Top 20 Korean Foods You Can Get Online In India


If you are a k-drama or a K-pop lover, then you might crave Korean foods, watching your favourite Korean actor or singer enjoying those foods. But the perfect Korean foods are hard to find in India. So here is the list of top 20 Korean foods that you can order online in India. These foods and beverages have enriching and fantastic flavors. They are all a must-try. You can get both vegetarian and non-vegetarian Korean foods here in India. All the mentioned foods are moderately priced. You can get anything from fish sticks to ramyun, from sweet pies or spicy chips.

1. Nongshim Stir Fry Shin Ramuyn Instant Noodles

The ultimate non soupy ramuyn with typical Korean flavors. It is very spicy. It is filling and makes a healthier meal. This product is available on Amazon at a reasonable price.

2. Bts Hy Hot Brew Vanilla Latte

All K-Pop fans, here is the perfect drink for you. A BTS special hot brew vanilla latte. It tastes heavenly and is available in special packages for all BTS members. It is a must-try for coffee and BTS lovers.

3. Honeycomb | Pack of 2 | Dalgona Candy

Squid Game lovers, here is the perfect snack for you. It is sweet and can be added to your milk for flavor. You can find it on Amazon for a very reasonable rate. It is in a round shape. A perfect snack for those who wish to feel like they are in squid game.

4. Samyang Carbo Buldak Super Hot Spicy Noodle

This is a hot spicy flavored ramen that you can buy from Amazon. It has the flavors of the Italian pasta known as carbonara. It is delicious and a must-try. It is not for those people who cannot handle spice.

5. Homcook Kimchi 

What is a typical Korean meal with no kimchi? It is nothing. Get a sour and spicy, oil-free, fermented cabbage to enjoy with your meals. It is bottled and fresh. You can get it on Amazon at a reasonable price.

6. Samyang Cheese Hot Spicy Chicken Ramen Noodles 

Now enjoy your favorite Samyang Korean ramen in cheese flavor. These noodles taste delicious and are a perfect snack to enjoy with a k-drama. They do possess a spicy quality which tastes fantastic with cheese. You can get it on Amazon at a reasonable price.

7. Seawood Soup 

It is a typical Korean dish that you can find on Amazon, and it is made by a Korean chef. It has spectacular Korean taste. This soup is a must-try. It is 100% natural, and this seaweed soup has a shelf life of 365 days. The price is also reasonable.

8.  Orion Custas Cupcake

This is a sweet Korean snack. It is soft and filled with cream, and it has incredible taste. If you have a sweet tooth, then this is the Korean snack for you. It can be bought from an online site Korikart. This snack is a must-try for all.

9. O’rice Cracker

This is a light Korean snack. It is highly delicious, and this snack is 100% baked, not fried, and is low priced. You can find it on Korikart. It is a pure vegetarian snack. A must-try for all as it has a slightly sweet and salty taste.

10. Seasoned Seaweed

Seaweed is high in nutrients. It is a light Korean dish that is a great source of iodine. You can get this from korikart at a reasonable price. It also helps to prevent the risks of cancer. This is very healthy, and a must-try.

11. Calbee Prawn Crackers

This snack has a rich flavor of prawn tempura. This is a very delicious snack. If you are a prawn lover, then this is a great snack to try. You can get this from korikart. It also has high nutritional value.

12. Calbee Prawn Cracker- Grilled Squid Seaweed Flavor

These crackers have a unique grilled squid flavor. For additional flavor they have a hint of seaweed that creates a deep flavor. These are high in nutrition. These crackers are terrific and a must-try. You can get them from korikart.

13. Nongshim Onion Rings

These are Korean onion rings. They are crisp and a light snack. The flavor is fantastic. These are ideal for chip lovers. These are purely vegetarian and thus can be enjoyed by anybody. This snack should be tried. You can get these from korikart.

14. Eoomuk Leaf-Shaped Fish Cakes

This is a healthy Korean snack. They are deep fried but do not have many fillers. These fish cakes are delicious. This is a ready-to-cook snack. It has no added preservatives and are made from fresh fish meat. If you are a fish lover, this is the snack for you. You can get these at KS foods.

15. Fish Hot Bar

This is a famous Korean snack, and it is very flavorful. It is made using fresh fish and is ready-to-cook. You can get these from KS foods at a reasonable price. These are a must-try.It is also a great party snack.

16. Chicken Pop

This Korean snack is terrific for chicken lovers. It has excellent taste. It is very crunchy and an enjoyable snack. It is a must-try. You can get this from KS foods. This is also lightly textured. It is an excellent blend of spices, and has a terrific chicken taste. This snack is also available in chicken pop cheese flavor.

17. French Pie Apple

This is a sweet Korean snack. It is apple flavored pie. It has a typical Korean flavor, and that is what separates it from regular apple pie. The tase is heavenly. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the Korean snack for you. This snack can be ordered from KS foods. This snack is a bit expensive but, it is worth it. It is also available in muscat and strawberry flavor.

18. Kkamang Kancho Vanilla

These are Korean vanilla flavored biscuits. They have a chocolate outer covering and a vanilla filling. These are delightful. They can be ordered from KS foods. They are low priced.

19. Yonsei Banana-Flavored Drink

This drink is imported from Korea. This a 100% natural drink with no preservatives and no added flavor. This drink is not very sugary. It has a deep and rich flavor. It is to be enjoyed with any snack mentioned above. You can get this drink from KS foods. This drink is a must-try for milkshake lovers. This is a very soothing drink.

20. Ginseng Tea

This is a tea imported from Korea, and this tea has rich flavors. It has a special flavor that makes the tea enriching and it also has a deep and soothing flavor. This tea is very famous in Korea. It is a must-try. You can get this from KS foods.