Top 20 Luscious Food Items Made With Coconut Milk


1. Coconut Rice

This can be made with two ways either soaking or cooking in coconut milk. Both the ways are lusciously tasty. This is eaten with non-vegetarian curries. This taste heavenly for people who like the taste of coconut. Many times, some extra spices are also added to mushroom the taste of this dish.


2. Meen Moilee

For all the sea food lovers out there, this dish always tops the list. In South Indian language, meen means “fish”, so thus can be considered as a fish curry. This is made by cooking the fish in coconut oil.


3. Kerala Mutton Stew

Predominantly famous in the state of Kerala. This is a Mutton curry, which is made by cooking the mutton in coconut milk. Kerala being the coastal area, the usage of coconuts is gradually high there. So, every dish is associated with coconut in one way or the other.

kerala mutton stew

4. Lentil Coconut Curry

Another recipe from south India. This dish is prepared by cooking red lentil and coconut milk together by adding some spices into it to increase the flavour. This curry looks scrumptious and is eaten throughout the South India.


5. Coconut Custard

Simple yet saviour, to make this dish coconut milk is added to the custard and is left in the fridge. The coconut flavour in this dish is predominant, high, and is eaten as a dessert. A perfect blend of sweet and coconut. Some nuts are also being added, when the dish is frozen to give it a more palatable flavour.

coconut custard

6. Coconut Ice-Cream

For the ones who seems to be an ice cream lover along with coconut lover. This ice-cream is perfect for those. Coconut is added to the ice cream which gives ice cream a very coconutty flavour.

coconut ice cream

7. Coconut Cake

I happened to be a cake lover, and I like coconut also. What should I do? This dish serves the appetite of people like me. A perfect consolidation of coconut with cake is scrumptious. Also, the shavings of coconut on the top of cake works as a cherry on the cake.


8. Thai Coconut Soup

Good to know, coconut is being used in soups too. This Thai version of the soup is completely delectable. Indian soups are known and tasted but this one is good to try.

thai cocnut soup

9. Gothampu Payasam

It is a sweet dish famous in south India. Wheat and coconut milk is added to this dish to give it a perfect flavour. Something sweet for the spice capital of the country which is eaten specifically during the occasion of vishu by Keralites.

gothampu payasum

10. Laksa

Laksa is basically a noodle dish. For preparing it, vermicelli is used with a sea food along with the perfect blend of spicy coconut milk, which gives it a flavoursome taste.


11. Khow Suey

So this one is Burmese dish which is made with the help of egg noodles, meat, and of course coconut milk curry. It is now prevalent in Chennai and is eaten along with Burmese dishes.

khow suey

12. Thai Green Curry Chicken

Another Thai dish, yet sumptuous like before. Thailand is famous for its dishes which contains coconut as a core ingredient. Not just Thailand, these dishes are famous across India. The usual mix of spices makes the dish more palatable and tempting to eat. This dish also has a mix of baby corn to make it more luscious.

thai green curry

13. Goan Mutton Curry

A representation of Goan cuisine, this is considered as one of the most divine dish made from mutton. Flavour of coconut makes it more heavenly. Being aware of the fact, this dish is famous in coastal areas so coconut flavour is a must to have because it grows in abundance there.

goan mutton curry

14. Paal Appam

This is one of the famous dish in south India. The difference lie in the batter being used and the utensils used to make it. This is paired with sweetened coconut milk and is very famous as a dish for breakfast in south India.


15. Coconut Candy

A perfect blend of candies which is paired off with coconut is a must have. It can be easily made at home which makes the festivals worth enjoying.

coconut candy

16. Thai Chicken Curry

When it comes to Thailand coconut is must, and when we talk about coconut dishes we just can’t forget Thai Chicken Curry. This is generally eaten with basmati rice and is a rich source of proteins.

Chicken curry with fresh cilantro

17. Korri Gassi

This dish is originated from Mangalore in Karnataka and is prepared with the help of chicken. This is generally eaten with the famous Mangalore rice and is cooked in coconut oil for scrumptious flavour.

korri gassi

18. Coconut Milk Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is known as “cooked cream”. This is a famous dessert yet creamy and soft. It is prepared by adding coconut milk amidst cooking. For an appealing look, it is then garnished with berries and other stuff depending upon the choice of the eater.

coconut milk panna cotta

19. Chingri Malai Curry

This is basically a Bengali dish which is prepared with the help of prawns and cooked with coconut milk. This dish is predominantly famous during occasions and weddings. This is amongst the top sea food curry eaten in Bengal.

chingri malai curry

20. Curried Coconut chicken

This mouth-watering dish is very luscious and coconut milk gives a rich flavour to it. The chicken in this dish does not prepare in its usual way instead chicken is soft and undoubtedly mouth-watering. This dish is again eaten with rice and coconut gives it a savoury taste.