Top 20  Most Delectable Varieties Of Dosa You Can Ever Have

Top 20 Most Delectable Varieties Of Dosa You Can Ever Have

1.Sweet Banana Wheat Dosa

A delicious sweet treat, particularly for kids. Serve it with cut bananas and warm chocolate syrup. This is healthy as well as tasty. It has all the healthy attributes that are mandatory for kids to eat. Kids like this dosa because of its sweet taste.


2.Mysore Masala Dosa

It is Karnataka’s claim to fame. The filling is set up with delicate pureed potatoes and curry takes off. It’s the primary food you would prefer, whenever you wish to appreciate South Indian nourishment. One of the most delectable and simple variant of dosa.


3.Paper Dosa

Who doesn’t recollect crunching on this fresh thin paper dosa plunged in hot sambar and coconut chutney.  As children, it was our record-breaking top choice. Because of it being thin, it is more crispy and therefore, liked by all.


4.Ali Pota Dosa

Delicate and elastic, the name of the dosa actually signifies ‘scooping into’, when deciphered from Tamil. It is prepared like Soft dosa, however with various extentions. Serve it with tamarind or puli chutney to neutralize the acidic flavors.


5.Oats Masala Dosa

Here comes a delicious South Indian treat for the health conscious individuals. It is fibre-rich, as well as sugar free and low on glucose content. You can also add a bit of chat masala that can enrich its taste.


6.Neer Dosa

Neer dosa, truly signifies ‘water dosa ‘, originates from the exceptional area of Dakshin Kannada. It is set up with watery rice hitter and tastes best with jaggery and coconut chutney. This is the new variant of dosa and it is truly a must try.


7.Kovil Prasadam Dosa

It is made interestingly and served in South Indian sanctuaries as prasadam to offer to the Gods. This dosa is famous for its ginger taste along with sonti. Best to eat it with ginger chutney. This is considered as the really pious dosa for the people of south.


8.Davangere Benne Dosa

The dosa is named as Davangere Dosa because it was originated in Davangere in Karnataka. Benne implies spread thus this delectable dish is made with crisp natively constructed margarine. This is the most luscious dosa that can easily be customised based on the preference of the eater.


9.Godhambu Dosa

Longing for a dosa? however don’t have much time? Attempt right now wheat dosa frecipe. It needn’t bother with much maturation and can be cooked in no time flat. This straightforward and dietary dosa is an ideal decision for your night nibble.


10.Rava Masala

You can either keep it plain or flavor it up with pureed potatoes, hacked onions, curry leaves and red chillies. Suji is one of the very important ingredient of this dosa.


11.Ragi Dosa

It is a darker shade dosa and looks quite similar to Rava dosa. Ragi, being exceptionally rich in calcium, serves as a very nutritious meal to all. You can either eat it plain or with the potato stuffing, along with coconut chutney.


12.Kaal Dosa

Very different from other dosas, Kaal dosa is somewhat thick and delicate. One of the celebrated South Indian breakfast dishes, it is presented with Kara chutney. This is one of the most delectable dosa that you just can’t afford to miss for your South Indian breakfast.


13.Uppu Huli Dosa

An exceptionally prevalent dish in Mangalore and Udupi, the hit is set up with tamarind and red chillies, giving it a ruddy surface. This dosa is a mix of sweet, harsh and fiery flavors. You are not a true south Indian if you have not eaten this dosa yet.


14.Navratan Dosa

Much like it’s name, the dosa assumes an imperial position in the league of dosas. The dish is set up with vegetables. It is a tantalizing yet sound meal when it is eaten hot with sambhar along with coriander chutney.


15.Egg Dosa

A creative dosa, it is a doppelganger of our most loved half-broiled egg. The thin layer of this dosa gives it a taste significantly more radiant and delicious. For all the egg lovers out there, this dosa is a  perfect blend of egg and batter that is luscious as well as healthy.


16.Open Masala Dosa

As the name proposes, the masala is organized over the dosa. It is marginally thicker than plain dosa and can be delighted in with Sambar and tomato chutney. This is one of the most common type of dosa, if at all you are confused about which one to order, this is the first variant of dosa that struck everybody’s mind.


17.Steamed Dosa

Otherwise called Set dosa, it is an extremely solid dish arranged without utilising oil. Easy to make, steamed dosa has a delicate surface and it can be either be eaten plain  with coriander garnishing or with tamarind chutney and  potato stuffing.


18.Pesarattu Dosa

Arranged with Moong Dal, pesarattu dosa is eaten as breakfast In the state of Andhra Pradesh. This dosa is best eaten with Upama and coconut chutney. The moong daal as an ingredient gives it a more delightful taste.


19.Dark colored Rice Dosa

Loaded with sustenance, this dosa is the best for weight conscious people. At the point when presented with tomato and coconut chutney, this sans cholesterol dosa would work well. It is a very crude dish.


20.Avocado Dosa

The stuffing of this dosa is generally made with two ingredients, avocados and onions. This dosa is a popular dish in Bangalore lodgings. You can appreciate this sizzling dosa with Sambar and chutney.