Top 20 Mixed Dry Herb Dishes To Calm Your Stomach

18 Creamy Mushrooms

Dry herbs are excellent in improving our digestive system and overall health. Widely available in varieties, it is an option to look into what we eat daily. With the medicinal properties, they also provide delicious flavors to our foods. Sprinkled over snacks, it gives them a refreshing taste and calls for a tempting treat. Consumed in a limit, it prevents coronary diseases, cancer, and diabetes. Some dry herbs like Fenugreek, linseed, garlic, and lemongrass can reduce stress levels in our body and keeps us fit for a better living. With their pain-relieving properties, they help in reducing inflammations. Therefore, let’s focus on some healthy mixed herb recipes to keep our bodies functioning well. 

1. Garlic Bread 

It is a dish we are all very well acquainted with. Served with meat or sometimes consumed with a healthy salad can be a wholesome meal. With its fantastic flavor, it indeed is capable of keeping hunger issues away with maintaining the nutritious level. Try it without much thinking if you love baking.

1 Garlic Bread

2. Corn And Cheese Toast

Delicious recipe kids love to eat till their stomachs are full. A spread is made of capsicum, onions, and mixed herbs with milk and cornflour and is applied to loaves of bread. It is garnished with shredded cheese to give it a creamy touch. Alluring as it sounds, it lives up to its vibe.

2 Corn And Cheese Toast

3. Baked Vegetables With White Sauce

A creamy recipe you can always opt for without munching on snacks from food packets. Baked vegetables are tossed in white sauce sprinkled with mixed herbs. Mushrooms or paneer can be added to give it a rich finish or for serving guests for dinner. Less time-consuming and so yummy that you’ll keep licking your fingers.

3 Baked Vegetables With White Sauce

4. Sandwiches

Sometimes sandwiches aren’t just the way to a kid’s hunger; it is the way to their heart, too, and elders love it too. So let’s try to make one. Slices of bread can be filled with vegetables or fruits of your choice and sprinkled with the fantastic flavors of dry mixed herbs. Use multi-grain bread for more health benefits.


5. Macaroni

Macaroni and cheese sound lip-smacking no matter whatever mood changes we go through; it gives us soulful company. Easily made with chopped capsicum, onions, and corn and dipped in white sauce, sprinkled with the goodness of dry mixed herbs, it is pure love. You can add paneer cubes for excellent results with a pinch of black pepper.

5 Macaroni

6. Dalia Vegetable Risotto

A clean-cooked dish good for our digestive system with whole wheat grains may sound a bit bland, but it sure tastes delicious. Slightly sauteed vegetables are added with onions and dalia and cooked well till dalia is well boiled. Dry mixed herbs play an important role when it comes to the flavoring of this dish.

6 Dalia Vegetable Risotto

7. Roasted Vegetables With Brown Rice

Nothing can be easier to make when all the ingredients are always home. This dish doesn’t only save time, but it keeps our energy too by not making us run to the market for ingredients shopping when we try to create a new recipe. Slightly roasted vegetables added with dry herbs when served with brown rice make a sweet dish. 

7 Roasted Vegetables With Brown Rice

8. Cottage Cheese Balls With Herbed Spaghetti

Cheese and spaghetti, well, that sounds so much interesting. Not just as we speak about it, but when we make it, we feel the flavors playing with our minds. Crumbled cottage cheese added with local masalas mixed with cornflour and baking soda are deeply fried and served with boiled spaghetti sprinkled with mixed herbs to make our moods calmer. 

8 Cottage Cheese Balls With Herbed Spaghetti

9. Cottage Cheese With Corn And Peas

Cubes of cottage cheese are slightly sauteed with corn and peas with onions and garlic to give it an authentic taste. Mixed with dry herbs, it tickles our savory senses and keeps us longing for more, and as it’s quickly made, we repeat it often. Filled with aroma, it pulls out the hungry birds within us.

