Top 20 Lavishing Cambodian Drinks

Top 20 Lavishing Cambodian Drinks

Cambodia, which is in Southeast Asia, has a vibrant and varied culinary scene, which includes its traditional drinks. Some notable beverages from Cambodia include aromatic teas and original fruit juices:

1.Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is a kind of coffee drink that is served chilled or cold. It is made by brewing coffee in any traditional way, like espresso or drip, and then adding ice to cool it down. The coffee is brewed hot and then poured over ice, or it can be brewed cold, in which the coffee grounds are steeped for a long time in cold water.

Iced Coffee

2.Chilled Tea

Chilled tea is a chilled refreshment made by soaking tea leaves in water and serving it over ice. Like hot tea, chilled tea can be made using different kinds, like dark tea, green tea, natural tea, or various teas. Typically, the tea leaves are first brewed with hot water to extract their flavors. Then this brewed tea is chilled by adding ice or refrigerating it.

Chilled Tea

3.Samlor Korko

Samlor Korko is a traditional Cambodian dish in Khmer food. It is a type of stew or soup made with a variety of vegetables. It also includes seafood, tofu, meat, or another protein. In English, the dish known as “Samlor Korko” means “mixed soup” or “mixed stew.”

Samlor Korko

4.Teuk Dos

Teuk Dos is a traditional dessert from Cambodia often served with Khmer food. Fruits, beans, and jellies are just a few of the many ingredients in this dessert soup, which is both sweet and refreshing.

Teuk Dos

5.Herbal Tea

A beverage infusing various herbs, flowers, fruits, or other plant materials in hot water is called herbal tea or tisane. Herbal tea typically lacks caffeine and does not contain any tea leaves, unlike traditional tea, which is made from the Camellia sinensis plant.

Herbal Tea

6.Coconut Juice

Coconut juice—also referred to as coconut water—is a clear, slightly sweet liquid that comes from young, green coconuts. It is a beverage made from natural ingredients full of vital nutrients and hydration.

Coconut Juice

7.Tuk-a-loak (pumpkin Soup)

Pumpkin is the main ingredient in pumpkin soup, also known as Tuk-a-Loak. It can be prepared in various ways, depending on personal preference and culinary tradition. Pumpkin is frequently cooked with onions, garlic, herbs, and spices in pumpkin soup recipes.

Tuk-a-loak (pumpkin Soup)

8.Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice is a beverage made from the sugarcane plant that is both sweet and refreshing. In many parts of the world it is a standard drink, especially in tropical areas where sugarcane is grown.

Sugarcane Juice


Tea made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant is known as green tea. It is a famous drink known for its reviving taste and potential medical advantages. Green tea, in contrast to oolong or black tea, undergoes minimal oxidation during processing. This is done to preserve its distinctive flavor profile and natural green color.


10.Fruit Smoothie

A fruit shake or a fruit smoothie, is a blended drink mainly made of fresh or frozen fruits. It is a well-liked beverage with a creamy or liquid base and combines the natural sweetness and flavors of fruits.

Fruit Smoothie

11.Palm Wine

Palm wine is an alcoholic beverage made from the sap of various palm tree species. It is also known as palm toddy or palm sap. In many parts of Africa, Asia, and South America, where palm trees are plentiful, it is a popular drink.

Palm Wine

12.Rice Wine

Rice wine is an alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice. It is produced in numerous nations and regions, including parts of India and Southeast Asia. Rice wine has been enjoyed for centuries and is an integral part of these regions’ culinary and cultural traditions.

Rice Wine

13.Anchor Beer

Anchor Beer is a well-liked beer brand in Cambodia produced by Cambrew Limited, the largest brewery in the nation. It has a significant presence in the Cambodian market and is one of the leading beer brands. The lager-style beer Cambodia’s Anchor Beer is famous for its crisp and refreshing flavor.

Anchor Beer


One of the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverages, beer is an alcoholic beverage. It is made by fermenting cereal grains, typically barley, with water, yeast, and hops in a process known as brewing.


15.Samai Rum

Samai Rum is a famous and well-liked Cambodian rum brand. It is well-known for its high-quality spirits and handcrafted production. Each of the rums produced by the Samai Distillery has its distinct flavor profile. White rum, aged rum, spiced rum, and flavored varieties are examples of these rums. A combination of fermentation, distillation, and maturation is used to make these drinks.

Samai Rum

16.Craft Beer

Craft beer is a beer that is made by independent breweries using traditional brewing techniques and putting an emphasis on quality, flavor, and innovation. Craft breweries are typically small businesses emphasizing artisanal and hands-on brewing methods focusing on producing distinctive beers.

Craft Beer


Lemonade is made from lemons, water, and sweetener, and it is a refreshing and tangy beverage based on citrus. It is a drink that people like to drink a lot, especially in the summer, because it makes you feel calm and quenches your thirst.


18.Cold Coffee

Coffee that is served cold or chilled is known as cold coffee. It is typically made by brewing coffee in any standard way and then cooling it before serving. Cold coffee can be made in a variety of ways, each with its own flavor profile and preparation method.

Cold Coffee

19.Lemongrass Tea

The lemongrass plant’s fresh or dried leaves and stalks are used to make lemongrass tea, an herbal infusion. Due to its refreshing flavor and potential health benefits, it is a popular beverage in many cultures.

Lemongrass Tea

20.Lotus Seed Drink

The lotus seed drink is made from the seeds of the lotus flower. In many Asian cuisines, including Cambodian cuisine, it is a typical and traditional drink. In many Asian countries, the lotus plant has religious and cultural significance, and its seeds are used to make drinks and desserts.

Lotus Seed Drink