Top 20 Luxurious Restaurants In Coimbatore For A Luxurious Dinner

Top 20 Luxurious Restaurants In Coimbatore For A Luxurious Dinner

1. Afghan Grill

This is the restaurant present in the Residency hotel which is one of the top hotels in Coimbatore. The restaurant is filled with al fresco seating. The restaurant is located at 1074, The Residency, Avanashi Rd, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. The special in the restaurant is the Afghan grilled specialties. The seating is available nest to the pool with the background full of nature, and it gives the luxurious and pleasant feeling while taking the dinner.


2. Barbeque Nation

The concept of the live grill is satisfied by the introduction Barbeque Nation at Tamil Nadu. It is the comfortable restaurant for the one, who is wishing to take high quality and luxurious dinner. It is present at 6th Floor, Metro Park Inn, Near Clock Tower, Town Hall, Coimbatore. A person who is searching for buffet dinner can enter this restaurant and can enjoy the dinner.


3. On The Go

It is the restaurant which has blue color seating’s attracts anyone to be there for their dinner. The restaurant has the feel of peaceful ambiance. People visit here often to taste Mud soufflé, chicken tikka biryani, honey chili potato, etc. People, who are searching for ‘On The Go’ can reach here: 167, Race Course Road, Gopalapuram, Coimbatore.


4. That’s Y Food

This luxurious restaurant became the landmark of R.S Puram, Coimbatore. To meet the savour of the people, the restaurant creates Mughal and North-Indian cuisine. The restaurant provides the mesmerizing feel to the visitors to the That’s Y Food. The visitors can enjoy fine dining along with the mild romantic music and events.


5. Pavilion Restaurant

It is also one of the restaurants available in The Residency. The hotel is at the center of the city. The day can be started and ended by having special and luxurious dinner at the Pavilion. The visitors have felt that it is the Paradise for the non-vegetarian lovers. It also has varieties of desserts which can satisfy the fine dining.


6. Le Meridian Restaurant

It is the richest restaurant in Coimbatore. The hospitality provided by the restaurant is good and more satisfactory. The restaurant serves Italian cuisine which makes the visitors to visit that place again and again. The Le Meridian Restaurant is at 762, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore.


7. Latest Recipe

The restaurant is owned by the famous Le Meridian in Coimbatore. The restaurant is the best place for fine dining, and the environment is clean and neat to provide better foods. The restaurant is located at C/O Le Meridian, 762, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore.


8. Bird on Tree

It is the top 8 restaurant in Coimbatore. It is multi cuisine restaurant, and it is friendlier to the vegetarian lovers. The hotel is situated in the silent area which provides peaceful ambiance at 28 Kamaraj House, Opposite Circuit House, Coimbatore. The warm and peaceful atmosphere provides fine dining to the visitors. The interior design of the restaurant gives the luxurious feel to the customers.


9. Red Pearl Restaurant

It is the restaurant where luxury dining is available. It serves Chinese cuisine which will be loved by all the visitors. It is located at Vivanta by Taj, 105, Racecourse Road, Coimbatore. The clubby and buzzy ambiance of the restaurant gives the good feeling to the customers.


10. Cream Centre

The Cream center is the famous vegetarian restaurant at Coimbatore. It serves various cuisines like Mexican, Italian, Chinese, and North-Indian dishes. The Cream center is situated at 128/180, Orbit Avenue, Thirugnanasambandam Road, Gopalapuram, Coimbatore. Nachos Kulfi, Cheese balls, Brownie, Onion Rings, Sizzler, and Paneer Ka Baap are the dishes loved by the people visited Cream Centre.


11. Chin Chin

The restaurant gives the feel of visiting the Chinese restaurant. They serve Chinese cuisine at low cost, but the visitors feel the luxury in the restaurant. The favorite dishes of the customers at Chin Chin are dragon chicken, fried ice cream, and dim sung and vegetable noodles with prawn. The Chin Chin is present at the Residency, No 1075-1076, Avinashi Rd, Coimbatore.


12. Bazaar Restaurant

The restaurant is located at Zone by the Park, 33/3, Avinashi Road, Lakshmi Mills, Coimbatore. The visitors to the restaurants can try Beef-steak and pepperoni pizzas. They serve Thai, North-Indian, and Chinese, Italian, and American dishes.


13. Shree Anandhaas

It is one of the top restaurants in Coimbatore. It is the place where we can enjoy the delicious South-Indian dishes. There are many branches of the restaurant in Coimbatore. The dishes are served in the traditional way. The place will always be crowded. The restaurant offers General, private and fine dining in the same place. The restaurant location is 747, Puliakulam near Lakshmi Mills Junction, Pudur, Coimbatore.


14. Little Italy

The visitor to Coimbatore can experience an exquisite dining experience in Little Italy. The restaurant is located in the core area. Here we can get different varieties of foods. Those who like to enjoy several varieties of dishes they can visit little Italy. Napoli Pizzas, Tobasco, and Manali Pizzas are the pizzas enjoyed by the customers. It is at 1678, Trichy Road, Near Sangam Junction, Coimbatore.


15. Moon Rice Drive-in Restaurant

It is the restaurant where one can taste North-Indian and Chinese cuisines. The location of the Moon Rice Drive-in Restaurant is 86, Sungam Bypass Road, Near Manu Hospital, Coimbatore. The restaurant has the breezy environment, and the restaurant provides the polite music to accompany the fine dining.moon-rice

16. Kowloon

It is the Chinese restaurant in Coimbatore. It is at Collector Shivakumar Street, Coimbatore. It has hygienic and good quality foods. Yang Cho Rice, Roast Pork, Hot Perrier fish are the dishes should be tasted.


17. Zero Degrees

It is the luxurious hotel where we can have fine dining. The cuisine available in the restaurant is Finger food. To enjoy the dinner with the dance, music with the friends one can visit Zero degrees, Gokulam Park, 116/2, Avinashi Road, Mylampatti Village, Coimbatore. Great food with good ambiance and comfortable seating is available here.


18. Grain of Salt

It is one of the trendy restaurants in Coimbatore to have delicious dining. Continental, Chinese, North-Indian cuisines are available in Grain of Salt. It is present at Peelamedu, Pudur Road, Coimbatore. It is the best restaurant and comfortable for families.


19.Radisson Blu

It is the Hotel cum restaurant in Coimbatore. It is the luxurious and classy restaurant to be visited by all in Coimbatore. The buffet dinner provided by the restaurant is astonishing. The restaurant has the excellent service and hospitality. One can taste the biryani in the buffet without any hesitation. It is at Avinashi Road, Peelamedu, Coimbatore.


20. Tangerine Restaurant

Tangerine Restaurant is the best place for sizzlers in Coimbatore. There are several varieties of sizzlers for vegetarians. It is the continental restaurant where several soups are available. It is called as the steak house present in Race Course, Coimbatore.