Top 20 Mathai Places In Kolkata-A City Where Joy Is Sweets



Balaram Mullick And Radharam Mullick

A renowned chain with outlets spread across Kolkata. A heaven for sweet tooth individuals with awesome Baked Rasgulla, Chocolate Sandesh and other exotic sweets. It is a preferred choice for breakfast with various savories like parantha, patties, samosas and mouth-watering desserts. Pocket pinch for one person is Rupees 150 approx.


Nalin Chandra Das And sons

The shop is located at Ramdulal Sarkar Street. Entering the shop a wide array of delicious sweets awaits you. Each sweet is prepared and presented delicately with a lot of detailing. The presentation is comparable with the international standards. The legendary Bengali sweets shop is known for its separate winter sweets collection as well.


Girish Chandra Dey And Nakur Chandra Nandy

An absolute delight for the taste buds of any person. The shop is located in Hatibagan with scrumptious Nolen Gurer Sandesh, Kacha Golla, Blackcurrant Sandesh, Jalbhara, And other sweets. The shop prepares these sweets in the open for everyone to see at pocket friendly.


 Chittaranjan Misthan Bhandar

The phrase old is gold is apt to describe this place. The shop is located at Shobha Bazaar with a wide spread of never changing delicates. Walk in now to pamper yourself with the Rasgullas. The realistic prices and novel sweets makes it a must visit.


Bhim Chandra Nag

A legendary place recognized for Sandesh. The shop is located at Nirmal Chandra Street, near Bow Bazar Market. The sweets are made with perfection where individuals especially order Chocolate Sandesh, Rose Sandesh and several others.


Putiram Sweets

A heritage shop located at College Street with exquisite taste. The shop has a small seating area known for kachori is one of the best mithai shops in Northern Kolkata. The Ice-cream Sandesh melts within moments of engulfing it. The Pocket Pinch is Rupees 100 for two approx.



A heritage shop located at Bidhan Sarani, Shyama bazaar is a place which takes you back to your childhood where sweets were cherished. The soft, light and mouth- melting sweets are a must have which leaves you craving for more. The delicious Pesta Sandesh and Rabri are the highlights of this place.



A well-known place with a tiny seating arrangement. The place is located at Gariahat Road. It is breakfast spot with different savories. The sweets are of high quality and quantity with enjoyable Rasgullas and Mishti doi among the other.


Hindustan Sweets

The perfect shop to satiate sweet cravings located at Jadavpur, near 8B Bus Stop. The selection is display lavishly with a separate seating area. Fresh dosas and other savories are prepared freshly with a distinct section for Juice and Lassi preparation. Mind-blowing baked Rasgullas and Mishti Doi being their specialty.



Gupta Brothers Sweets

A one of a kind chain which is stationed all across India. The shop has street food also available in it. The chain houses intricate sweet with flavoured Rasmalai, Rabri, Gulab Jamun being indescribable. The joints are a place where one can have full meals with thali, meal combos, chaats, And other savories at affordable prices.



The hot-stop for authentic Indian breakfast in Kolkata. The various options available here with a comfortable and spacious seating sets it apart. The place serves Jain food especially also with no onion and Garlic. The Jalebi and other sweets here just adds to the amazing thali system.


K C Das

A shop best for Rasgulla located at Esplanade. The joint is frequently visited for breakfast with delicious chai and coffee also available. The food is always fresh along with exquisite colors and shapes. Pocket Pinch for one is Rupees 100 approx.


Tewari Sweets

A heavily crowded sweet place located in different areas of Kolkata. The shop is a heritage for Kolkata with sweets made with pure ghee and of a decent quality standard. The place is visited for meals as well with amazing Imartis, Ladoos, and other sweets.



A small shop takeaway only shops with reasonable prices located at Theatre Road, Shakespeare Sarani. It is one of the oldest pure Bengali shops with a marvelous Rasgulla, Rasmalai, Gurkha Sandesh, etc. The shop also serves tasty samosas, dahi and other savories.



The shop is opposite Quest Mall at Syed Ali Road with humble staff and good service. The shop is celebrated for its Bengali sweets prepared freshly. The luscious Gurer Sandesh, Mishti doi, and Rasgulla among the others which are a must have at affordable prices. Pocket Pinch for two is Rupees 100 approx.




A joint with several joint spread across India with an outlet at Gariahat. The place speaks for itself with fresh sweets and hot savories available here. The Fusion Cake and Rasgullas are few of the marvelous sweets that call out.



A multi-cuisine vegetarian only place with separate Jain food also present. The chain is located at Gurusaday Road, Ballygunge and Minto Park. It houses a variety of cuisines with terrific thali system where food is served with devotion. A selection of Indian sweets and a decent quality is also available here.


Bhikaram Chandmal

A shop located at Dc 15, Near City Centre 1 with a mind-blowing array of cuisines. The shop is famous for its sweets available for bulk and small orders. Healthy sweets like Parval Mishti and Coconut Ladoos gives the shop an edge. Pocket Pinch for two is Rupees 300 approx.



An emerging joint with various outlets spread across Kolkata under different names. This outlet is located in Shakespeare Sarani, near Office Linc. The place is famed for its Samosas, Samosas chat, and Gujarati The sweets available here are exotic with the right taste and texture. The hot Jalebi and Rabri is the recipe to an unforgettable experience.


Chhappan Bhog

A lesser known shop located in Shakespeare Sarani. The mouth melting sweets like Gurer Sandesh, Gulab pati Sandesh, Ladoos, etc draws one towards it. A place is known by since childhood where the taste beats all odds.