9 Cottage Cheese With Corn And Peas

10. Cheese Pizza 

Whenever we speak of pizzas, it has to be a special moment or occasion, but it can be readily made at home with the help of a pan if we don’t have a microwave. Topped with vegetables or paneer, or meat of our choice, it is a never-ending attraction. However, it is always incomplete with the top layer of cheese burst and dry mixed herbs.

10 Cheese Pizza

11. Mini Pizza Cups Muffin

So much familiar taste with pizzas can surely satisfy your cravings for pizzas to an extent. Topped with vegetables or paneer or meat of your choice, you can fill the little bowl-shaped muffins made from flour and cornstarch. To give it a final touch of flavors, add to your favorite mix of dry herbs. 

11 Mini Pizza Cups Muffin

12. French Toast With Parsley

Fresh toast with its rich texture and taste can be served with various toppings for breakfast or cravings in the evening. However, topped with sauteed onions, cheese, and parsley, it is an easy recipe dish. Flavors of mixed herbs tickle our tongue and keep us longing till we make it again and again.

12 French Toast With Parsley

13. Palak Paneer

A widely consumed dish with its rich creaminess never lets us get bored of it. We don’t seem to stop eating when it’s served with hot chapatis. Blanched spinach puree mixed with paneer cubes, cumin seeds, tomatoes, and onions calls for a lip-smacking meal. Kasturi methi is worked a wonder ingredient in this dish.

13 Palak Paneer

14. Veg Cheese Omelette

Well-beaten eggs are lightly fried with toppings of mixed vegetables and later topped with cheese for creaminess. Mixed dry herbs are sprinkled for flavoring. We can’t ignore the benefits of dry herbs, even if we are using them as a sprinkling option. We should opt for the best in regards to our health.

14 Veg Cheese Omelette

15. Broccoli Paratha

Broccoli high in vitamin K and C and low in fats can be consumed for a healthy start to a day. Broccoli paired with mixed herbs when filled in parathas is yummier than you can imagine. It is a fantastic way to feed your child the parathas they crave with a secret twist of goodness.

15 Broccoli Paratha

16. Carrot And Bell Pepper Soup

A highly nutritious soup for keeping in check our sodium intake and helps to control blood pressure levels. Rich in vitamins and low in fats and calories, this dish is an option you shouldn’t miss out on. Try it for a healthy snack in the evening or as an option for breakfast.

16 Carrot And Bell Pepper Soup

17. Herbed Sticks

This dish shows how creativity can rescue and serve us with desirable results. It is mainly used in Italian dishes. Flour, maize flour, mixed herbs, and chili flakes are added to make a dough. The dough is rolled and later cut into finger shapes and deep fried. It can make our evenings happy when served with a spicy sauce.

17 Herbed Sticks

18. Creamy Mushrooms

It’s a quick and creamy fix appetizer. With the richness of mushrooms, healthy mixed dried herbs are used to keep our bodies fit and fine. Mushrooms and onions are slightly sauteed with butter, and cream is added with mixed spices to give it an alluring flavor. It can be consumed alone or served with chapatis to satisfy hunger.

18 Creamy Mushrooms

19. Paneer And Tomato Skewers

Mostly during evenings, we find ourselves at the bay of hunger. We always want to try out something different and healthy. Paneer has been a nutritious dairy product for a long time and mixed with bread, basil leaves, and tomatoes, it becomes more beneficial. Baked and served with a tangy sauce, it calls for a terrific treat. 

19 Paneer And Tomato Skewers

20. Caramelised Capsicum Crostini

It’s a delicious and nutritious recipe mostly beneficial for diabetes patients. We sometimes run out of snacks to serve diabetic people, but this recipe won’t disappoint you. Onions, bell peppers, and garlic are used for toppings, and whole wheat bread is used for the crostini. Overspread with mozzarella cheese and mixed herbs, it gives out authentic flavors.

20 Caramelised Capsicum Crostini