Top 20 Kebab Places Near Adil Nagar, Lucknow

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Lucknow, is the place of Nawab and Kebab, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. The place has a history of the Royal Families and their tantalizing cuisines. Mughlai is the most famous cuisine that has been devoured in Lucknow for ages. The streets are congested with numerous kebab joints and stalls.

The marinated meat pieces hung seared on seekhs, hung on the entrances of the joints, the aroma of various rich spices and the busy roads with people hassling here and there, eating, going to work etc, makes Lucknow a true wonder.

Here is a list of the 20 best kebab places you can enjoy in Adil Nagar, Lucknow.

1.Mughlai Huttz The Restaurant

The favourite kebab joint of the locals, Mughlai Huttz offers the juiciest and most flavourful kebabs in Adil Nagar area. Along with the variety of kebabs, the restaurant is known for their signature Kebab Parathas- delicious, spicy and filling. The interiors are very artistic and private dinners can be enjoyed here at peace.

Location- Kursi Road, Gayatripuram, Adil Nagar, Lucknow1

2.Lazeez Non-Veg Corner

Serving you right from the aag bhaati, Lazeez Non-veg Corner offers an elaborate menu of a variety of kebabs, biryani and roasted meat. Tender, soft, juicy and aromatic, their dishes are sure to make you eat without a limit. The mutton kaleji is their special dish. Staff behaviour is commendable.

Location- Star Plaza Ground Floor, Shop B4, Kursi Road, Lucknow2

3.Mezbaan Restaurant

Trust Mezbaan Restaurant to serve some delicious and spicy tundey and galouti kebabs. They also freshly prepare many other variants of kebabs, biryani, bread and gravy chicken and mutton. Not a very fancy ambience, but the staff is very friendly. You will definitely devour your meals here.

Location- Awadh Cplx, Tedi Puliya Chauraha, Kursi Road, Lucknow344

4.Farabi Restaurant

Farabi Restaurant serves Mughlai delicacies in a very pocket-friendly price range, kebabs being their speciality. The ambience is very decent and calm. Their specialties include rogan josh, boti kebab, chicken barra, chicken changezi and all other variants of kebabs. For the lovers of sweets, they also have a dessert menu, among which shahi tukda is the most loved among locals.

Location- 8/899, Vikas Nagar, Lucknow5

5.Al Kabab

Al Kabab makes sure that each of its customers has a great experience that serves their hunger cravings for aromatic and tender kebabs, Chinese and Mughlai. Ranging from tangri kebab, boti kebab, shami kebab, reshmi kebab and a lot more, the fragrance of their dishes is enough to make you hungry. They also serve other dishes than kebabs, all of them equally appealing and appetizing.

Location- Picnic Spot Road, Khurram Nagar, Lucknow55

6.Deva Food Mart

Deva Food Mart is known for its tantalizing flavours and unfamiliar food, presented with a homely feeling. The restaurant is spacious, decorated and has well-behaved staff who are always ready to help. They have an extended menu, serving Mughlai and Chinese main courses, thalis, as well as North Indian dishes. Their specialties include tikkas, chaap tikkas, biryanis, kebab parathas and more.

Location- Arif Chambers -1, Kapoorthla, Aliganj,  Lucknowrestaurant_659116_0

7.Tunday Kebabi Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 1905, Tunday Kebabi is one the oldest restaurants serving authentic kebabs and Mughlai. Their recipes reflect the true authenticity of kebabs, and are passed down from generation. They maintain authenticity to give their customers the genuine royal taste of the food. The restaurant has mastered the tunday kebab recipe, which has 160 secret family spices. The restaurant’s interiors are mesmerizing. Order a glass of chilled refreshing drink, and enjoy a plate of biryani with some mouth-melting kebabs.

Location- Sectir F, Tunday Towers, Kapoorthala Road, near Novelty Cinema, Aliganj, LucknowTunday

8.Afreen Dine & Delivery

Afreen Dine & Delivery always has customers lined up at their counter because of the delicious food they serve. Their staff is very well-equipped, and don’t let anyone wait for too long to enjoy delicacies. The afreen korma, biryani, kebab, sheermal, shawarma are to die for. Along with mutton and chicken, this place also serves buffalo meat. They have an organized seating, to have leisure dinner or meals with family and peers.

Location- Chauraha no.4, Kursi Road, Near Tehdipulia, Lucknow8

9.Barbecue Non-Veg Restaurant

As the name suggests, they are a barbecue specializing restaurant, serving you the distinct taste of barbecued tikkas, kebabs, rolls, chaap, and more. The services appetizers and main courses very appealingly. Cleanliness is prioritized in the restaurant. Boti roll is the local favourite. The infrastructure might feel a bit congested.

