Top 20 Japanese Restaurants In Kolkata

Top 20 Japanese Restaurants In Kolkata

After the ultimate craze of momos and all kinds of dumplings in India and its addition to other street food, Indians have now accepted and realized their love for Sushi. This has happened due to the availability of vegetarian options, but acceptance of other Japanese delicacies has also increased. But once you start to love Japanese food, the difficulty remains to find a place that serves authentic Japanese food prepared in the original style with less oil and spices. It’s a complex layering of simple food, and that’s the reason the world loves it due to its crafting. Here’s a curated list of masters of perfect Japanese Cuisine to try in Kolkata:


Wasabee, at multiple locations in Kolkata, is the perfect place to try authentic Japanese flavors. They have a red decor that gives an Asian eating station vibes. Their N’Giri Sushi, Pork Teriyaki, and Squid Miso Soup are fabulous. They have curated Bento Box options with Sushi, Sashimi, and Curries. You can’t miss their Seafood Hibachi Sizzler, Yasai Veg Sushi Boat, Uramaki, and Temaki. This place is indeed a haven for Japanese cuisine.

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2.Zen – The Park

Zen- The Park in Park Street is a gorgeous Japanese Fine dining restaurant with wooden interiors and cozy decor. It provides a soothing experience of eating here like its name. They have fusion dishes as well. Their Salmon and Mushroom Sushi, Firecracker Maki, and Asparagus Tempura Roll are an absolute burst of flavors in the mouth. Their Niniku Garlic Rice and Udon Noodles are great to try on the side.

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Aajisai in Ballygunge serves super delicious and authentic Japanese dishes. Their Octopus, Salmon, and Tuna Nigiri Sushi and Wasabi are mouth-watering. Interestingly, there is a Sushi conveyor belt and sophisticated interiors with good music. Chicken Yakitori, Sushi Rolls, Kakiage, and pork Gyoza are delectable and traditionally made. Watermelon Mochi Mocktails and Green Tea Icecreams here are refreshing.

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4.Sushi My Dream

Sushi My Dream is a Japanese delivery-only joint in Kalighat. They intend to provide an authentic Sushi experience at your home. They serve extraordinary Tofu and Chicken Satay, Prawn Tempura, and Chicken Yakitori. Their Avocado Maki, Uramaki Sushi, Crab Nigiri, Udon, and Soba Noodles with Chicken Teriyaki are mouth-melting.

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5.The Wall

The Wall, at multiple locations in Kolkata, like Southern Avenue and New Town, offers an authentic and curated Pan-Asian buffet. Their Japanese delicacies like Sushi Boats and Sashimi Platter are sumptuous. Their Chahan Rice, Torino Teriyaki, and Mild Spicy Chicken with Sriracha Chilli Sauce are worth drooling. End the meal with their delicious Chocolate Cigar Rolls and Flaming Sun Mocktail.

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6.The Japanese Restaurant Garden

The Japanese Restaurant and Garden, with a little Japan inside, in Rajarhat is the perfect getaway amidst the serene beauty. The slow rhythmic gonging and the prayer wheels in the monastery here, away from the city noise, will take away all your stress with food that tastes like bliss. The outside dining around the bamboo sticks, with the water breeze beneath the sky, is an exotic experience. The Sushi and Maki Platters are delectable here. Other popular ones on the menu are the Tempura Fried Prawns, Yaki Tori, and their not-to-be-missed Soba Noodles.

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Mamagoto in the Lake Market Area has a typical Asian decor with lanterns and quirky elements. With all Asian dishes on the menu, their Japanese ones still shine out. Their Gomai Salad, Tofu Teriyaki Skewers, Bacon-wrapped Prawns, and Old-School Gyozas are super flavorful. Chicken Stir Fried Udon and Baked Cheesecake here are mouth-watering.

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Every meal is a celebratory one with Yauatcha set in Ballygunge. With its authentic Japanese flavors, it has edgy interiors and an elegant ambiance. They have a wide range of Japanese delicacies on the menu, and every dish here smells like traditional ones from Japan. They have various curated menus to try out their signature dishes with cocktails.

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9.Nori – The Westin

Nori by The Westin in New Town is a once-in-a-while Japanese food rollercoaster experience. From delectable food to commendable service, this place’s ambiance is paradise-like, and the view from the 31st floor is stunning. It’s perfect for a dinner date. Their Sakura Salad, Tori Gyoza, and Salmon Maki Roll with Tokyo Mule taste lip-smacking.

