Top 20 Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Top 20 Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Life Easier
Top 20 Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Ordering from a restaurant and hotel can be pretty expensive if you do it daily. If you are a student or an adult, you should know how to cook because cooking food yourself is much healthier and food is our primary need. But cooking disasters can be a big mood-spoiler, especially if you are new to cooking.

So here we have 20 hacks to make your cooking experience easier and funnier. These hacks can be your savior, so read them properly.

Let’s start!

1. Homemade Butter paper

Don’t worry if you don’t have a branded butter paper at home. You can make it yourself easily at home. All you have to do is, take a white paper sheet and apply some refined oil with the help of a brush. Remove extra oil and your butter paper is ready.1

2. Separating egg yolk from egg white

Separating the egg white and the egg yolk can be a time-consuming and messy task. But we have a solution for you. Take a bowl and put the spider sieve over it. Now, break the egg on the spider strainer, the egg yolk is automatically on the sieve and the egg white, in the bowl.222

3. Stucked glass

In Indian households, steel is the most common utensil. We all face the stucked glass problem. But here’s the solution. When your glass is stucked, apply some oil in between, and, by pushing, spin it around, you will see both your glasses are not stuck anymore, and they will come out quickly.3

4. Stop overflowing of milk

The overflowing of milk is so common because we always forget to put milk off the gas stove. To stop the overflowing of milk, you have to keep milk boiling and put a stick over the vessel. You will see after a boil; excess milk is controlled by the stick. It prevents the overflow of the milk.45.

Soften butter

Butter enhances dish’s flavor, but we hate when we forget to bring it to room temperature. At this time, you can cut butter into pieces and let it rest on the for about 10 minutes. The smaller pieces will soften up faster than whole large stick.6

6. Keep ice-cream cool

Guests are coming and your fridge stopped working and there are so many packets of ice-cream. What will you do? You will freak out, but here’s a solution. Cover the ice-cream packet with bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is an excellent insulator and your ice-cream will not melt.7

7. Even muffin batter

If you are tired of getting different sizes and shapes of the muffin. Here’s a hack for you. Use an ice cream scoop to portion out muffin batter evenly. It will give an equal quantity of batter to each mold.8

8. Prevent potatoes from browning

Here’s a trick that I had learned from my elders, if you want to use peeled potatoes after some time, then soak them in cold water to prevent them from browning. No more darkness!potato-cheese-pierogi-recipe-1136822-step-03-e64cad56fa864e30b49f876e9ad884e0

9. Salt adjustment

Salt is the key ingredient in food and especially in “Indian Sabji”. Without salt, everything is tasteless. But sometimes, we mistakenly add extra salt, and it ruins our whole “Sabji.” Don’t freak out; here is a hack that you can try. You can add 2-3 spoons of yogurt or milk to neutralize the effect of extra salt. Or you can add a slice of raw potato into the dish. The starch present in the potato absorbs the excess salt.9

10. Goodbye to teary eyes

The secret of every Mouthwatering dish is the tadka of onion. But we can’t deny the pain associated with them. But here’s a hack to say goodbye to our teary eyes. Soak onion in water for half an hour before cutting them. It will reduce the release of acid and enzymes into the air, and you can now easily chop them.99

11. Safe semolina

We bought semolina in a vast quantity, but due to the attack of insects, we have to throw it in the bin. Whole semolina is thus wasted. Here’s a hack, dry roast semolina for 2-4 minutes and then pack it in a tight container. It avoids the attack of insects in semolina.semolina-1200×628-facebook-1200×628

12. Cutting Chilies

When we cut chilies, its sensation remains in our hands and nails. And mistakenly, if you touch your face with the hand, you know better what will happen! To avoid the sense of chilies, use scissors instead of knives.12

13. Measuring cups

We watch videos on YouTube and get inspired, and start cooking and baking. But the dish tastes not so good sometimes because of inappropriate measurements. Using measuring cups instead of regular cups gives you exact measurements and saves your time. And with appropriate sizes, your dish is going to taste excellent.13

14. Storage for green vegetables

Everybody loves to eat fresh green vegetables, but within two days, fresh vegetables are no longer fresher. Here’s a hack for you to keep your vegetable fresh for more than three days. Rinse the vegetables, and wipe them with a cloth. Now take a fabric bag and pack all the vegetables in it and keep it in the fridge.14

15. Vegetable chopper

If guests are coming, and you take a lot of time to chop all the vegetables, Here’s an apt hack for you. Instead of using one knife for all the vegetables, use a vegetable chopper. It will do its work faster and  will save your time.15

16. Clean Veggies

Nowadays everything has chemicals, whether it be fruits or vegetables. Even under running water, vegetables are not cleaned properly. But if you are someone who doesn’t want to clean them with harsh chemicals but also wants clean vegetables, the only thing you can do is to take baking soda and water and scrub vegetables gently. As a result, all the grit, grime and pesticides will remove, and you will get fresh, clean vegetables.16

17. Long life of banana

Who doesn’t love bananas, but the sad part is they get rotten in just two days. But you can keep your yellow banana longer by covering its stem with foil paper. Thus, you can enjoy it for more than 5-6 days.18

18 Baking without oven

Nowadays, everybody loves baking, but the oven and the OTG seems to be an expensive choice. So, here’s a solution to make the oven at home by just using a cooker/ kadhai. Add some salt to it and place a stand. Now remove the ring and the whistle of the cooker. Always preheat it before baking and now you can bake anything you want.19

19. Fun cooking with chopping board

If you have extra time than regular, make cooking fun by using a chopping board instead of a common plate and knife. Using a chopping board for chopping, will make you enjoy the process, and it will never make you feel like you wasted time. You will always learn something interesting.


20 To-do list

Before getting into the kitchen, always make sure to have a to-do list. The kitchen can sometimes be both irritating and addictive at the same time, if you start loving the process of making food, you will never get out of it and it may consume a lot of time. So, to save your time, always make a to-do list of what to chop, what to cook, and what to bake. Everything will be easy and on time, and will save you from freaking out.200