Top 20 Jalapeno dishes


1 Jalapeno Pizza

Jalapeno is similar to capsicum and bell pepper as it also makes any dish from good to best. The taste of Jalapeno Pizza is worth anything. Pizza is not food, it is a feeling. All pizza lovers know the importance of Jalapeno pizza in their life.


2 Jalapeno Burger

The addition of Jalapeno in Burger along with the tikki is taste enhancing. Here you have two choices: one is to add it in the mixture of tikki, and the other is to add it with the veggies that you are using to add taste in the Burger.


3 Jalapeno with cream

The special quality of cream is that, in any dish in which it is added it simply enhance the texture and taste of the dish. No matter whether it is a roll,  salad, any gravy dish or normal dish, the addition of cream makes the dish yummiest of all. Same happens with Jalapeno with cream. The addition of cream makes the dish amazing.


4 Jalapeno with Cheese

Cheese is similar to cream. It also makes any dish extra special in which it is added. Once you taste it with cheese then only you will realize the specialty of Jalapeno.


5 Jalapeno with bacon

The combination of Jalapeno and bacon is simply amazing. This dish is yummy. You must have this dish if you want to get the heavenly feeling. The dish is simply mouth watering.


6 Jalapeno with chili chicken

Chili chicken is very yummy we all know that. The addition of Jalapeno in chili chicken is simply scrumptious in taste. The Jalapeno added in chili chicken is all you need to have. The spicy chili chicken’s taste is enhanced by the Jalapeno.


7 Jalapeno with egg

Yes, you can add the Jalapeno in egg also. The addition simply enhances the taste of egg dish. It also makes the aroma of the dish yummier.  You can also add other veggies with it. The addition of other veggies with Jalapeno is simply amazing.


8 Jalapeno poppers

Have you ever tasted stuffed mirch pakoda? This Jalapeno popper is nothing but the updated version of mirch pakoda. You can use cheese, cream, veggies and spices for filling or you can say for stuffing. The dish is also similar to the bread roll as it is crispy outside and soft inside.


9 Jalapeno Popcorn

The Jalapeno Popcorns are an amazing snack to have. The popcorn form of Jalapeno is easy to make and scrumptious in taste. The popcorns are very famous snack and very demanding in movie time. So, in case if you are planning a movie with your friends at home then make this popcorn and impress your friends.


10 Jalapeno Bread

Jalapeno added in bread as sandwich, bread pizza or any other bread dish is worth anything. This is one of the tastiest breakfast possible. This dish is very famous among kids as the bread recipe is similar to the pizza dish. It is very easy to make and gets ready in no time. You can give this dish to your kids for breakfast.


11 Jalapeno Chicken

The addition of yummy Jalapeno simply enhances the taste and aroma of the chicken dish. Here you have two choices; one is to add deep fried jalapeño, and other is to have normal Jalapeno that is use them as garnish. The addition of Jalapeno into chicken simply adds taste to the dish.


12 Jalapeno with cream cheese

This dish is yummiest of all Jalapeno dishes as it is made with three tasty ingredients. One is none other than the Jalapeno, the second one is cream which simply makes every dish yummier and the third one is cheese which is used to add taste in every dish. The taste of this dish is simply mind enhancing and refreshing as well.


13 Jalapeno Dip

Jalapeno Dip and Jalapeno poppers are very famous. The combination of these two simply rocks. This is the yummiest of all Jalapeno dishes to have.


14 Jalapeno poppers with bacon

The bacon used as stuffing or filling in Jalapeno and then transformed into poppers are all you need to taste if you love Jalapeno poppers and bacon. You can add lots of cream and cheese into the material to enhance the taste of poppers.


15 Jalapeno curry

There are several curry dishes that have an amazing taste. One such gravy dish is Jalapeno curry. The addition of Jalapeno into tangy gravy is all you need to taste. You can’t afford to miss this amazing dish. You can garnish the it with coriander leaves. The garnishing part of the dish with coriander is optional but it enhances the look of the dish and makes it impressive.


16 Jalapeno and Pineapple Pizza

The Jalapeno and pineapple pizza is tastiest of all Jalapeno pizzas. The normal Jalapeno pizza is delicious, but this is somehow different. The addition of pineapple along with Jalapeno as the topping is all you need to experiment on your pizza. The combination of these two is taste enhancing.


17 Jalapeno Bites

This is the amazing form of snack that you can make with Jalapeno. There are a number of bites like potato bites, chicken bites and much more. But the taste of Jalapeno bites is yummier than any other bite dish that exists.


18 Jalapeno fries

The taste of Jalapeno fries is simply out of the world. You can’t afford to miss such an amazing dish. The addition of butter in the fries simply enhances the taste. The addition of butter is optional but highly recommended by me.


19 Jalapeno lemonade

The taste of lemonade is simply mind refreshing. The addition of Jalapeno into lemonade is delicious. The combination of Jalapeno and lemon is very good for health also. It is not only amazing in taste but it is healthy as well. The garnishing part of this lemonade is also very impressive.


20 Jalapeno Margarita

The Jalapeno Margarita is an amazing drink that anyone can have. The drink is very well garnished with chopped Jalapenos.