Top 20 Japanese Restaurants In Pune

Top 20 Japanese Restaurants In Pune

Pune is amongst the most important IT hubs in India and a vital automobile and manufacturing hub in India, often called the ‘Oxford of the East’ and is equally famous for its food and foodies. Although the people here are fond of spicy and traditional Maharashtrian food, Punekars are not far behind in relishing Japanese cuisine. This love for Japanese food goes beyond Ramen noodles and sushi. There are so many Japanese dishes that are explored and loved in Pune. These Restaurants from Pune are all about experiencing authentic Japanese dishes that you would surely want to try on knowing them.

1.Moshi Moshi

Moshi Moshi Orient is about ‘responsible dining.’ This environmentally-friendly, healthy Asian street food restaurant is fun, casual, quirky, and chic. Moshi Moshi is a cozy restaurant that leaves lasting impressions on people’s hearts. Moshi Moshi is known for dishes like Cottage Cheese, Angel Pepper, Chicken Oyster Chili Bean, Sushi Maki, and Katsu. It is a Yes!

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Moshi Moshi


A chic restaurant popular for Salmon Sushi, Dark Chocolate Mousse, and Healthy Breakfast is your go-to. After changing its menu, this place is an example of excellence. A balance of flavors and cooking to perfection leaves you with no regrets. Dining in Tien is all about green plants, fantastic lights, and positive vibes.

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3.Your Bento

Your Bento is known for their amazing bentos and unbeatable hospitality. It is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Pune. Tender and soft Pork, Delicious Chicken menus, and lip-smacking Fried Tofu are flavorful and affordable. The food is cooked with care and love, hitting right in the taste buds!

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Koji is a pan-Asian restaurant serving premier Japanese, Chinese, and Thai restaurants in the city. The cozy and contemporary ambiance provides the perfect setting for a delightful dining experience. Prawns Xo, Salmon Roll, Signature Koji Roll, Pandan Milo Tiramisu, and the chefs’ unique desserts are worth trying.

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Mamagoto translates as ‘play with food.’ Since 2010 it has been India’s first and only pan Asian café. Warm and helpful Service and the food justifies authentic oriental cuisine. Salmon Nigiri Sushi, Veg dumplings, Honey Chicken, Fried Rice, and Soup are must try. The ambiance and flavors would make you want to keep coming here.

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6.Shizusan Viman Nagar

Set to offer the best dishes with the highest quality, restrained and balanced ingredients. Here one can taste an array of handcrafted cocktails that are true to their origin. Here one can find dishes that resemble art and design. Your food comes with a comfortable and aesthetic touch at Shizusan. The Prawn Sushi is spot on, and the Spicy Mayo on top is perfect. Must try!

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Only a few restaurants in Pune blend a modern perspective with traditional Japanese cuisine, and Ukiyo restaurant leads the charge. Ukiyo means to ‘live in the moment.’ This restaurant is home to traditional Japanese cuisine with a contemporary twist. They serve almost all varieties of Japanese cuisine like sushi, ramen, tempura, soba, etc. Cheesecake in desserts is of the utmost delicacy.

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8.Ginkgo – Experience The East

Comforting and unique vibes, welcoming staff, and fair prices blend with the exquisite taste that lasts on your tongue for quite a long time. Most of the ingredients are from scratch, right from noodles to the broth. Vegetarian California Sushi Rolls and Vegetable Shouyu Ramen are a must-try at this place.

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9.The Sushi Factory

The Sushi Factory is a decent place with perfect sushi, dumplings, and ramen. There is no separate menu for kids. The menu is child friendly and not too spicy. Plenty of flavourful vegetarian options are available. Various types of Sushi, Ramen, Dumplings, Yakitori, and Soft drinks at reasonable prices and sound quality are top-notch! Chicken Tempura Sushi is just unmissable.

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10.Ichiraku’s Bistro (anime Themed Cafe)

Famous for Japanese cuisine and their bestseller Fire Bowl, the taste of Chicken Dumplings is incomparable. The food is delicious. It’s a beautiful place to hang out for anime and manga lovers. Anime fans assemble!! A big plus is a cafe with fantastic anime-themed food, a game zone with a PS4, and a manga collection for readers to enjoy!

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11.Tsuki Authentic Pan Asian Restaurant

Tsuki is the only restaurant that is entirely solar-powered that too with a green environment. Tsuki’s menu is composed of ingredients and delicately designed by its three top chefs in their respective domains and kitchens. A little heavy on the pocket but Avocado Silken Tofu Salad and Crispy Roti-Caramelised Banana-Coconut Ice Cream desserts are worth it.

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12.Kuai Kitchen

Kuai Kitchen endeavors to be the destination for delicious and affordable oriental cuisine. Lemon Ice Tea, Volcano Prawn Tempura Sushi, and Fish with Ginger and Spring Onion would make your meal wholesome. Watermelon Mocktail is a unique addition and delectable. It can not possibly be disappointing when you get a fine dining experience and steal away prices.

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When you think differently, you believe wasabi15. Diverse Asian dishes served in a Bohemian, industrial-style ambiance with a cherry blossom motif is something you can not find anywhere else. The cherry blossoms, artificial trees at the display, and perfect dinner lighting enhance the indoor ambiance, giving you a holistic experience. Crab Kimbap, Spicy Salmon, and Nasi Goreng (Chicken) would water your mouth!

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14.Kinki Kitchen – Balewadi High Street

The colorful, flavorful, and satisfying Japanese cuisine is the best choice for every Pan Asian cuisine lover. Presenting your favorite dishes will make you fall deeper in love with them. Don’t forget to eat the Chilli Oil Veggie Dimsum, and a complementary chef’s special cake will make your dinner sweeter.

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15.Youmee Phoenix Mall

Reflecting the overall culture through food and cuisine YouMee is a Pan Asian fusion food restaurant with a Manga backdrop. It’s all about vegetables, herbs, spices, and meat. The most loved delicacies are Garden Dragon Sushi, Crumbled Tofu, Peanut Ramen, and Mango Curry Ramen. Extremely viable through offers and group bookings, don’t hesitate to do this out.

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16.Green Dot Sushi

Vegans, vegetarians, or others, this is your destination. This delicious, fresh, homely sushis will make you fall in love. Made to perfection with lots of veggies and brought in with various dips is a big plus. Do try Dynamite Shrooms and Smoky Tofu when you order. Mayo-wasabi dip might be your new favorite.

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17.Mekong Folks

The main attraction in Mekong Folks is lobster sushi, savory noodles, and a lobster with black bean sauce served with tempting crunchy apple slices. The soups are wholesome. Self-made baked items and desserts are done right at the entrance. Such a serene, calm, and refreshing atmosphere is rare in the city today.

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18.Mandala Hotpot Culture

Famous for cultural food from regions Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea, and that too live cooking on your table. It would be best if you weren’t leaving here without trying Yin Yang Pot, Crystal Dimsums, and Bao Buns. You can’t miss the flavourful and aromatic broth. There are various options in veggies, noodles, or rice and sauces and toppings!

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19.Crazy Noodles

You will get crazy after having food here. All the food items we ordered are yummy and authentic here. Despite being in the mall and with all the rush, the hygiene and cleanliness level is maintained at par class. Feel free to go and try their Chili Garlic Noodles and Tupka Veg Noodles. No regrets, only taste!

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Makizushi is an internet kitchen that brings evolved, interpreted adapted Asian cuisine to people’s homes. Try the Dynamite Prawns, Salmon Volcano, Bang Bang Beef, and Philly Chicken before leaving this place. The consistently delicious and exquisite dishes will make you want to have these dishes time and again!

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