Top 20 Mouth-Watering Food Dishes from Guinea

top 20 mouth watering food dishes from guiner

Guinea is a West African country. It is rich in wildlife and is home to some rare plants and animals. It is also a mineral-rich place and has vast deposits of gold, diamond, and bauxite. It has a rich culture and deep history. Guinea is a fantastic country in Africa, with some of the best food practices. The Guinean cuisine is very diverse and rich with so many unique dishes. This list provides some of the best dishes that should be tried at least once.

1. Pepe-Soup

Pepe soup is a traditional Guinean soup prepared with fish. The fish is cooked with salt, water, and spices. It is eaten as a breakfast dish. It has a rich taste and is enjoyed with family and friends.

1.Pepe Soup

2. Yuca (Cassava)

Cassava is an important ingredient in Guinean cuisine. This dish is prepared with the paste of cassava tubers. They are put into water to ferment. It is made into a soft paste and encased inside a banana leaf, and boiled. It is a mouth-watering food recipe.

2.Yuca Cassava

3. Wrap of Pumpkin

This dish is prepared with pumpkin, which is grinded and converted to a paste. A little salt is added into it along with smoked fish. It is wrapped in banana leaf and cooked. It has a delicious taste.

3.Wrap of Pumpkin

4. Forest Snails Soup

This is a famous Guinean soup prepared with snails. The snails are caught from the forest and thoroughly cleaned before cooking. Veggies and lobster broth are added into this dish. Some spices are also added to give it an authentic taste. The soup is boiled till the snails are cooked properly. It has a rich flavor.

4.Forest Snails Soup

5. Aballah

Aballah is a taro dough recipe popular in Guinea. The dough is obtained by crushing taro and mixing palm oil in it. It is then wrapped in banana leaves and cooked thoroughly. It has a rich aroma and a very delicious taste.


6. Konkoé

This dish is prepared with smoked catfish. Vegetables such as tomato, carrot, onion, potato, and eggplant are added. Some spices are added to give it the desired flavor. It has a rich taste and is served with white rice.


7. Atanga

Atamga is a famous fruit found in Guinea. The fruit is soaked in the boiling water for some time and then removed when it has changed color. Sometimes salt is added to it to enhance its flavor. It can be served with cassava too.


8. Peanut Soup

Peanut soup is a popular soup recipe in Guinea. It is prepared with meat or fish. It has a vibrant. Cassava, banana, rice, or taro are used to season and serve this dish.

8.Peanut Soup

9. Concodos

Concodos are a popular delicacy of Guinea. It is prepared with roasted peanut kernels, water, and sugar. The sugar and water are heated until thick. After heating, it is kept to cool down and solidify. It has a sweet taste and a crunchy texture.


10. Kansiye

Kansiye is a popular dish prepared with beef or lamb. Onion, garlic, parsley, and clove are added to it. Peanut butter and tomato sauce are mixed to give it a delicious flavor. The meat is thoroughly cooked and served with white rice.


11. Peanut Wrap

This peanut wrap is a very authentic and traditional Guinean dish. It is prepared with fish, salt, and ground peanuts. This is then wrapped in banana leaf and cooked over low heat. It has a vibrant flavor and is made for special occasions.

11.Peanut Wrap

12. Rice with Chicken

Rice with chicken is a popular dish in Guinea. The chicken is cooked separately and has a very rich taste. A lot of spices are added to it to give it an authentic flavor. It is then served with rice and enjoyed as a meal.

12.Rice with Chicken

13. Patates

Patates is a popular Guinean dish. It is made with sweet potatoes, salt, and oil. The sweet potatoes are deep-fried in oil in a wedge shape. It is enjoyed as a snack and served with traditional sauce.


14. Bilola

Bilola is a popular sea snail dish enjoyed in Guinea. These snails are easily found on beaches, and cooked over skewers on grills. They are loaded with spices and have a delicious taste.


15. Ocrosoup Or Soup Of Ocro

Ocro soup is a trendy and delicious recipe in Guinea. It is prepared with chopped vegetables and okra. It is seasoned with chicken, lobster broth, or salt. It is served with banana or cassava.

15.Ocrosoup or Soup of Ocro

16. Paella

Paella is a prawn recipe famous in Guinea. It has a yellowish color. It is cooked in spices to get a rich and authentic taste. The prawns are cooked in rice. It is a fantastic delicacy.


17. Yétissé

Yétissé is a popular Guinean stew. It is prepared with fish and a lot of veggies. The vegetables are cooked until tender. It is served with okra and white rice. Some spices are also added to give it an authentic flavor.


18. Footi

Footi is a kind of sauce or stew popular in Guinea. It is made with tomato sauce, eggplant, onion, kidney beans, and water. The ingredients are simmered for some time. It is an easy-to-make recipe and has a rich taste.


19. Fritters

Fritters are a kind of dessert popular in Guinean cuisine. The dough is made from flour, yeast, and sugar into small balls. The balls are then fried until cooked. It has a sweet and marvelous taste.


20. Bambucha

Bambucha is a popular dish in Guinea. It is prepared with cassava leaves and palm kernel soup. It is a traditional dish and is served with cassava and taro. It has a vibrant taste.