Top 20 Korean Food In Khao Galli Agra

Korean food originated in Korea. It is becoming quite famous among the Indians. People like to try unique Korean food items. Korean Cuisine mainly has rice, vegetables, meats, and lots of seafood. The use of dairy is almost absent in Korean foods. The world considers Korean food very healthy because it has low calories as cooked in little oil. Most Korean diet consists of steamed food. Korean music and drama have become quite famous among the youngsters of the present generation. Similarly, the demand for Korean cuisine has created a distinct identity in the Indians.

1. Kimbap

Kimbap is Korean street food. They make this dish from sushi rice, meat, spinach, and stir-fried vegetables. Then it is wrapped in a seaweed roll. After which, they cut it into bite-sized discs. Along with Kimchi, the cooks serve it. These look like Japanese sushi but are very much different from sushi.


2. Shin Ramen

It is one of the famous Korean cup noodles. They are glossy, curly, and very chewy. Slurping them up is fun. It is hot and spicy. They sometimes cook it along with mushrooms and carrots. It is a globally liked dish.

Shin Ramen

3. Black Noodles

This dish is black noodles as they are black. It is popularly known as Jajangmyeon. They top it with a thick layer of sauce made from diced pork, Chunjang, and vegetables. They make it from soya beans, wheat flour, and fermented. It is a comfort dish.

Black Noodles

4. Kimchi

This is a traditional Korean dish. The cooks use it as a side dish. They make it from fermented vegetables and salt. Vegetables such as cabbage and radish are incorporated. It tastes sour and spicy. It is a fermented dish.


5. Bulgogi Dupbap

This is a Korean ria bowl. They top it with marinated, thinly sliced beef. It also has onions, soju, sesame oil, sugar, and kiwi. It tastes salty and, savory and it is mildly sweet.

Bulgogi Dupbap

6. Tofu Stew

It is a famous Korean cuisine. They make it from fresh soft tofu. Onions are used by the cooks. It also has mushrooms, meat, seafood, and gochujang. It is not very thick and heavy. They season it with fish sauce and garlic.

Tofu Stew

7. Korean Fried chicken

This is a popular snack in Korea. They coat it with cornflour. The flavors of garlic, salt, paprika, and pepper. It is deep fried.

Korean fried chicken

8. Korean Chicken Popcorn

This is a famous Korean street snack. The cook makes it from boneless chicken nuggets. Then it is deep fried. The chicken is coated with spicy, tangy, and sweet sauce. It is very crunchy in taste.

Korean chicken popcorn

9. Korean Mixed Rice

It is popularly known as Bibimbap. As the name suggests, it can be veg as well as nonveg. It is a bowl of hot white rice topped with Gochujang, and soy sauce. They season it with a lot of veggies and egg or meat.

Korean Mixed Rice

10. Chicken Soup

During winters this dish is most favorable. They make the chicken soup from the boiled chicken along with some spices in the water. It is a comfortable dish.

Chicken soup

11. Tteok-Book

This is a simmered rice cake dish. It can be veg or non-veg. They season the dish with sesame seeds, gochujang, and mushrooms. They can use crabs for non-vegetarians. The taste is sweet and spicy. It is chewy and super tempting.

Tteok book

12. Bingsu

Bingsu is a Korean ice dessert. They make it from chopped fruits, condensed milk, fruit syrup, red beans, and jelly. It looks lovely and delicious. It is sweet.


13. Soy Sauce Crab

This dish is popularly known as Gejang. It is a seafood cuisine of Koreans. They make it from crabs which they marinate in raw Ganjang or chili pepper powder.

Soy sauce crab

14. Japchae

It is a savory and sweet dish. They make the noodles from sweet potato starch. Then these noodles are fried with vegetables. Garlic, egg, green onion, sesame oil, spinach, sugar, and mushrooms.


15. Hangover Stew

This dish is popularly known as Haejang-Guk. It is a Korean soup. As its name suggests, the dish is to cure hangovers. It is steamy and has rich flavors. They use different ingredients to soothe the stomach and soul.

Hangover stew

16. Chimack

It is a combined dish of fried chicken and beer. It is a go-to dish in restaurants in South Korea. Although not very popular in Agra but some places serve this dish. It is cold and carbonated wine. It tastes spicy and salty.


17. Samgyeopsal

It is a dish of grilled pork belly. It looks like bacon. The pork belly is grilled and made very juicy. There is a blast of flavors in this dish.


18. Haemul Pajeon

It is a seafood pancake. The dish is a savory pancake made from scallions. They make the Pajeon from wheat flour, cold water, and scallions. They serve this dish along with steamed rice and soup. It has many green onions, vegetable oil, and sesame seeds. It is soft and crispy.

Haemul Pajeon

19. Spicy Cold Noodles

This dish is called Bibimnengmyun. They serve the noodles in a steel bowl that has cold broth. It also has cucumber, boiled egg, cold -boiled beef. The noodles are of flour and sweet potato.

Spicy cold noodles

20. Jjigae

This dish is a Korean Kimchi soup. It has pork as a side dish. They make it from gochujang, hot pepper flakes, anchovy stock, and many vegetables.