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10.The Orient

The Orient in Salt Lake, with geeky red and gold Asian interiors and murals, is another refreshing place to try Japanese. The ambiance is inviting, and every dish on the menu is equally mouth-watering. Their Asparagus Tempura, California Rolls, Truffle Togarishi fries, and Udon Hot Pot are a definite try. Remember to relish the delicious Japanese Fluffy Tea Cake.

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11.The Flaming Bowl

The Flaming Bowl in Bhawanipur is an Asian Cuisine heaven serving flavorful Japanese. They have an elegant decor and a cozy ambiance. Their Food presentation skills are top-notch. Their Green Tea Soba Noodles and Kyuri Uramaki are an absolute burst of flavor in the mouth, and their Miso Ramen bowl is on a whole different level.

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Mamasan, located on Southern Avenue, is a sophisticated family restaurant serving neat Japanese delicacies. They have simplistic furniture and wooden flooring, giving traditional Asian restaurant vibes. Their Japanese Teriyaki Bowl is a whole meal in a bowl itself with protein varieties. Their Special Mama Udon is a not-to-be-missed dish.

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Sushiya, on Lake Road, offers unique Japanese food and experience on a plate. Their food presentation skills are beautiful. Every dish looks straight out of an art book. Their Kyoto Dragon Roll, Yakitori Sticks, Katsu Fingers, Burnt Garlic-Shoyu, and Bulgogi Meal are finger-licking good. Their Truffle Shroom Bao and Prawn Tobiko Roll are the signature specialties.

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14.Pa Pa Ya

Pa Pa Ya, in the Park Street Area, serves beautiful-looking food in quirky plates and bowls. Their Veg Bento Box, chicken gyoza, Ninjin Kappa Nigiri, and Maguro Sashimi are flavorful. Shitake Maki, Wasabi Fried Rice, Seafood Yaki Udon, and Red Dragon Nigaki are some of the unique Japanese specialties in this lantern-clad red restaurant.

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Mizuki in Bhawanipur is a fusion Japanese abode, giving a twist to traditional Japanese cuisine. Their fine-dine restaurant serves delectable delicacies with unique colors and trendy plating styles. Their Fragrant Fried Tofu Roll, Jade Noodles, and Three Veg Numbling are magnificent. Matcha Coconut Tart and Sriracha Glazed Doughnut are unique desserts to try here.

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16.The Fatty Bao

Set in Fort Knox, The Fatty Bao is an authentic Japanese experience with cane furniture, Japanese posters and lanterns, and old-school Japanese wooden decor. Everything on the menu has the right amount of umami and spice. Their proportions are generous. Their Chilli Mushroom Truffle Cheese Baos, Char Siu Bao, and Japanese Cheesecake are mouth-watering!

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17.Sonamoo Restaurant

Sonamoo Restaurant in New Town is a Japanese paradise for sushi lovers. Their Crunchy Salmon Roll and Prawn Tempura Maki with Chicken Teriyaki will leave your taste buds in bliss. A tiny and cozy setup to take you on a Japanese Food ride, Sonamoo also offers refreshing Iced Teas and Smoothie options.

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Fuji, one of the restaurants with the most variety of Japanese preparations to order in Kolkata, serves an authentic and relaxing dining experience. Their decor transports you to Japan due to sliding doors and seating on floor mats. They create food-like art with beautiful presentation and quality. Their Chicken Nanban Taru Taru, Ebi Tempura in Teriyaki, and Seafood Okonomiyaki taste excellent. The Chef’s signature dishes- Unagi sushi and Tanuki Udon Noodles are worth trying.

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19.Asia! Asia! Asia! – Street Inspired Dining

Asia!Asia!Asia! is an Asian Street Food Retreat in Salt Lake. With quirky decors like Japanese Restaurants and Tokyo Street vibes, they serve a unique Japanese eating experience like you are in Japan itself. Tonkotsu Ramen Bowl, Cucumber Roll, Mango Maki, Chicken Onigirazu and Teriyaki Rice are mouth-watering here. Pork Belly Skewers, Udon Stir Fry, and Kakiage are worth trying here. Don’t forget the sweetest treat of Mochi ice cream and Dalgona Matcha Latte.

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Studio in Novotel, with a Pan-Asian Galerie, serves one of the best Japanese cuisines in Kolkata. It’s an elegant dining restaurant with a Bar and gorgeous decor. With friendly staff and stunning ambiance, they have a thick Japanese spread menu. Yasai Kakiage and Tonkatsu are sumptuous appetizers. Dragon Roll Sushi and Tori Teriyaki are must-try. There are featured Chef Designed Menus also to try from.

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