Location- Sector F, Bhavna Complex, near Icon Hospital, Jankipuram, Lucknow


10.New Lucknow Kitchen

This restaurant is well-fit for parties and family gatherings. The ambience is very joyful, and the food is heavenly. Along with delicious non-vegetarian kebabs, biryanis etc, they also serve luscious vegetarian options like Mushroom crispy, baby corn chilli and more. Their fish dishes are loved widely.

Location- Sector F, Sahara States Road, Jankipuram, Lucknow10

11.The Biryani Shop

The biryani shop offers you the best aromatic and delicious biryani in all of Adil Nagar locality. The range from Hyderabad biryani, Dum biryani, handi biryani, anda biryani, chicken and mutton biryani, as well as veg biryani.

Location- Adil Nagar, Lucknow, UPp8yupf7xvqpmk6nkytuk


Aryan Restaurant is a delight for all food lovers. The restaurant’s ambience is very beautiful, service is on-point and all the dishes taste amazing. Egg dishes are their speciality. For a lavish lunch or dinner, you can trust the delux thali, accompanied with a sundae to fill you up. The delicious taste will surely lure you for a second visit.

Location- Sector 2, Mukut Tower, Upper Ground Floor, Kursi Road, Vikas Nagar, Lucknow13

13.ACACIA- Biryani, Kebabs and Wraps

Acacia is here to serve you the traditional, age-old Mughlai cuisine. They retain the authentic taste of original spices in their dishes to let you devour the real taste of kebabs, biryani and more. Their menu has a range of Nawabi items. The interiors are very beautiful and elegant. A perfect place to have a lovely dinner or lunch.

Location- 1/117 – Vijay Khand,  Opposite Lohia Park, Kaumi Khabren Offfice,12

14.Saffron Restaurant

A very neat, clean and tidy dining place, Saffron Restaurant is one the most premium restaurants of Lucknow. Their ambience is well-lit and fancy, can easily get many pictures clicked! The kitchen and staff maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Their specialties are Khade Masale ka Murg, Rara Gosht and a lot of others. Their prices won’t be a burden on your pocket.

Location- 1/138-B, Tulip Tower, Near Pitambara guest house, Vikas Nagar14

15.Jakir Restaurant And Muradabadi Biryani

A very humble and cozy restaurant, offering some basic, but delicious kebabs, tandoori, desi Chinese and biryani. You can easily have a filling meal in this restaurant if you have a tight budget. The staff is very helpful and warm.

Location- 655/604, Tedhi Pulia Ring Road, Ashish Nagar, Aliganj, Lucknow166

16.Grand Son Tunday Kebabi

They are Lucknow’s food giant, having a number of outlets at different places. A fine dining experience, serving the best Tunday in town, and probably UP. Their meals are richly prepared, in an amalgamation of various spices, oils and herbs. The ambience is lovely here. You will definitely love their kebab paratha, chicken masala, tandoori chicken and other delicacies.

Location- Star Plaza, Picnic Spot Road, Vishnupuri, Lucknow155

17.TADKA The Taste Of Lucknow

Providing a peaceful environment for a nice meal, TADKA is a regular family restaurant. It is apt for a nice little party or dinner with friends and family. They are a local favourite, serving multiple cuisines and the Lucknowi special- various kebabs, shormas and biryanis.

Location- Khadims showroom,  Abhishekpuram, Alisha Nagar, Jankipuram Vistar,17

18.Aadab-e-Dastarkhwan Restaurant

Non-vegetarians favourite spot, Aadab-e-Dastarkhwan is truly a non-veg delight. They are a majestic underground restaurant, have beautiful interiors. The staff is very professional. Their mutton dishes are most relished. Along with that, chicken barra, laccha paratha, kebabs are also delirious. Try out their entire menu to choose your favourite!

Location- B – 3, Faizabad Road, Laxmanpuri Gate, Indira Nagar, Lucknow188

19.Kankan Kababs

A kebab specialist, Kankan Kababs are an absolute delight if you crave some tender kebabs. The soft and spicy kebabs melt in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. Sprinkled with chaat masala and drizzled with lemon juice, the kebabs will take you on a heavenly ride. They also serve biryani and gravy items.

Location- B-335, Mahanagar, Lucknow00

20.Boti Roti

There is a very famous saying, “Boti to khaate hi Roti ke sath hai”, it means that boti is meant to be eaten with roti. Boti Roti is the new town favourite. They are a food truck, serving mouth-watering tangri kebabs. Tikka kebabs, kebab rolls, fish tikka, chicken kali mirch and a lot various flavourful dishes in the most affordable price range.

Location- D-2/533, Sector F, Jankipuram, Lucknow20000