Top 20 Mangalore Dishes


1. Neer Dosa

Neer dosa, the name speaks for itself. Neer means water, so this is a type of dosa whose batter is a bit watery when compared to the usual dosa batter.It is eaten for breakfast along with spicy green coconut chutney or red coconut chutney. This dish along with few other dishes mentioned below can be found in each and every hotel and canteens like idli and masala dosa are found in Bangalore all around.


2. Appam And Coconut Chutney

Appam looks similar to dosa but it is crispier and tastes completely different. The procedure to make appam batter is complicated. It is prepared with coconut milk and a tad bit of yeast for the fluffiness. It tastes best with the authentic Mangalore egg curry or chicken curry. Appam is one of my personal favorite dish in Mangalorean cuisine.


3. Kori Roti

Kori roti is a yet another speciality of Mangalore cuisine. Kori roti is a crispy thin paper like dish. Kori roti is prepared from rice paste which is spread into sheets and are later dried, which gives them the hard and crispy texture. It is broken into pieces, and chicken curry is served on it, it absorbs the curry and becomes soft and tastes amazing. One thing about Mangalorean cuisine is that everyone likes it, it has got a perfect blend of spices, and it never fails to surprise anyone. A small hotel by the name “Shetty’s Chicken Corner” serves the best Kori roti along with chicken curry. It is one of the must try whenever one visits Mangalore.


4. Chicken Sukkah

This is a traditional dish of Mangaloreans, which is also known as kori sukkah. This dish has its existence for over a decade probably. Sukkah is all time favourite of all the Mangaloreans. The spotlight catchers of this are the perfect moist, fragrance and the subtle tenderness and sweetness of the coconut.


5. Boiled Rice

The native name of this rice is Kuchalakki. Kuchalakki is not the polished white rice; this is unpolished and hence is better for your health. Boiled rice is eaten during the times of summer. As the summer in coastal regions is very humid and has a high temperature, this rice kanji (which is in liquid consistency) is considered to reduce heat from your body. Kuchalakki can be eaten with egg burgi or any other dry vegetable dish.


6. Steamed Fish

A coastal region and not mentioning about a fish dish is like next to impossible. Like any other coastal region, Mangalore has a variety of fish dishes. One among the many mouth-watering fish dish is the steamed anal fish. Anjal fish is marinated with a variety of spices and is later wrapped in a banana leaf and then steamed.


7. Chur Muri

Chur muri is a more of an evening snack that is most available near the beaches and park in Mangalore. Everything that goes in Chur muri is more or less the same ingredient used in the other places too, but what makes the Mangalorean Chur muri different is that the beaten rice they use and the coconut oil used for dressing. Chur muri snack is not liked by everyone because not all like the taste of coconut oil. But the addition of coconut oil gives it a whole new different flavor.


8. Ice – Cream

After seeing the title “ice-cream” what might have come in your mind is that, ice-cream? What is special in that, it’s the same everywhere? But trust me the chain of ice cream called “Ideals” what runs all around Udupi and Mangalore is one of the best ice cream ever. There is a an ice-cream parlor named “Pabbas” in Mangalore which serves unique and tasty ice-creams, few of them are, Tiramisu, Parfait, Banana split and Gadbad is their trademark ice-cream.


9. Fish Curry (Bangude Puli Munchi)

Another dish of fish. This a curry of a fish known by the name Bangui. As the name itself says “huli” which means sour. So it is a hot and a sour gravy. Tastes best with boiled rice or neer dosa.


10. Ghee Roast

Chicken ghee roast, the name itself is tempting, and I cannot help but drool by looking at this dish. One among my favorite chicken dish in Mangalore. Chicken is marinated and kept aside for around 4-5 hours and is later roasted in ghee. When I used to stay in Mangalore, there was a restaurant by the name “Maharaja” which without any doubt served the most delicious chicken ghee roast ever. The perfect dish that goes along with this neer dosa. Absolutely heaven!!!!


11. Mangalore Buns

These are nothing but sweet banana pooris. Buns is another very common dish found in Mangalore and Udupi too.


12. Goli Bajji

Otherwise, also called Mangalore Baje. Another snack famous everywhere in Karnataka, elsewhere known as Mangalore bajji. It is made from Maida along with chilies added in the batter and then later fried. Can be eaten alongside with coconut chutney. Woody’s hotel serve the best goli bajji’s in Mangalore.


13. Kottige Idli

Kottige idli is same as the other idlis, but still tastes very different from the other idlis, found everywhere else. The idli batter is poured into cups formed from the leaves of jackfruit tree, and then later are steamed. The jackfruit leaves give a very different taste to this idli. Can be eaten alongside with the Mangalorean potato curry otherwise called as Batata curry.


14. Chinese Bhel Puri

The way of preparing this is totally the same, but there is another twist, instead of adding the puffed rice, fried noodles are used. The chats stall near the swimming pool in Mangalore makes the best Chinese bhel that I have eaten.


15. Crab Ghee Roast

Another seafood dish. I am not a great fan of crab, but whoever has eaten crab ghee roast have told me that this is one tasty dish. Machali hotel in Mangalore is known for their crab ghee roast.


16. Kane Fry

Kane, one of the different fish variety found very commonly in Mangalore and Udupi. Kane Rava fry is very famous all around Mangalore. Fish is marinated by applying all the spices and is then covered with Rava all over and fried or roasted.


17. Silver Fish Fry

Silver fishes are very tiny fish. They are fried and eaten in one bite, along with the bones, which are soft. This is only how the local people here eat it.


18. Mangalore Egg Curry

Egg curry in every different place has its twist in preparing it. The twist in Mangalore egg curry is the addition of coconut milk, which gives the egg curry a whole another new taste. I have heard that the Bon egg curry masala which you get in Mangalore is the best and gives the authentic taste of Mangalore’s egg curry.


19. Mango Rasam

Mango Rasam, as the name itself speaks for itself, it is a treat for mango lovers. This rasam has a bit of sourness and at the same time it is spicy and as well as sweet, and all of the three different flavours complement each other really well.


20. Patrode

This is a dish made out of using the leaves of a plant by name patrode. This plant is grown abundantly in Mangalore. It is available in front of almost all the houses, the climate in Mangalore favours the growth of this plant. This is considered to be a very healthy dish. The filling is spread on the leaves of patrode and is rolled and then steamed. After they are steamed, they are roasted on pan with few mustard seeds if needed.