Top 20 Lip-Smacking Eating Options To Try At Chappan(56) Dukan, Indore


Looking for some mouthwatering eating options in Indore? All your cravings have just one solution, Chappan Dukan. Chappan is a beautiful lane full of eateries that serve a variety of lip-smacking street food options. Numerous well-known shops offer some great flavors here. From fast food to tea,coffee and soothing drinks, you can enjoy every taste in this heavenly food street in the heart of Indore. Let us see some of the top must-try food options at this out-of-the-world food lane.

1. Khopra (Coconut) Patties

Khopra patties are a unique attraction of Indore street food. It is a potato snack that contains sweet and spicy filling of crushed coconut mixed with some great seasoning and spices. Khopra patties are an absolute delight to the taste buds and are one of the most relished street food at Chappan. The patties are plated with tamarind chutney which adds to the taste and sets the mood right!

2. Batla Kachori

Another most loved snacking option at Chappan is the Batla kachori. Batla is the local name for pea in the area. Crispy deep-fried kachoris filled with the yummiest mixture of crushed peas and unique spices are all heart! These kachoris are perfect for breakfast and evening Munching. It is eaten with the tastiest chutneys that enhance the flavor and the taste comes out to be the best. You cannot stop at one!

3. Veg Manchurian Mayonnaise Roll

Who doesn’t love rolls these days?! Fully loaded rolls are an attraction among street food. However, have you heard of Manchurian rolls! Yes! Chappan brings some amazing Manchurian rolls to the table. The roll is made of Manchurian balls and lots of veggies. The mayonnaise is used generously. Fully loaded Manchurian rolls are just enough to satiate your cravings. Do try this incredible food option at Chappan.

4. Poha Jalebi

The world famous poha of Indore needs no validation! Chappan serves the fantastic combo of poha jalebi.It is undoubtedly the most loved breakfast option.The poha is perfectly tossed with sauteed onions and potatoes and served with lemon, Indori sev and pomegranate seeds sprinkled on it. The Jalebi makes it a classic and unbeatable combo! It’s worth trying when in Chappan.

5. Shahi Shikanji

The shahi shikanji is a cooling and soothing lemonade drink. It is a well-known and loved option at Chappan. The very old and reputed “madhuram Sweets” has the amazing shahi shikanji on its menu. It’s an authentic cooler and will give a soothing experience!

6. Veg Rice And Noodles

The best tossed fried rice and noodles at Chappan are Incredible. Some great shops offer delicious fried rice with noodles. Perfectly tossed rice and noodles with sauteed veggies are a treat to the taste buds. The exotic sauces add to the mouth-watering taste of this amazing dish. It’s a perfect option for brunch.

7. Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana khichdi is a well-known fasting snack. In Indore, you can find this snack on every lane and corner. However, searching for the best sabudana khichdi will bring you to Chappan! Fresh and non-sticky sabudana is effortlessly mixed up with mild spices and lemon juice and garnished with namkeen, peanuts and potato chips on top. It is an excellent munching snack and the best when fasting.

8. Momo Platter

Momos are one of the topmost loved street food and what a treat it would be to have the entire platter of momos. Chappan offers a great platter of momos which is an ensemble of all the varieties of momos. From the simple veg steamed momos to the exotic tandoori momos, you can relish it all! If you are craving some tasty momos then Chappan is your one-stop destination.

9. Hot Dog

The famous “Johny hot dog” serves excellent hot dogs at Chappan. They are made in pure ghee and served with two chutneys and onion to compliment the flavor of the hot dog. Both veg and egg options are available in hot dogs. The hot dog is made of Crispy potato patty and veggies sandwiched in a fresh bun.

10. Fried Crispy Chicken Roll

Chappan is a perfect destination for non-vegetarians as well. It boasts of incredible  non-veg options and crispy chicken roll is one of them. Incredible crispy fried chicken, veggies and mayo make it a great combo and a must try option.

11. Mix Uttapam

Uttapam is a well-known, eaten and enjoyed South Indian delicacy. The famous “Ramesh masala dosa” brings to your plate the tastiest mix uttapam. incredibly cooked uttapam with a mixture of veggies and spices is plated with coconut and tomato chutney. Come on to Chappan to try this mouthwatering dish.

12. Raj Kachori

Raj kachori is a yummy chaat snack that will satiate your chaat cravings. It is full of mouth watering flavors and spices. The big crisp kachori has the filling of potatoes, chickpeas, curd and Various chutneys. It is sprinkled with chaat masala and other toppings. Raj kachori is an ensemble of incredible flavors and a must try for chaat lovers.

13. Dairy Milkshake

Chappan has an array of sweet tooth options. The amazing dairy milkshake is one of the best sweet tooth options at Chappan. It is beautifully blended with dairy milk chocolate, cream, milk and ice cream. It is further garnished with cream and choco chips. The incredibly tasty shake can make anyone drool over it!

14. Schezwan Cheese Masala Dosa

The tastiest schezwan cheese masala dosa is the best fusion food. This fusion dosa is a major attraction at Chappan and is very popular among children. It is made of veggies loaded in schezwan Sauce and unique spices paired with sambhar and chutney.

15. Pizza Momos

Pizza momos at Chappan are a unique attraction. Momos are plated with all sorts of veggies, corn and cheese and then pizza is made out of them. They are delicious and make you feel a fountain of flavors in your mouth.

16. Shahi Ras Malai

Shahi or royal ras malai is the top dessert option at Chappan. The spongy Chena bytes and the flavorsome milk full of dry fruits and essences make a great combo. The shahi ras malai is no less than heaven for people with a sweet tooth. Come soon and relish the sweet dish at Chappan.

17. Oreo Coffee Shake

The oreo coffee shake is an ideal choice for coffee and oreo lovers. Oreo coffee shake is a perfect blend of coffee and oreo, along with ice creams and syrups. It will give a blast of flavors in your mouth with the rich taste. Come to Chappan and try this excellent, shake.

18. Waffle Cake

 Attention, waffle lovers!! Fantastic waffle cakes in various flavors can be enjoyed and relished at Chappan. They come in multiple sizes and you can choose the ice creams and other sides that are provided with the cake. It is definitely something that will enlighten the taste buds.

19. Tandoori Sandwich

Tandoori is the best of sandwiches as it’s rich in flavors and has an authentic tandoori taste. The tasty tandoori sandwich is one of the best fast food option at Chappan. The sandwich is Perfectly cooked with loaded Veggies, cheese and mayonnaise. It is paired with amazing chutneys and sauce.

20. Butter Pav Bhaji

Whether it is morning, noon or evening, pav bhaji is a perfect snacking option, and Chappan has Lip smacking pav bhaji. The most buttery and loaded bhaji with hot pavs is what we call a meal at Chappan! It is served with lemon and onions to enhance the taste.

Hope the article was helpful for you guys to know about the tasty eating options at Chappan, Indore. Visit Chappan and enjoy the amazing flavors of Indore.