Top 20 Kitchen Tips To Make Food


1How To Chop An Onion

Well, onion will surely bring tears to our eyes but that doesn’t mean it is discarded. In fact, it is a much loved vegetable and adds a great flavor to the dish. Well, first thing first. You have to know the art of chopping the onion…you need to cut the slices in even manner because otherwise the burning time may vary.


How To Master Basic Knife Skills

Always remember to have a sharp knife and not a blunt knife. For better control hold grip of the blade with the forefinger and thumb. And most importantly ensure that your cutting plate doesn’t slip. For this keep a damp piece of towel below.


 How To Boil A Brown Egg

Sounds very simple but an errorless, runny yolk can be lost in a short time so timing is the main point. The time of a boil depends on how soft you need the eggs to be, but it is always best to begin with them at normal temperature to keep from under cooking them. For a softly boiled egg, take a pan of water to the boil, kindly, quietly, not roughly, put the egg into it with a spoon and cook for four to five minutes. The longer you cook the egg, the firmer it will be.


The Delicious Pasta Combination

Well, doesn’t garlic and parmesan sound to be too delicious for words? And I bet making a pasta with it is a wonderful choice. And all those pasta lovers….I am sure you second my thought.


Poaching Eggs

This is indeed an healthy method to prepare the ever-loved eggs. This is mainly because you are not in need of oil or butter to cook with. These eggs can be consumed just like that on, say for example, bread.


How To Melt The Chocolate

Using a technique called ‘bain-marie’ to melt chocolate might sound different or weird, but it`s actually really very easy, and it will make clear that you do not destroy your favorite sugary treat by burning or separating.


How To Make A Yummy Omelette

For a delicious meal, you cannot beat an egg omelette. Mix your eggs until they are entirely combined, shink into a frying pan, and distribute loosely over your fillings. To make it soft, drag the egg into the center of the pan as it sets.


How To Bake A Potato

The potato needs very short time to turn it into a big meal, but a few adjustments to your method can change it from just medium to outstanding. Take a stab at slapping the outer part with a little oil, and white salt for potatoes that have crisp skin and soft white flesh.


How To Dry Roast A Chicken

Roast chicken is a Sunday favorite recipe, but you can add even more flavor by stuffing it. Use a doctor thermometer or inspect that the juices run clear.


How To Make Gravy.

Real gravy or sauce made in the heating pan tastes so much better than fine powdered gravy. Fry some finely chopped vegetables, such as reddish, onions, in the lower part of the pan on a high flame, until caramelized.


How To Make Gravy Stock.

A good gravy stock can raise your soups, risottos and stews to the next level. Add vegetables like celery, onion, reddish, rosemary. Shield with water. Add salt and pepper, about a tablespoon of salt, 1/4 tsp. of pepper. Bring to a boil and instantly reduce heat to bring the stock to barely a simmer.


How To Make Rice

Rice is an everyday basic supply that deserves to busk properly. You don’t need to purchase a rice cooker to get soft grains method, you can also simply uses a lid based fry pan of boiling water.


How To Disunite An Egg From Yolk.

Lots of recipes are for only egg whites. One of the best methods to disunite egg from yolk is to crack the egg with the stock side of a knife, open the egg shell into two halves, letting the white yolk down into bowl underneath before extracting the yolk into a separate.


Kneading Dough For Roti

We all know how to knead dough; but the tip here is add enough water and oil so that the dough is soft.


How To Crush Garlic

Garlic is very necessary to many recipes, and learning how to cut it with a knife will not only save you from the trouble of buying and washing a garlic crusher but will give you a similar paste, which will simply vanish into your dish with no cluster. A simple tip is that you needn’t take the time of peeling the clove since while crushing the garlic on a chopping board with the blade of the knife placed flat on the clove (but be careful that the sharp side is facing in the direction away from you) the skin will become loose.


How To Prepare Green Chilies

Fresh chilies can add a strike to your cooking. You can variant the heat relying on the type of chili that you were using, and whether you prepare it with the beans or not.


Browning Your Meat

You get a rich flavor by browning your meat. Also it is attractive to the eye. And not miss the aroma that is so wonderful!


How To Cook The Steak Perfectly

Pan-frying is one of the simplest ways to make sure that your beef is cooking precisely – the cooking time will rely on how well-done you like your flesh, how extent the cut is, and what type of beef it is.


How To Make A Salad Dressing

The Vinaigrette is a simple French salad dressing which is made from oil and vinegar, in the essential ratio of three parts oil to one part vinegar.


How To Stay Safe In Your Kitchen

Firstly, always wash your hands or use sanitizer before cooking or eating. Use separate cutting boards for uncooked meats and vegetables, and make sure to wash off all utensils completely after use. When storing meat in the refrigerator, always use a clean, air-tight container and place it on the lower shelf to avoid dropping onto other foods. And the most important thing is instead of using towels to lift the vessel, use potholders.