. They give it a totally different, yet amazing taste. Jaipuri Kadhi is very famous among all Rajasthani people. You must try it. After tasting it, you are going to be crazy for its awesome taste.



This amazing sweet dish is very tasty. It looks royal. Its name is also very royal. “Ghevar”, aroyal sweet dish, with a royal taste.



Fried crunchy dough balls soaked in sugar syrup is all you need to have this Diwali. It has an amazing sweet taste. Best dessert ever. Life is short, eat dessert first.


Sohan Halwa

It is an awesome traditional Jaipuri sweet. This scrumptious dish is full of dry fruits and loads of ghee, sugar and again garnished with dry fruits. You can serve it as a best sweet dish to your guests.


Apple Rabdi

Apple Rabdi is a famous Indian – Rajasthani sweet flavored with apples. This amazing dessert is made with milk and garnished with dry fruits. It’s basically thickened sweetened milk and has layers of malai in it. Very yummy.


Badam ka Halwa

A very tasty and healthy Halwa purely made with lots and lots of almonds. Garnished with almonds and coconut as well. It is a scrumptious sweet dish.


Bajra Khichdi

Khichdi sounds boring always but this Bajra Khichdi is definitely going to change your view towards the “boring Khichdi”. After having this Khichdi which is easy to make and very tasty, you are definitely going to become a Khichdi lover.


Bharwa Lauki

Boiled bottle gourd filled with a flavorful, soft paneer stuffing, and topped with yummy tangy tomato gravy.


Dahi Bhindi Ki Sabzi

This amazing spicy dish goes well with Naan. Crispy Bhindi flavored with yoghurt and garnished with finely chopped coriander. Looks amazing, tastes amazing.