Top 20 Mouthwatering Chicken Preparations Famous In Noida

Top 20 Mouthwatering Chicken Preparations Famous In Noida
Top 20 Mouthwatering Chicken Preparations Famous In Noida

Noida, the most famous National Capital Region comprising people around the nation which also hints at the fact that cuisine of various parts of India is definitely available here. This also defines Noida’s cosmopolitan character.

As far as food is concerned preparation of chicken is something very dear to Noida. People of Noida love experimenting when it comes to chicken and prepare various unique dishes out of it. There are many restaurants offering delicious and mouthwatering chicken delights that attract people of Delhi –NCR region. So here are some of the famous Chicken preparations available in Noida –

1. Butter Chicken

This delicacy of chicken doesn’t require any introduction and hence it is in the top of the list. Butter chicken is an all-time favorite dish for chicken lovers. This dish originated in Punjab but has captured almost every corner of India so as Noida. It has a unique taste with creamy texture and one must definitely try this if not tried yet.

Butter Chicken

2. Matki Chicken

Matki chicken is one of the most famous and unique delicacies which is prominent in Noida. It should not be confused with Handi chicken as this chicken preparation also has seekh kebabs and eggs with it. It is hence considered as a wholesome meal and is a bit spicy in taste.

Matki Chicken

3. Tandoori Chicken

Again this preparation of chicken is something which is very common in every restaurant having a unique and different style of preparing it. As the name suggests, it is cooked in low flame in a hot tandoor. Slow cooking makes this delicacy juicy and delightful. Tandoori chicken is enjoyed as a snack item served with lemon, onions and chilies.

Tandoori Chicken

4. Rara Chicken

Rara chicken is also a dish from Punjab but very famous in Noida. The chief ingredients of this dish are yogurt and red chilies. The uniqueness of this dish is that the gravy is cooked using chicken keema which makes its consistency very thick and heavy. One can enjoy this authentic cuisine of chicken with butter naan or else tandoori roti. Rara chicken is available in almost every outlet of Noida.

Rara Chicken

5. Chicken Changezi

This preparation of chicken is one of the most popular mughlai recipes. This recipe is relished in the northern parts of India. It is not that difficult to make and can be enjoyed with naan and plain rice. Fried onion along with milk and tomato puree is used to prepare this dish which is available in Noida in every restaurant.

Chicken Changezi

6. Afghani Chicken

Afghani chicken is a dish where coal is used to give it an aroma. The chicken is first marinated with yogurt and other required spices and then kept in an air tight container with smoked coal. The smoked coal produces the smoky aroma in the chicken. This chicken’s specialty is that it doesn’t require onions and tomatoes like other chicken preparations. Afghani chicken is garnished with red chilies, lemon and mint leaves.

Afghani Chicken

7. Chilly Chicken

This Chinese dish is available everywhere. It is sold in a food van as well as served as a delicacy in a five star premium hotel in Noida. It is one of the most common chicken preparations yet tasty and delightful. Chilly chicken has its roots in China. Its taste is so enriching that this preparation has also made a mark in India and Noida is no exception.

Chilly Chicken

8. Chicken Seekh Kabab Masala

Chicken seekh kabab is basically a kebab that is very tender and juicy. These kebabs are prepared with crushed green chili paste and chicken. The taste of the kebab enhances when mixed with hot and spicy chicken curry. The gravy of chicken seekh kabab masala is also having largely diced onions and capsicums.

Chicken Seekh Kabab Masala

9. Chicken Tikka

Chicken tikka is basically a boneless chicken delicacy usually served as a snack. The boneless pieces of chicken are smoked in a seekh and then mixed with butter and cream and served with onions and lemons. Chicken tikka is enjoyed with spicy and sour chutney made up of pudina and lime.

Chicken Tikka

10. Chicken Korma

Chicken korma is a spicy chicken preparation generally served with biryani. It is a delicious dish made up of yogurt, nuts, coconut and vegetables along with chicken. Chicken korma is very popular in Noida. The people of Noida love its flavored taste and creamy texture.

Chicken Korma

11. Handi Chicken

As the name suggests, Handi chicken is cooked in a Handi in a very low flame.  Various ‘khada masalas’ like black cardamom, black pepper, carom seeds and caraway seeds are used for its preparation. This preparation of chicken also fascinates the people of Noida due to its rich taste and wholesomeness.

Handi Chicken

12. Lemon Chicken

Another famous and loved recipe of chicken is the lemon chicken in Noida. This preparation requires a lot of lemon and yogurt. It is also having a taste of chaat masala and black pepper. This dish does not require much time for its preparation and is served both as a snack and main course.

Lemon Chicken

13. Chicken Punjabi

Another chicken originating all the way from Punjab is Chicken Punjabi. It is a chicken which is having a rich taste as it is bit oily and has many spices. It is enjoyed in chilly winters of Noida with drinks. The consistency of the gravy depends on one’s liking.

Chicken Punjabi

14. Kadhai ChickenDragon Chicken

Another common yet famous chicken preparation that attracts the people of Noida is the Kadhai Chicken. This dish is prepared in a single kadhai. Kadhai Masala which is specially prepared for this delicacy enhances its taste. Kadhai Paneer is also prepared in the same way. This recipe also makes use of lots of onions and capsicums.

Kadai Chicken

15. Dragon Chicken

Dragon chicken is one of the most popular Chinese cuisines of Noida. It is a very spicy dish as it is prepared with chili paste and fresh green chilies. Good amount of cashew are used to balance the spices in it. People loving spicy food in Noida relishes this dish. One must certainly try this preparation.

Dragon Chicken

16. Chicken Do Pyaaza

Chicken do pyaaza is basically chicken in gravy with masala onion sauce. The taste of the onion sauce is really delightful. This dish is served with butter naan, tandoori roti, plain rice or else jeera rice in different food joints of Noida.

Chicken Do Pyaaza

17. Chicken Rogan Josh

Chicken rogan josh is a Persian dish. ‘Rogan’ means oil and ‘Josh’ means intense hence this dish is cooked in hot intense oil. It is a very oily recipe fascinating the people of Noida. The rogan josh gravy is served with Mutton too.

Chicken Rogan Josh

18. Chicken Kalmi Kabab

Chicken Kalmi Kabab is a white coloured chicken recipe. It is prepared with lots of cream and butter. It is first marinated with all the required spices and then cooked in tandoor just like Tandoori chicken and the taste is different and a bit less spicy. It is also a very famous and prominent snack item in Noida.

Chicken Kalmi Kabab

19. Chicken Rezala

This preparation of Chicken belongs to Bengal but is very famous in North India also hence it is a part of this list. There are many Bengalis living in Noida resulting to the popularity of this dish in Noida with other Bengali cuisines. This dish is having white gravy and is extremely tasty.

Chicken Rezala

20. Murg Lababdar

Last but not the least is the Murg Lababdar. ‘Lababdar’ means complete surrender of an individual’s taste buds to that dish; hence it is pretty clear why it is famous in Noida. This dish of chicken is available in almost every hotel of Noida and is a popular dish over here.

Murg Lababdar